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Problem with missing heart beats. Cardiologist and stay at hospital found nothing wrong with heart and follow up stress test showed good heart, heart rate and blood pressure. I have tried many vitamins,minerals,herbs such as Dan Shen and Terminalia Arjuna and Natto. Mediation, acupuncture, acupressure, qui gong. Nothing helps so far. Magnesium/potassium/sea salt combo don’t help either. What next can I do? For sure I am NOT going to a regular doctor as they just want to cut and drug with all kinds of bad side affects.



Heart Arrythmia / Dysfunction

* Calcium – 2 TBL
* EPN – 1 TBL
* Germanium – 1-2 tsp.
* Magnesium – 2 TBL
* Manganese – 2 TBL
* Potassium – 1 TBL
* Selenium – 1 tsp.

* Cayenne pepper Heart Foods Company– 1 capsule with each meal, as hot as you can handle
* Stabilized Oxygen (OxyDrops)– as directed
* Super B100,501 mg, 100 capsule
* Vitamin E – 800 I. U.


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