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Dear Bonnie,

Thank You so much for the info on Dr. Villafana. I have called his office and the lady took my ph. number, so hopefully he will call back and I can talk to him about my questions. Would you also recommend Dr. Villafana over Dr. Arechiga for the removal of amalgam fillings, extractions of crowned teeth, making partials, titanium implants etc..?? Do you know if he uses a Dr. Clark approved filling material after the amalgam removal? I thought maybe you may have had some of these experiences with Sandy?

Just read your number 74 newsletter. Fantastic as usual. I am going to order my mom and I the Candida-G from you as soon as I am done with this e-mail. I so pray it may be the cure for my 10+ year long chronic yeast infection. After reading this newsletter, probably candida throughout my body is my guess.

Do you know how much the Turbo Sonic trainer costs? sounds marvelous.

Thank you ever so much for corresponding!!


Dear Shirley,

Dr. Villafana has a gift for oral surgery. He removed some implanted bovine material that was placed in Sandy’s jawbone in the hopes that it would be absorbed by her body, but her body rejected it. It surrounded a nerve and was causing severe pain, but no other dentist would touch it. They said if they tried to remove it her face might be left partially paralyzed.

I don’t know first hand whether Dr. Villafana removes amalgam fillings, does extractions of crowned teeth, makes partials, or does titanium implants, but I think he does most of it. I know he has strong beliefs about what is healthy. He was trained and worked for a few years with Dr. Hal Huggins.

By the way, Dr. Clark does not approve of titanium.

Dr. Clark recommends Dr. Arechiga for removing cavitations. I don’t know all that he does, either. He was one of the dentists who wouldn’t go near Sandy’s nerve.

Dr. Villafana isn’t associated with Dr. Clark, but for onlays he approves and uses the materials that Dr. Clark also recommends. The reason I know is I have targis onlays, which Dr. Clark approved of in 1999 and when Dr. Villafana examined my mouth, we discussed it (he thought the dentist who did my work did a great job). (I had an appointment with Dr. Villafana for an exam on one of the days Sandy had a non-surgery appointment with him in 2005.)

Dr. Clark approves of targis because it doesn’t leach bad metal or other toxins into the water when it is soaked overnight in a glass of water. Now, there is even better materials (Dr. Clark hasn’t made any new announcements, however, about any of them) and Dr. Villafana knows all the pros and cons about them.

Dr. Villafana made dentures for Sandy and she loves them. Sandy used Dr. Clark’s method of bringing them to a certain temperature for a certain amount of time to cure them (I can’t remember the exact temp. or time).

After Dr. Villafana x-rayed my mouth he recommended that I have a tooth removed, but I decided against having it removed. I just didn’t want to lose a tooth at that time (the tooth wasn’t bothering me – I only felt pain when pressure was placed on the tooth). I was doing the driving from San Francisco to San Diego and back for Sandy to keep her appointments in Mexico with him and I didn’t want to risk not feeling my best.

Since I began using the Candida-G and water solution as a gargle the tooth is not causing me any pain (it used to hurt if I chewed something hard, like an almond, and now it doesn’t). Dr. Villafana said it had an abscess at the tip of the root, which was causing a drain on my immune system. I believe Candida-G has cleared up the abscess.

I hope you get rid of your chronic yeast infection. I think as we get older it takes different forms. I used to have a yeast infection often, then I started not having it, but having urinary tract infections instead.

Since I’ve been taking Candida-G capsules I haven’t had a urinary tract infection, which is astonishing to me. I haven’t changed my diet either — I still have some sugar once in a while. I started taking three Candida-G capsules a day and gargling with it in August last year (2006).

Now, I’ve been getting even healthier because of the TurboSonic!

You asked how much it costs. Well, hold on to your hat. It’s $13,000 for the home model and $16,000 for the professional model.

We couldn’t afford it by ourselves right now, so my friend, Alex, who owns two health food stores in our area, put one into one of his stores and we are partners and distributors with him for the TurboSonic. We are leasing a professional model for $450 a month and we already have two people signed up for $99 each to use it for a month.

Our TurboSonic arrived on May 10th and I’ve used it every day since. I notice that my skin isn’t as dry and flaky on my arms and legs as it was before and I have better balance and can bend over easier. I’m 70 and, now that I’m stronger, I realize I was beginning to age in those areas. Dale is using it every day, too. He also walks three miles a day. (Someone asked if I’m still losing weight by using the TurboSonic and I answered that I have lost seven pounds since I started using the TurboSonic in March and recently I have reached a plateau. It may be that I’m losing fat and gaining muscle and since muscle weighs more than fat, that may explain why I haven’t lost any more weight.)

I hope I’ve answered all your questions satisfactorily.

This teeth and jawbone business is serious stuff. I wish I was a marketing genius so I could convince everyone to gargle with Candida-G and keep any bad bacteria from entering their blood stream from their mouth.

Keep in touch. Ask me any questions you have.




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