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Hello Dale Maxwell,

Thanks so much for the phone message – I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly.

It does seem as if our friends at USPS have "misplaced" my order; I was only curious about the delay because, as I said, all my previous orders with you have been received within days of ordering.

There’s no real urgency on this order; the items I ordered would be nice to have sooner than later, but are not needed to replace any existing supply. So, perhaps the best thing to do is give USPS another week or so, and hope they "un-misplace" the package you sent out. If there’s still no sign of it by then, I’ll let you know, and perhaps we can figure out what to do from there.

Thanks again for the rapid response; it’s always been a pleasure dealing with your company.



———[ Original Mail Content ]———-
Subject : [RE]Thank You for your order
Date : Mon, 04 Feb 2008 20:00:25 -0500 (EST)
From : "c. y."
To : "Road to Health Inc."


Just wanted to check the status on my 01/25/08 order (below) – as I recall on previous orders, normally delivery was less than a week, yet no sign of this one has yet appeared.

What is the current status? Is there a problem?

Thanks for any information.


C. Y


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