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Are the colon pills safe for children? My almost 3 year old suffers from frequent bouts of constipation. right now, she has to take kondremul (mineral oil) every day and she still can go 1 to 2 days with no bowel-movements. When she does go it is very painful.

We’ve tried all sorts of traditional meds. including baby suppositories, dietary adjustments but nothing seems to help. I know the pills work for me, so I was just wondering if the colon pills would work for her. what do you think?

     Thank you in advance.

Dear Nathan,

Thank you for asking your question.

I have found that constipation in children is universally a problem stemming from the friendly bacteria being replaced by bad bacteria.

Here is the short list of things that kill off the good bacteria and cause the bad bacteria to flourish:

  • Antibiotics
  • Inoculations (mercury a know poison is used to provide shelf life)
  • Fevers
  • Any and all pain meds also reduce the peristaltic system that moves waste through the colon
  • Stress

I recommend L. Salivarious and Flora-G Plus to assist in re-establishing the good bacteria (and  L. Salivarious to have on hand for any upset tummy).

Then, continued maintenance with Flora-G Plus. You can safely give as much of these two bacteria products to your daughter with no fear of overdose.

You should avoid acidophilus in any large dosages as overdose is possible – so don’t go look for good bacteria locally – few places carry the correct bacteria.

// – join free – read the article “Why we need friendly bacteria”

As to the colon pills – not recommeded for 3 yrs and not needed once the freindly bacteria is re-established.



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