Digestive Enzymes

As you get older, or if you have experianced a trauma, you may have less capacity in the ablility to produce your own enzymes. The pancreas is the organ that produces the enzymes used to digest food. The pancreatic enzyme is also used by your body to digest bruises and unruley cell production (cancer). When you supplement  enzymes to bring your level to the correct amounts you will find:

  • Allergies disappear
  • You have more stamina
  • Aches and pains are relieved
  • and More

Supplementing digestion enzymes is easy

Start with Enzymes, Pancreatin, 325 mg, 1,000 enteric coated tablets, (used at the Gerson Cancer Clinic) 

More about Enzymes

You will also want to detoxify to reduce the toxin load.

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