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I came across Sandra petry’s story. Can I ask you is she contactable by phone or e-mail?
I am/have been in a similar postion to her and she has mentioned going to mexico to get her cavitation work done? Do you know who the surgeon is in Mexico? Perhaps a contact name and contact number? I am in desperate need of help and have exhausted all avenues here………….

I hope to hear from you soon and hope you can help.

I think your website is great and very informative.

God bless

Kind regards


Dear Michelle,

The dentist who saved Sandy’s life is:

Roberto Villafana, D.D.S.
9150 Paseo de Los Heroes, Suite 703
Tijuana, Mexico

He has a US phone number in his office: (619) 819-9217

His secretary will probably first ask you to have a CAVITAT exam done (and a panoramic Xray taken, unless you have a recent one) at another location in Mexico (with your approval, she will call and set it up for you and call you back with the time and address in Mexico), then she will give you an appointment with Dr. Villafana at his office to go over the results with you (a consultation) and, after you and Dr. Villafana have agreed on a plan, she will set you up with the one or more surgical appointments he tells her to give to you.

Dr. Villafana is extremely devoted to the patient he is working on at the moment. If the patient requires more time than he originally thought, he will continue with that surgery until he is satisfied his work is finished. The people waiting may have to wait longer than expected and/or come back another day.

My advice is, for the surgery appointments, always get the first appointment of the day.

He is not as inexpensive as most Mexican dentists, but much less expensive than dentists in the U.S.. However, he is the most skilled dentist of all the skilled dentists Sandy has been to over the past six years both in the US and Mexico, without exception. Once he has operated on a site in your mouth it will heal perfectly (Sandy never had that experience with the U.S. dentists, even those with the fancy title, “Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon”).

We discovered, through horrible pain (and facial disfigurement that Dr. Villafana corrected with the dentures he made for Sandy) and heart crushing disappointment, that the title, Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon, means nothing in the U.S. — none of them know what they are doing, even if they say the right words that lead you to believe they do. (I speak often to others who, like Sandy have had surgery after surgery to remove infection in the jawbone in the U.S. with no improvement.)

Now, Sandy’s jawbone is “remodeling,” which, in her case, means her body is filling in the bone she lost due to infection in her jawbone and surgery to remove it. Her dentures recently had to be reamed out to make room for new bone, which amazed the dentist in Arizona.

Dr. Villafana performed the last surgery we believe Sandy will ever need on her jawbone on July 31, 2006.




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  • Hi could anyone please ask Bonnie to contact me at [email protected] regarding cavitational surgery.
    I have the exact same problem and am looking for help. I wanted to hear a little bit more about Sandy’s experience with the dentist and the costs. I have a cavitation and am quite ill from it. Is she 100% well today?

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