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Dr. Hulda Clark: October 18, 1928 — September 3, 2009


My friend, teacher, and hero, Dr. Hulda Clark, passed away September 3, 2009.
A friend called and left the message on my voice mail yesterday (thank God for friends — I must not be on the email list of ).

When I told my daughter, Sandy, with tears in my eyes, the news about Dr. Clark, she asked if I was alright and if Dr. Clark’s death was going to upset me like the death of my 21 year old daughter, Cappie’s, did in 1980!

I can understand her concern because we talk often about the fact that if Dr. Clark hadn’t
written her book, The Cure For All Cancers, she, Sandy, wouldn’t be alive today.
But, yes, I am upset. The world has lost one of the most intelligent, hard-working, brave, excellent communicators-through-the-written-word of our lifetime.

I wonder who will pick up where she left off — maybe no one during the remainder of my life.
Thank God for Dr. Clark and her writing abilities and, because her book may not have grabbed my attention without it, for putting the word “Cure” into the title of her book.
The choice of the word “Cure” may well have caused her to leave this world sooner than was necessary, and I’m sure she is in heaven resting after all the stress of living in America during her almost 82 years here.

She taught us, among many things, that the health of our teeth is of crucial importance to the health of the rest of our body. Many others have written about this truth — and I read their books many years before her’s — but no book made it as personal to me as Dr. Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers.

Thank you, Dr. Clark, for what you gave the world while you were here, we can only hope we give one tiny particle of the amount of gifts you gave.



For Sandy's Story

My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER

My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER, the MASS of which is AT THE BACK OF HER LUNG; IT IS CONTACTING HER BROCHIAL TUBE. She quit smoking 2 yrs ago after many yrs of smoking. She has had 4 CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENTS 24 RADIATION TREATMENTS. She is scheduled for  CT-SCAN on this Oct.3rd.


Both her Oncologist and Radiologist are "OPEN and RECEPTIVE" to ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS.

Nano Partical and Ultra-Violet treatments are currently CURING Patients.

Dr. Benton does the latter out of Freeport, while John Kanzius is researching "Antena-Radio Frequency" "CURES" in Erie, Pa.




The Audio Recording is 35 minutes

I forgot to ask about her teeth and gums..
If she has have any root canals, extractions, or other work this could contribute to the reduction of her immune success.


Dental Thank You

Dear Bonnie,

This is Sue from Illinois. I've been a subscriber to your newsletter for the past 12 years.

I have been following Sandy's story in your newsletters with great interest. Thanks to reading about Sandy's experiences with oral surgeons, I have had two molars removed with no complications. My dentist is so wonderful because after removing a tooth he removes the tissue surrounding the root (where a cavitation could form) throughly and rinses the site with Lugol's Iodine solution, which I bring to my appointments. I know not many dentist's will do either of these things that Dr. Clark so strongly advises. I felt confidence in my dentist when he didn't laugh at me when I asked him to use the Lugol's.

I am so happy to read that Sandy is doing well. She deserves all the happiness in the world. She is one tough lady.

How is Dr. Clark?



Dear Sue,

Thank you for your words of appreciation. Every month, as you place an order with us, I love hearing your encouraging words for Sandy. If it weren't for caring people like you I don't know if Sandy would have made it. It was one of my readers who recommended Sandy go to Dr. Villafana. I believe that saved her life.

Dr. Clark's Lugol's Iodine solution worked perfectly for every cavitation surgery Sandy had (6 drops in 1/2 a glass of water) with Dr. Villafana. However, Dr. Villafana was not as open as your dentist about using the Lugol's solution as a rinse at the surgery site, so Sandy just rinsed her mouth with it by herself in the bathroom after her surgeries.

That worked fine until her last surgery. That was when Dr. Villafana had to remove part of the floor of her sinus and warned her that she must not let her sinuses get infected because that would interfere with the healing of her jawbone.

She tried spraying the Lugol's solution up her nose but after she did she said she would never do it again. She just rinsed her mouth with it several times daily as usual and we prayed that would be enough to help her sinus to heal. Then, a few days later, when she had developed a sinus infection, she was miraculously told about using the Candida-G as a gargle and as nose drops, which immediately cured her sinus infection and helped her to heal with no other problems.

The Candida-G and water solution is more gentle than Lugol's Iodine, and, we believe, is even more effective in keeping bad bacteria away. First, Candida-G marks the area where there is inflammation so the body immediately pays attention to the area and heals it and, second, it saturates the area with good bacteria, which helps discourage the overgrowth of bad bacteria.

I was asked recently if Sandy tried spraying a Colloidal Silver and water mixture up her nose to prevent a sinus infection and my answer was, "Yes, and that was even more harsh and painful than spraying the Lugol's Iodine solution up her nose." She was and is so thankful to have been told about using the Candida-G solution as nose drops and/or as a nasal spray because it is so gentle that she looks forward to using it.

I haven't spoken with Dr. Clark for a while, but I hear about her from others often. Today I heard that she was recently in France lecturing and supplying the doctors who attended her lecture with zappers.

Thank you for your monthly orders and for your steadfast encouragement for Sandy.