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I used the colloidal silver this past week several times for a canker sore in my mouth.

Had not used it at all in years.

I have had afib (Atrial Fibrillation) that was diagnosed 4 years ago and been working at getting it under control since then.

On my own diagnosed that mold inside and out was the main trigger.

Have been using Nasal Crom and antihistimines since this past fall and gotten considerable relief. However still had spells of rapid heartbeat and some asthma.

This past week I developed a canker in my mouth (too many acidic fruits) and began using the colloidal silver 2 or 3 times a day to clear it up.

Yesterday I realized that the heart irregularities had completely disappeared for a day or so.

Don`t ask me how I put together this with the silver but I did and began researching the silver for allergies.

What a suprise!

I have been using it as a spray in the mouth and will continue in the same treatment times of twice a day.


Silver, 32 oz., Angstrom Size Liquid Colloidal Mineral (Water Oz) $40.00


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