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If you have pain that isn’t going away as quickly as you would like please listen to David Getoff’s audio message below.

Systemic Enzyme Therapy, Presented by David Getoff, CCN, CTN, FAAIM

A discussion of systemic enzymes and their benefits:

What are Enzymes?

(5:44 minutes)
Enzyme Functions
(11:31 minutes)
Enzyme Supplementation
11:27 minutes)
(10:48 minutes)
Choosing the Right Enzyme
(4:07 minutes)
(1:56 minutes)

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After I listened to David and followed his instructions about which kind of systemic enzymes to take (Vitalzym: Enteric Coated Extra Strength Liquid Gel Capsules), how many, and when to take them, a pain I felt in my right upper arm when lifting my arm above my head, due to straining it while making 35 quarts of vegetable broth a few months ago, went away in one week.

David cautions to go slow when adding these new enteric coated liquid gel enzyme capsules to your diet (they are the size of a Tic-Tac breath mint — but I learned to swallow them — with water — one at a time because they will clump together if you try to swallow two or more together).

I sped up David’s recommended dosing method (one-a-day for a week, one-twice-a-day for the next week, etc., slowly working up to the amount that takes away your pain) by increasing the amount of enzymes I took to one-twice-a-day the first day, two-twice-a-day the second day, three-twice-a-day the third day, four-twice-a-day the fourth day, five-twice-a-day the fifth day, six-twice-a-day the sixth day, and seven-twice-a-day the seventh day. On the sixth day the pain in my right arm, that had been gradually disappearing from the first day, was completely gone.

I will keep taking seven capsules twice-a-day (the minimum David recommends for a complete healing is three capsules twice-a-day for as many months that you are decades old) for seven months (this is because I’m 77 — if you are in your thirties you would take them for three months), which will allow my body to heal any other areas that have failed to completely heal (some I may notice, some I may not).

I learned, from several lectures I attended at the Gerson Cancer Clinic, that we are often unaware that we have areas in our body that have not completely healed, and the older we are the more of these areas we have. I will keep posting my experiences as I continue to take these new enzymes.

I’ve already decided to continue taking two of them twice-a-day (after I’ve finished taking them for seven months at seven twice-a-day) for the rest of my life.

Vitalzym enteric coated gel capsules are also helping me with my diet. On the five days that I eat whatever I want I have noticed that it is much easier to keep my portions small and after eating, I do not want something sweet. Maybe I’ll get my weight down further after all.

Note: As I posted previously, in 2012 I had a pain I felt in my left shoulder whenever I tried to raise my left arm, which is called a “frozen shoulder,” so didn’t try to raise my left arm for six months. Ricky Gervais told David Letterman (on September 10, 2013) he had been dealing with a “frozen shoulder” or the “50 year-old-shoulder,” which is due to inflammation and can take up to two years to heal: Watch Ricky Gervais’ Letterman segment here:


The pain in my left shoulder finally disappeared after I was on The Fast Diet for two months. (Fast Diet (2012), created by doctor and journalist Michael Mosley − Video: //,) However, this year, the pain in my upper right arm did not go away even though I have stayed on the diet. This could be because I am right handed, and, as I have for many years, I continued to use my right hand to ladle, out of my five large stainless steel pots, 35 quarts of vegetable broth every three weeks. Only recently have I asked my daughter, Sandy, to help with the end of the process where the juice must be pressed out of the vegetables (my arm really hurt when I tried to do that).

My Fast Diet weight-loss-and-frozen-shoulder story was in the Contra Costa Times newspaper Sunday, May 25, 2014. Click below to view.
Bonnie In the Newspaper

Order Vitalzym Enteric Coated Extra Strength Liquid Gel Capsules here:


Vitalzyme 360
Vitalzyme 360




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