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It was December 2006 when I decided to walk every day.
Day one, I made it down to the corner and back, ug, I was so out of shape…
Day two-five it got a bit easier each day…
I got my first pedometer to measure my waking, it is a good idea to use one to keep track…
Over the course of 60 days, by increasing the time I was walking, I worked by way up to sixty minutes…
Now I do not walk all that fast but with the little pedometer it keeps track of the aerobic steps and calculates the distance and the calories burned.
My old meter keeps only 7 days records (better ones keep over a month and will upload to computer) .

The last week in miles:

  1. 2.99
  2. 4.41
  3. 1.86
  4. 2.80
  5. 1.87
  6. 1.80
  7. 2.10

And In steps:

  1. 9483
  2. 13983
  3. 5895
  4. 8896
  5. 5932
  6. 5708
  7. 6662

Some of the ‘hidden’ benefits I have noticed:

  • I no longer suffer from any back or hip pain.
  • I have WAY more stamina for all activities.
  • My last RV trip to visit my parents I had no ‘road’ pains (two days on the road) (totaled 2300 miles) .
  • I walked for 10 minutes at every rest stop and actually did more steps while on the trip.

And I have met all kinds of interesting people while waking, that I wave to and say hi:

  • Alex (yard full of stone and cactus), his mom was a docent in a cactus place in New Mexico when he was a kid.
  • Sue, with a vegetable garden in the front yard.
  • Paul, who runs a ‘garage’ sale every month…

Just to name a few.

So my message to you is to start with a 1 minute walk today and over the next sixty day, build up to an hour each day, you will enjoy better health. I guarantee, with a 100% money back (well I would if I was being paid to write this)

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