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Hi, my name is Shirley. My mom Alice receives your wonderful newsletter. I am trying to arrange a visit to the dentist in Mexico that Dr. Hulda Clark thinks is the very best anywhere. I found this much information that does not get me close at all: Dr. Solario (Angelica D. Solario) Ave Ensenada y Brazil 2292 Col. Cacho C.P. 22150 Tijuana, BC Tel:(011) 52 66841287

Phone numbers and emails etc.. that I could come up with via the internet extra searches also do not work.???

Next I called and spoke with someone at Sanoviv and they did not know of Dr. Clark and definitely not Dr Solario either. They also said that you can not just come there for a Cavitat exam. The only way to access the cavitat is through their whole diagnostic screening process of which the cavitat is a portion of.

Anyway, I am wondering if I even have the information correct?? Are these still the preferred doctors Dr. Hulda Clark suggests??

Any assistance you could offer me, would be greatly appreciated….

Thank You So Much,


Dear Shirley,

Dr. Clark recommends Dr. Benjamin Arechiga for the flap method of removing cavitations. He does not do extensive jawbone work even with a cavitat report.

We recommend Dr. Roberto Villafana, 9150 Paseo de Los Heroes, Suite 703, Tijuana, Mexico. Phone: (619) 819-9217 or 011526646840955.

Dr. Villafana thought he had removed all the dead bone from Sandy’s (my daughter’s) jawbone, but she didn’t think he had gotten it all. (Before July 2006 he had not recommended a cavitat exam.) When Sandy called Dr. Villafana for an appointment in July 2006 he recommended a cavitat examination first. He called a place in Mexico and set us up for a Cavitat examination and called us back with the time and place and made an appointment for us to see him later on the same day (this was because I didn’t have much time to spend there and Sandy didn’t want to stay there by herself).

On the day of Sandy’s appointments, we learned that the cavitat place was an hour away from Tijuana so we took a taxi there. The taxi was not in the best shape, but we survived. That same day she had an appointment with Dr. Villafana and we brought the cavitat report with us for him to look at. (Then, because he was so heavily booked at the time and we couldn’t stay for several days waiting for an opening, Sandy had to make an appointment for two weeks later to have the surgery done.)

The taxi to the cavitat place where Dr. Villafana is associated was $50 each way and the driver waited for us.

The cavitat exam was $100 and they wanted to do a panoramic X-ray, too, for $100, which we agreed to because we didn’t have a recent one with us, which they needed as it is helpful in reading the cavitat report.

This was in July last year.

I highly recommend that you don’t go to anyone else as we only trust Dr. Villafana to get the job done right.

After dozens of oral surgeries with dentists in the states and with Dr. Arechiga in Mexico since 2001, Sandy still had dead bone in her jawbone.

Only after Dr. Villafana operated on Sandy’s jawbone several times did she begin to improve. Every place he worked on became normal.

And, since sending us for the cavitat exam and finding the last of the dead bone that was still in her jawbone, he removed all traces of dead bone.

Thanks to Dr. Villafana Sandy now has robust health.

Without Dr. Villafana’s surgical ability we believe Sandy would still be suffering with face pain and pain and swelling in her breasts and other areas of her body due to the pathogenic bacteria in her jawbone seeping into her lymph system.

We believe Sandy’s use of Candida-G (the contents of one capsule mixed with 3 ounces of distilled water) as a gargle and as nose drops helped her jawbone heal by helping her body keep her sinuses free of infection as Dr. Villafana removed part of the floor of her sinus during her last surgery and was concerned that her jawbone would not heal if she couldn’t keep from getting a sinus infection.

We also believe gargling with the Candida-G and water mixture (and swallowing it) helped to clear Sandy’s lymph system of the pathogenic bacteria that had settled there, which allowed her body (including, thankfully, her breasts) to return to normal.

Good luck and if you need any more information let me know.




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  • hi

    i’m planning on seeing dr. villafana soon. would love to get some updated info on sandy’s current health.

    i’ve had multiple cavitation surgery by various surgeons…still having problems though, so need more of an expert to deal wiht this situation.

    any and all advice appreciated.

    thanks, lisa in berkeley
    510 525 6474
    [email protected]

  • Hello I have also have a problem with a cavition. I think I will have to have it done again, I have pain in my face all the time, it is a dull ache. I am think of going to Tijuana to have it done and also removal of filling at the Bio Dental Studios Dr. Javier Morales does anyone no this place??

    thanks, Eliz

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