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How is your blood pressure?

Drugs to lower blood presure are often marketed through TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers (with upbeat music and lilting tones. Billions of dollars are Spent to Hook New USERS).

The drugs have major side effects, including potentially permanent (life-long) disabilities.

Some years ago Bonnie blood pressure was measuring high and she was told to join the "drug lifestyle"….

She said NO x!&iRing way! and then researched and found the safe answer and for almost 10 years has maintained perfect blood pressure.

  • Bonnie’s story
  • Our video about "How to Lower Your Blood Pressure and Clean Your Arteries"
  • What food Bonnie used
  • and
  • How to buy it

Are all on this page:


Go now and safely maintain healthy circulation and blood pressure.


To Your Health,

Dale Maxwell, CHt, NLP


Bonnie O’Sullivan


PS Here is a preview: In 1999 when I was 62 I went to Kaiser for a checkup and was told my blood pressure was on the borderline of being high (borderline is between 120 and 139 for the top number and between 80 and 89 for the bottom number) and that if it went up any higher I should begin taking a prescription drug to lower it. That day my blood pressure was 134 over 80. This surprised me because it had always been 120 over 70, but I hadn’t had it taken for over a year.


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