Minerals — Angstrom Size:


What Makes WaterOz Minerals Unique

WaterOz mineral dietary supplements are the purest minerals available on the market (up to 99.9999% pure) and the purest water (a five step purification process assures absolutely pure water). Nothing more, nothing less. WaterOz, through a complex proprietary process, liquefies minerals to a state where (when dehydrated) they will grow crystals. Each mineral presents unique problems that must be overcome in a different manner than each other mineral. This process duplicates nature’s method of turning minerals from the earth into a form useable by man. When a plant processes minerals from the earth, the minerals end up in the crystalline form necessary in order to be useable and absorbable by the body.

Vitamins cannot be absorbed by the body unless minerals are present. Minerals from plants as well as Water Oz minerals do not require digestion and are not stored in the joints of the body. Minerals from plants and Water Oz minerals are bio-available immediately. I recommend an intake daily of calcium, magnesium and zinc (from dairy, green leafy vegetables and/or 1 Tbs. each of Water Oz liquid, colloidal, angstrom size,calcium, magnesium, and zinc).


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