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People often work themselves into holiday colds. – I suggest extra sleep and extra vitamin C and vitamin D.

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Seasonal …

I am suffering thru my seasonal Thanksgiving cold. It seems like I get a nasty cold or pneumonia every year at this time. It sucks. But I reckon it could be worse. Colds can be such an irritating ailment. I have been coughing my head off. I coughed myself into a headache. But, tis the season… I

Winterizing Your Fitness Routine (November 25, 2008)

temperatures, the body reacts differently and needs certain nutrient boosts in order to perform and stave off colds and flu. In particular, try to include foods that supply the following vitamins, at each meal: * Vitamin C: your immunity fights hard to protect your body when you exercise outside

10 Ways to Prevent a Cold

impact. You don’t necessarily have to take tablets, some of these are also available in the form of herbal teas. Avoid people who have a cold or are in close proximity to those who have colds. Although common colds are seasonal, with more occurring during winter, experiments so far have failed

Are High Doses of Vitamin D Safe for Children?

Giving very high doses of vitamin D to school children is safe, and
some researchers believe that it may be necessary to bring their blood
levels of vitamin D up to the amount necessary for optimum bone growth
and health.

Vitamin D deficiency is common in children around the world.

A short-term study included 25 school children randomly assigned to
receive a placebo or 14,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3 per
week for eight weeks. In an additional long-term study, 340 study

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Seasonal Colds

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