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Supplement your diet with iodine.

When Dr. Clark wrote about Lugol’s Iodine in her first book, The Cure For All Cancers, my daughter, Sandra, learned to use it to heal her mouth after oral surgery and to help her mouth heal between surgeries (after every meal she rinsed her mouth with a solution of Lugol’s Iodine and distilled water by holding the solution in her mouth for a minute and then spitting it out). Sandy had all of her teeth removed in 2001 and 25 additional oral surgeries between then and September 2009 to remove dead bone from the holes in her jawbone where her teeth were (called cavitations) and has now fully recovered from osteonecrosis of the jawbone (caused by her being prescribed and taking tetraclyine at the age of three).

Sandy believes she would never have recovered her health if she had not used Lugol’s Iodine (or found, through Bonnie writing about Sandra in her her newsletter and a reader calling to tell us about, Dr. Villafana, DDS, who finally succeeded in removing all the infection, dead bone, dead bovine bone grafts, and abnormal nerve endings that grew out of several of the successful bone grafts) So, thanks to Dr. Clark and Sandy taking her advice so seriously, we know how powerful Lugol’s Iodine is when used to guard against infection, but it took us awhile to realize that Lugol’s is not just a remedy for preventing infection, but is a nutrient that is crucial for all aspects of health.

In Sandy’s case it was what she needed to stop a terrible depression that she developed after having her last and final oral surgery in September 2009 (a few months after that surgery is when she stopped taking Lugol’s). Just a few drops of Lugol’s in half a glass of distilled water before meals turned her life around to where now she wakes up feeling happy and positive instead of dreading facing another day on this earth (her words) — and it happened in one day!

If you have any doubts or, if you have read about Lugol’s Iodine before but the importance of it hasn’t stuck with you, I recommend that you read an amazing e-book, Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry (354 pages) (Updated Eleventh Edition) by Elaine Hollingsworth, Director of The Hippocrates Health Centre of Australia. I would love to give you this e-book at no charge, but Elaine has asked that everyone please purchase their own copy. In my estimation it is worth a thousand dollars or more, so I am asking you to pay her a small fee to download her e-book.

Click Here for Her Book: //

Let me leave you with a small sample of Take Control of Your Health and Escape the Sickness Industry:
(In 1980) they ruined our bread. It was done quietly and quickly (before 1980 in some countries, later in others, and not at all in a lucky few) and it was, seemingly, innocuous. This is what happened, in four little words: hello bromine, goodbye iodine.

In the good old days, when iodine was used as a dough conditioner, there were generous quantities in our bread, and in all bakery products. This amount of iodine was sufficient to protect thyroid glands from radioactive iodine, and to prevent thyroid illnesses of all persuasions. Iodine was also in our milk, for a really good reason: it kills bacteria. It was used on the teats of cows before milking to ensure cleanliness, and it was used to sterilize the equipment used in the milking process.

As my friend and colleague, Pip Rose, told me: We used iodine in our dairy for years, as it was the perfect antiseptic, and it was dirt cheap.    Then, one day, someone from the Milk Board arrived on our doorstep and threatened to de-register us if we did not replace the iodine with a chemical. I don’t remember its name, but it smelled toxic, and it was heaps more expensive than the iodine. We were forced to use this chemical for milk sold to the public, but we certainly didn’t use it for our family: we didn’t want to poison our daughters. Multiply this story by millions of dairies worldwide, and it sure smells like a conspiracy!

Doctor Donald Miller, my American telephone and email colleague, says: I’ve used iodine on a daily basis for the last 35 years in heart surgery, to prepare patients’ skin. It is the best antiseptic for preventing wound infections after surgery, because it kills 90% of bacteria on skin within 90 seconds. Dr Miller, who is Professor of Cardiac Surgery at the University of Washington in the US, has permitted us to post an article he wrote on iodine on our website. You will learn a great deal by reading it.

Iodine, as mentioned earlier, is essential, as it helps to eliminate toxic metals from our bodies, especially bromine. So, when iodine was replaced by bromine, there was no longer a way to eliminate the bromine. Overnight, a huge segment of the population was being affected by bromine. This was infinitely more serious than the damage done by Bromo-Seltzer, which only struck a tiny proportion of society. And, of course, the brominated vegetable oil in soft drinks only strikes people who are stupid enough to guzzle them. But bread — The Staff of Life — strikes us all!

As respected iodine researcher James Howenstine, MD, succinctly puts it: This substitution of bromine for iodine has resulted in nearly universal deficiency of iodine in the American populace. Iodine therapy helps the body eliminate fluoride, bromine, lead, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and mercury. Could this substitution of bromine for iodine have been carried out to increase diseases and thus create more need for pharmaceutical drugs?



PS Sandy and Dale can take Lugol’s Iodine with no problem, but when she tried taking it in 1999 after eating lunch with Dr. Clark (we were in Canada for a three day seminar) and watching her take six drops of Lugol’s Iodine 30 minutes before she ate her lunch and listening to her tell her story of feeling much more energetic when she takes six drops before every meal, Bonnie tried taking it but had a bad reaction (after taking one drop in water three times a day 30 minutes before meals for two days she developed a red rash on her chest and, after the second dose that day, immediately after she swallowed it, she had a rapid heart beat for several minutes) so Dr. Clark advised her to stop taking it as it looked like she was allergic to it. However, in May 2010, Bonnie found that Nascent Iodine drops (six drops in water twice a day 30 minutes before eating) does not cause her any problems and definitely gives her more energy, so we have all been taking Nascent Iodine drops since then.

Click this Link for Nascent Iodine

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