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Until I started drinking prunes pureed in a Vita-Mix machine I was only having borderline success in keeping my arthritis symptoms under control. By “under control” I mean “free of arthritic joint pain.”
It’s been three months since I started drinking my Vita-Mix prune puree and during that time I’ve only missed two days of drinking it. On those days I could definitely tell my energy was not as good as it is when I drink it.
And, if I continued to skip drinking it, I feel sure my little finger joint would be on the verge of getting red, swollen and painful again.
However, the following seven “musts” for avoiding arthritis and, eventually, hip replacement surgery, are also important because without knowing about them, I believe even drinking prune puree would not have prevented my little finger joint from hurting. The prunes were just the crowning touch.
Nip arthritis in the bud is my motto, and never let it get a hold on you!

Seven Musts for Avoiding Arthritis and Hip Replacement Surgery

  1. Drink/cook with distilled water, eat prunes, eat raw cheese, take Vitamin D3 supplements, and get 30 minutes of weight bearing exercise daily.
  2. Do not drink Pellegrino water, coke or other soft drinks or any liquid that “naturally” contains minerals or has minerals added.
  3. Do not take mineral supplements (the only exception is Water Oz Colloidal Liquid minerals). Fruit & vegetables contain the most easily absorbed minerals. Learn About WaterOz Here
  4. Use a Vita-Mix to throughly blend your fruits (especially prunes), vegetables, and nuts and drink one or two cups of each every day. Link to Vitamix training
  5. Do not eat salt and/or processed food that contains salt; get your salt from celery and other sodium containing vegetables.
  6. Avoid eating citrus fruit (but, do take Vitamin C and Bioflavonoids daily), vinegar, or any condiment, supplement, or prepared food that contains vinegar, citric acid, phosphoric acid, or any other acid on a daily basis. (Prunes have allowed me to eat tomatoes and a little vinegar without an acid reaction.)
  7. Know your digestive abilities and take enzymes if needed. If you get gas and have indigestion after eating meat, fish, eggs, or cheese take pancreatic enzymes. If you get gas or feel bloated after eating or drinking fruits and vegetables take amylase enzymes. Lactose intolerant? Take lactase capsules.




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