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I started eating prunes every morning since I read about them in July’s Reader’s Digest (Health Secrets to Living Longer, “A Sweet Way to Stay Strong,” page 63).

At first I noticed I had more energy. That was good enough for me to keep eating prunes (along with the hope that it works to prevent bone loss in humans as it did in animal studies), but they were causing me to have lots of noise coming from my intestines all day (gurgling and popping noises).

Dale suggested that I pulverize the prunes in our VitaMix to find out if that would stop the noise (he thought the noise meant that I was not digesting the prunes properly and they were fermenting in my large intestine).

Dale was right! As soon as I started drinking the pulverized prunes (I mixed them with distilled water when I put them in the Vitamix) the noise stopped. But that’s not all . . . my energy got even better and I started urinating three times as  much urine throughout the day. This led to no more finger joint pain (I have one little finger joint that lets me know if I’m eating too many acid foods and/or liquid by swelling, hurting and getting stiff).

My little finger has been pain-free ever since I started drinking three pureed prunes every morning (and I can eat a much more varied diet including tomatoes, vinegar, mustard, etc.).

It’s really worth taking the time to use the VitaMix. I’ve been making four day’s worth of pureed prunes at a time and storing it in two two-cup Mason jars in the refrigerator. The prunes get hot in the VitaMix because I blend them for 2-3 minutes. The heat helps the Mason jars seal tightly as they cool on the counter (the jar lids pop as they cool). I make it the day before I drink the first cup as I drink it as soon as I get up in the morning (no time to pour boiling water over the prunes, let them sit for awhile, and then mix them up in the VitaMix). (Be sure to buy the prunes without preservatives.)

I received several e-mails thanking me about the info on prunes after I sent out my last e-mail about them. Thank you, it’s very satisfying to hear from you. Let me know what you think about using the VitaMix for getting more good out of the prunes and avoiding intestinal noise.

Dale did a presentation about getting more nutrition out of your food featuring the VitaMix. He had the VitaMix Question and Answer Guy join in to answer questions (it’s a really neat video).  To watch it go to: //

If you don’t have a VitaMix now and you decide to buy one, we make a small affiliate commission and you get free shipping when you buy through our link — just click on the picture of the VitaMix when you go to: //




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  • Bonnie,

    I’m intrigued by your email on the prunes and would like to try this myself. Is there a specific brand of prunes you recommend so that I know I’m not getting ones without preservatives? When you make four days worth at a time, are you using 12 prunes and pouring boiling water over them first? If so, how much water are you using with 12 prunes and how long do you let them sit? Then you just throw the soaked prunes and water into the VitaMix and store the resulting mixture in the refrigerator? Are you still drinking this or did you stop as soon as your inflammation went down? I really enjoy your newsletter. You offer unique advice that I appreciate tremendously.


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