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When I met Dale in March 1989 he had a motor home and loved to go to Disneyland. He also had a nine year old daughter, Rhiannon, and a four year old son, Donovan, and they both lived near us in Walnut Creek. I had three (another one was born in 1993) grandsons but only one, Benjamin, who was eight years old, lived near us.

We loved to take the children to Disneyland in the motor home and one of the highlights of the trip for me was watching Captain EO starring Michael. Between 1989 (Captain EO played in Disneyland between 1986 and 1997) and 1996 we took two or three of the children to Disneyland every summer (the year Ben was 16 was the last year he wanted to go to Disneyland with his grandmother).

This is what Tony Hicks had to say about Captain EO in his column in the Times Newspaper this morning: “‘Captain EO’ (1986): Jackson’s 3D collaboration with George Lucas and Francis Ford Coppola about a hero and his crew fighting aliens and changing them into well-groomed dancers with puffy hair spent a dozen years thrilling guests at Disneyland. It’s a bit silly, but shows off Jackson’s best traits: his love of all things magic, his dancing, and his then-unstoppable personality. It’s difficult to pin down whether it ever went to DVD, but you can find good versions to watch on YouTube.”

A few minutes ago my wonderful, loveable Dale ran the YouTube version for me and I got to watch Captain EO on the computer. It was wonderful and I didn’t even have to stand in line!

Here is the link if you want to watch the best family friendly video Michael Jackson ever made (it’s full of lines, like, “I think I ate it,” that Dale and I still occasionally say to each other and smile about 12 years later):

Captain EO – Part One

[youtube AstW05bDiQU nolink]

Captain EO – Part Two

[youtube l2Zt-57Cg0U nolink]

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