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  • More BullSh*t from the FDA

    The FDA has given its blessing to continue with amalgams – requiring “labeling” instead of a real ban! Specifically, the FDA recommended that the product labeling include: A warning against the use of dental amalgam in patients with mercury allergy; A warning that dental professionals use adequate ventilation when handling dental amalgam; A statement discussing […]

  • Healthy Teeth and Bones – Healthy You

    New e-book Answers All Questions About Foods and Supplements That Are Good For Your Teeth, Gums, and Bones Specific Supplements Specific Foods and how to include them in your diet The most effective recipe you will ever find for improving your health — including specific instructions Take a look: //

  • Dr. Villafana and Sandy’s Jawbone Nerve

    Dear Bonnie God bless you for getting back to me so quickly. I will follow up with Dr. Villafana. Do you know if he is very skilled at working around the trigeminal nerves? I heard a while ago of someone called Wesley Shankland in the USA have you/sandy ever seen him? I have/am going through […]

  • Testimonial about Dr. Villafana, D.D.S.

    I came across Sandra petry’s story. Can I ask you is she contactable by phone or e-mail? I am/have been in a similar postion to her and she has mentioned going to mexico to get her cavitation work done? Do you know who the surgeon is in Mexico? Perhaps a contact name and contact number? […]

  • Shocking Video About Dental Mercury

      New Book shows "Healthy Teeth and Bones – Healthy You"

  • Dental Thank You

    Dear Bonnie, This is Sue from Illinois. I’ve been a subscriber to your newsletter for the past 12 years. I have been following Sandy’s story in your newsletters with great interest. Thanks to reading about Sandy’s experiences with oral surgeons, I have had two molars removed with no complications. My dentist is so wonderful because […]

  • Does The Dentist do..

    Dear Bonnie, Thank You so much for the info on Dr. Villafana. I have called his office and the lady took my ph. number, so hopefully he will call back and I can talk to him about my questions. Would you also recommend Dr. Villafana over Dr. Arechiga for the removal of amalgam fillings, extractions […]

  • I need a Dentist

    Hi, my name is Shirley. My mom Alice receives your wonderful newsletter. I am trying to arrange a visit to the dentist in Mexico that Dr. Hulda Clark thinks is the very best anywhere. I found this much information that does not get me close at all: Dr. Solario (Angelica D. Solario) Ave Ensenada y […]