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  • Dr. Hulda Clark: October 18, 1928 — September 3, 2009

    httpv:// My friend, teacher, and hero, Dr. Hulda Clark, passed away September 3, 2009. A friend called and left the message on my voice mail yesterday (thank God for friends — I must not be on the email list of ). When I told my daughter, Sandy, with tears in my eyes, the news […]

  • Are Zappers Safe?

    Hi Dale, Can You tell me why zapping which is effective for killing parasites etc, does not cause male infertility? It does reach most of the body. Best Wishes Andrew Are Zappers Safe? Zapper, Model A6, Wrist Straps, Built-in Timer, Switch (for automatic timer or continuous zapping) $175.00

  • My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER

    My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER, the MASS of which is AT THE BACK OF HER LUNG; IT IS CONTACTING HER BROCHIAL TUBE. She quit smoking 2 yrs ago after many yrs of smoking. She has had 4 CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENTS 24 RADIATION TREATMENTS. She is scheduled for  CT-SCAN on this Oct.3rd. WHAT ALTERNATIVES HAVE […]

  • Dental Thank You

    Dear Bonnie, This is Sue from Illinois. I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for the past 12 years. I have been following Sandy’s story in your newsletters with great interest. Thanks to reading about Sandy’s experiences with oral surgeons, I have had two molars removed with no complications. My dentist is so wonderful because […]