Suppose Eons Ago… A Short Story

This story is a speculation.. examining one possible explanation why your thoughts can create disease.

In the beginning

Suppose eons ago our genetic forefathers had some kind of defense mechanism that included a chemical defense system. It could have been a spray like a skunk or maybe it included fangs with poison injectors like a snake. (remember we are speculating)


As time moved forward we evolved into humans and as this happened we developed the ability to reason and no longer needed the poison to defend from aggressors.


Suppose some residual cells, just a few cells, exist that react the same way those protective mechanisms did, producing toxins to protect us when we become angry, fearful or uneasy.


We have no way to to spray or inject so the poison does not exit to defend.. it lingers in our body and contributes to disease.  

What to do

Our ability to reason has provided us with the ability to learn to how to:

Avoid producing the defense response

Staying in conscious awareness of what in the past has triggered the defense response.


Learn how to respond to the stimulus in a positive way that does not trigger the release of toxins.  

Develop skills for releasing

Your body may be creating defense response from some past event that poses no real current danger to you. Even though no current danger exists, when you “relive” the event you are creating toxins in today’s body. This provides ongoing disease.


There are many tools available today that allow you to systematically let go of the past event and heal. Seek out these tools and begin healing today.


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