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Trouble With Bowel Movement Cleanup


When I go to the bathroom it takes me 15-20 minutes to get clean, I go daily at least once..

I have been to a proctologist and gastro, neither can explain why..

I have had tests done, have taken fiber supplements and eat a descent amount of fruits/nuts each day for fiber..

Any suggestions?

Dale's Answer:

Colon out of balance, mucus overwhelm, low friendly bacteria.

Watch the video


Mucus removal... Okra Pepsin

Recommended Friendly Bacteria: Flora-g

My Course on Your Digestive process:

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Dale Maxwell



My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER

My wife has been diagnosed with LUNG CANCER, the MASS of which is AT THE BACK OF HER LUNG; IT IS CONTACTING HER BROCHIAL TUBE. She quit smoking 2 yrs ago after many yrs of smoking. She has had 4 CHEMOTHERAPY TREATMENTS 24 RADIATION TREATMENTS. She is scheduled for  CT-SCAN on this Oct.3rd.


Both her Oncologist and Radiologist are "OPEN and RECEPTIVE" to ALTERNATIVE TREATMENTS.

Nano Partical and Ultra-Violet treatments are currently CURING Patients.

Dr. Benton does the latter out of Freeport, while John Kanzius is researching "Antena-Radio Frequency" "CURES" in Erie, Pa.




The Audio Recording is 35 minutes

I forgot to ask about her teeth and gums..
If she has have any root canals, extractions, or other work this could contribute to the reduction of her immune success.


Are the colon pills safe for children? Why we need friendly bacteria

Are the colon pills safe for children? My almost 3 year old suffers from frequent bouts of constipation. right now, she has to take kondremul (mineral oil) every day and she still can go 1 to 2 days with no bowel-movements. When she does go it is very painful.

We've tried all sorts of traditional meds. including baby suppositories, dietary adjustments but nothing seems to help. I know the pills work for me, so I was just wondering if the colon pills would work for her. what do you think?

     Thank you in advance.

Dear Nathan,

Thank you for asking your question.

I have found that constipation in children is universally a problem stemming from the friendly bacteria being replaced by bad bacteria.

Here is the short list of things that kill off the good bacteria and cause the bad bacteria to flourish:

  • Antibiotics
  • Inoculations (mercury a know poison is used to provide shelf life)
  • Fevers
  • Any and all pain meds also reduce the peristaltic system that moves waste through the colon
  • Stress

I recommend L. Salivarious and Flora-G Plus to assist in re-establishing the good bacteria (and  L. Salivarious to have on hand for any upset tummy).

Then, continued maintenance with Flora-G Plus. You can safely give as much of these two bacteria products to your daughter with no fear of overdose.

You should avoid acidophilus in any large dosages as overdose is possible - so don't go look for good bacteria locally - few places carry the correct bacteria.

Resources: - join free - read the article "Why we need friendly bacteria"

As to the colon pills - not recommeded for 3 yrs and not needed once the freindly bacteria is re-established.


I am 84 with an enlarged prostate which caused urinary retention and a bladder infection.

I am 84 with an enlarged prostate which caused urinary retention and a bladder infection. Avodart has been shrinking it prior to a procedure using a laser ( I refused to take the antibiotic CIPRO. Would Candida-G and Flora-G work to eliminate the infection now and prevent an infection after the surgical procedure without antibiotic therapy that I would like to avoid. Are MDs currently using your products instead of antibiotic therapy?

It would be helpful to refer their experience to my urologist. I am currently using Triple Complex UT Tonic from but always seeking a better product.

Albert Hi Albert, I suggest you read: In my opinion you have a low grade infection and your body is not noticing.

The Thermo Therapy Unit would be my choice for solving your problem. It will alert your own body's defences to resolve the enlarged prostate and the infection. Buy it ASAP.

My Dad has been using one for 5+ years (he is 82) Dale A medical Doctor would lose his/her licence should he/she use "Are MDs currently using your products instead of antibiotic therapy?" instead of a drug. SO NO.