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  • Problem with missing heart beats

    Question: Problem with missing heart beats. Cardiologist and stay at hospital found nothing wrong with heart and follow up stress test showed good heart, heart rate and blood pressure. I have tried many vitamins,minerals,herbs such as Dan Shen and Terminalia Arjuna and Natto. Mediation, acupuncture, acupressure, qui gong. Nothing helps so far. Magnesium/potassium/sea salt combo […]

  • Are Zappers Safe?

    Hi Dale, Can You tell me why zapping which is effective for killing parasites etc, does not cause male infertility? It does reach most of the body. Best Wishes Andrew Are Zappers Safe? Zapper, Model A6, Wrist Straps, Built-in Timer, Switch (for automatic timer or continuous zapping) $175.00

  • Allergies, What Causes Them and What Can Be Done To Reduce or Eliminate Them?

    Allergies, What Causes Them and What Can Be Done To Reduce or Eliminate Them? I need to know more about what you find the cause to be before signing up. Thanks, Elana Two people exposed to the same substance – one "Has Allergies" one person does not. In my observation one person has adequate reserves […]

  • Thanks again for the rapid response; it’s always been a pleasure dealing with your company.

    Hello Dale Maxwell, Thanks so much for the phone message – I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly. It does seem as if our friends at USPS have "misplaced" my order; I was only curious about the delay because, as I said, all my previous orders with you have been received within days […]

  • Do You Have Health Questions?

    We need your help… What health topics do you want us to write and record about? Please go to // and tell me…

  • Veterans Day Stock-Up Special

    Veterans Day Stock-Up Special At 38 years old in 1974 Bonnie joined the Air National Guard – they waived her age because she passed the test for electronics, a specialty that was critically needed at the time. When she arrived for basic training, she brought so many supplements with her that two other girls had […]