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For 10 years my arms, legs and face had white spots that would bleed if I picked them off. My Kaiser physician had no idea what could be causing them.

Dr. Kelley thought they could be Uremic Frost, which is usually caused by kidney failure. My kidney’s seemed to be fine, but the spots did look like uric acid crystals (needlelike crystals of sodium uric acid that contribute to kidney stones and gout).

It seemed I had developed white spots on my skin instead of developing kidney stones or gout.

I first noticed the spots in 1994 after switching to Gold Stake mineral capsules, which are inorganic.

I had taken chelated (inorganic minerals bonded to a protein) minerals since 1961 (to prevent osteoporosis), but a friend recommended Gold Stake capsules.

When I stopped taking the Gold Stake capsules the spots went away, but a few months later they came back.

After I stopped taking the Gold Stake minerals I had gone back to taking my regular chelated mineral tablets.

Then, in 2000, I switched to Water Oz liquid, angstrom size minerals and the spots began to disappear, but did not completely go away (I kept taking the Water Oz minerals anyway to prevent osteoporosis).

By March 2004 the spots had disappeared from my face and arms, but were still on my legs.

That’s when I began taking Serrapeptase tablets, the enzyme that eats away at the cocoon of the Chinese silkworm and eventually allows it to fly away as a butterfly.

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Taken by you and me, in synthetic-tablet form, Serrapeptase dissolves dead tissue, eating it up (not harming our living tissue), clears arteries, reduces scar tissue, and also blocks chemicals that produce inflammatory responses.

After 3 months of taking 2 Serrapeptase tablets 2-3 times a day the spots completely disappeared and have not returned.

Since then (for five and a half years) I’ve been taking 2 Serrapeptase tablets 2-3 times a day and the spots have not returned and, according to my December 2008 Life Line Carotid and Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening Results, my arteries do not have excessive plaque.

I attribute the results (of not having the excessive plaque in my arteries) to taking 4-6 Serrapeptase tablets and one cayenne capsule daily.

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Note about cayenne: I began taking Cayenne capsules for my blood pressure, which had to start to go up (139/85) in June 1999. My doctor said, “That’s normal for someone your age, but you should “watch it.”

That’s when I began taking Dick Quinn’s African Birdseye and East Indian Cayenne capsules, called “Power Caps,” which contains 100,000 Heat Units of Cayenne. Within four months I had my blood pressure checked again and it was down to 123/70, and has stayed there (120/70 today) for over ten years.

Bonnie’s December 2008 Life Line Carotid and Peripheral Arterial Disease Screening Results: //

I still can’t take more than one Cayenne capsule a day, but for several years I’ve been taking one of the hottest capsules available, called “Power Plus,” which contains 130,000 Heat Units of Cayenne.

I always take three flaxseed oil capsules soon after the cayenne capsule to prevent my stomach lining from feeling a burning sensation.

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Bonnie O’Sullivan


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