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1. What are your most pressing areas of health concern
Overcome Cancer
Avoid Cancer
Overcome Constipation
Lose Weight
Gain Strength
Avoid Bone Loss (Osteoporosis)
Gain Bone Strength and Flexability
Teeth and Gum Health Protocol
Live Longer with Robust Health
Get Rid of Parasites
Heal Faster
Get rid of Candida (fungus)
Overcome trauma
Learn how to identify bad food additives and ingredients
Get rid of pain
Get rid of infection
Get rid of inflammation
Get rid of allergies
Get rid of respiratory problems, (asthma, allergies, mesothelioma)
Protect heart health
Protect prostate health
2. How do you most enjoy learning the answers to your questions...
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Written Web Page
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Video With - Words and Audio
Video - Talking - with person
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