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My friend, teacher, and hero, Dr. Hulda Clark, passed away September 3, 2009.
A friend called and left the message on my voice mail yesterday (thank God for friends — I must not be on the email list of ).

When I told my daughter, Sandy, with tears in my eyes, the news about Dr. Clark, she asked if I was alright and if Dr. Clark’s death was going to upset me like the death of my 21 year old daughter, Cappie’s, did in 1980!

I can understand her concern because we talk often about the fact that if Dr. Clark hadn’t
written her book, The Cure For All Cancers, she, Sandy, wouldn’t be alive today.
But, yes, I am upset. The world has lost one of the most intelligent, hard-working, brave, excellent communicators-through-the-written-word of our lifetime.

I wonder who will pick up where she left off — maybe no one during the remainder of my life.
Thank God for Dr. Clark and her writing abilities and, because her book may not have grabbed my attention without it, for putting the word “Cure” into the title of her book.
The choice of the word “Cure” may well have caused her to leave this world sooner than was necessary, and I’m sure she is in heaven resting after all the stress of living in America during her almost 82 years here.

She taught us, among many things, that the health of our teeth is of crucial importance to the health of the rest of our body. Many others have written about this truth — and I read their books many years before her’s — but no book made it as personal to me as Dr. Clark’s The Cure For All Cancers.

Thank you, Dr. Clark, for what you gave the world while you were here, we can only hope we give one tiny particle of the amount of gifts you gave.



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  • I’m sadden to hear of her passing. I don’t know the specifics of untimely death. But I hope that it was from natural causes beyond her control. I pray that is the case. My condolences to all we’ll miss her wealth of knowledge and anything further she had to teach us.

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