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In a recent interview with Hal McDonald, Probiotic Formulator, Hal mentioned that one of the many functions of good bacteria is to lubricate the colon. This helps to avoid constipation problems.

Of course, a diet high in plant fiber is also needed.

Any time you consume any pharmaceutical, especially antibiotics, one of the big side effects is constipation, due to the mass killing of bacteria, including the friendly bacteria, that resides in your gut.

Yogurt and such is not enough to offset the carnage.

You can, and should, consume Flora-G Plus before, during, and after any pharmaceuticals you take. It can take you several months of supplementation to fully recover your full complement of friendly bacteria.

I recommend the Flora-G Plus because:

  • It resists antibiotics better
  • It is a Right-Spin Probiotic that produces a right-spin lactic acid, which your body uses as fuel… unlike acidophilus, which produces a Left-Spin lactic acid that is waste your body must eliminate

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