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I decided to lose weight because I’ve gained 60 pounds over the past 12 years.
I used to be able to maintain my weight by cutting out carbohydrates a week whenever I gained a few pounds, but for the past 12 years I couldn’t do it for a day (my daughter thinks it was because she has been ill for 12 years and I’ve been caring for her and worrying about her).
There are two reasons why I chose The Fast Diet (2012) by Michael Mosley −
 Video: // to lose weight: (1) On several very traumatic days I have gone without eating all day with no ill effects and (2) The Fast Diet is recommended for lowering levels of chronic inflammation, which, in turn, reduces the risk of numerous diseases including heart disease, cancer, stroke and Alzheimer’s.
The diet consists of fasting on 500 (women) to 600 (men) calories on two non-consecutive days per week and eating normally the other five.
I started the diet March 5, 2013 by myself. I fast for 24 hours Thursdays and Sundays. When I start my fast I don’t eat anything for 12 hours, then I eat 250 calories twice during the next 12 hours.
The first three months I lost 17 pounds without exercising. The next three months I only lost one pound a month, so I started walking on a tread-mill (I walk 20 minutes daily and plan to work up to one hour).
For six months prior to going on the diet I had suffered with what Ricky Gervais has, which can take up to two years to heal. He calls it a “Frozen Shoulder” or the “50-year-old Shoulder” (I’m 76). I couldn’t raise my left arm because whenever I tried I experienced excruciating pain in my left shoulder. If I didn’t try I had no pain, so I stopped trying. My doctor urgently recommended exercises for my arm so my muscles wouldn’t atrophy but I simply couldn’t do them. The Fast Diet Results: Within two months I regained complete pain-free movement of my left arm. Within two months my lifelong springtime allergies did not reappear and my cravings for potato chips and ice cream vanished. Within three months my cholesterol was reduced by 40 points, triglycerides 75 points, and glucose 5 points − and I love being 20 pounds lighter.


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