Pain, Swelling, Fatigue and Depression Traced to Cavitations

by Sandra Petry

This is a chronicle of a health crisis I have endured for the past six months. My mom, Dale and their friends have supported me through it all and I thank them very much.

Looking back, I believe my health problems began in 1970. I was nine years old and went swimming in a public pool and was almost knocked out when another swimmer dove off the diving board and came up and hit me under my chin with his head. Several of my back teeth were damaged in the accident. The dentist I saw at the time said I had hairline fractures on the crowns of those molars, but not on the roots, so he thought the teeth would be okay. Over the years those teeth seemed to be holding their own, although they all eventually required large amalgam restorations. Four years ago I lost one of these molars because the root had fractured. Since then my dentist tried to save two more with root canals. Both failed and I had to have the teeth extracted. A fourth molar turned black and was extracted in January.

Fast forward to 2001 . . . on March 5 I stopped taking Vicodin, to which I was addicted. My addiction caused me to take many times the recommended dose of not just Vicodin, but other prescription drugs as well. I succeeded in ridding myself of this addiction with the help of the Water Oz Mineral Protocol for Addictions and the DNR soaks.

The joy of being free of my addiction was short lived however, because it allowed me to feel the pain in my body — the Vicodin had kept me unaware of the amount of pain I was in. When I first stopped taking Vicodin I thought that the pain was due to my body detoxifying and I tried to believe that it would pass, but it was so excruciating that I would gladly have died.

I have given this situation a lot of thought and have come to realize that the reason I stopped taking the Vicodin was that it no longer worked — no matter how many I took I could not get myself pain free. So, there I was, addicted to something that wasn’t working but that made me sick if I didn’t take it. The only reason I didn’t commit suicide was because I didn’t want to put my mother through that.

I believe the Water Oz minerals and DNR soaks have helped to keep me alive while I detoxified the Vicodin and searched for the cause of my pain.

My symptoms were a deep, dry cough, pain in my right lower jaw, pain and swelling in my breasts, along the sides of my body, in my abdomen, upper arms and on the inside of my thighs — wherever there are lymph glands. I was depressed and had no energy — and everything I did I had to force myself to do. I had gained 100 pounds in less than four years and my temperature was always low (97°F).

When I went to my doctor for help he examined me and said there was nothing physically wrong and my “perceived” pain and swelling were being created by my mind — he called it Somatization Syndrome.

I went to a second doctor and even a third in Washington State. Each of them recommended the anti-depressant, Zoloft (Prozac), and said it would be a minimum of six weeks before they would know if it worked for me. I chose not to go that route.

In May my fiancée and I realized I couldn’t live much longer in the condition I was in so we decided to give up our apartment in Washington State and I moved to California to live with and get help from my mother, Dale and their network of caring friends. My 21 year-old son had been on his own for six months and was doing fine and my fiancée was transferred by the company he works for to another city in Washington where he rented a small apartment close to his sister and her family. He visits me as often as he can and I am thankful for his patience and understanding.

I read and re-read Dr. Clark’s books while I was still in Washington. I thought my cough might have something to do with the mold in my apartment where I lived for 8 years. The mold was behind the washer and dryer, which had been painted over several times with a mold-retardant paint. However, when I moved to California my cough continued.

Once I was settled in California I decided to follow Dr. Clark’s protocol precisely (I tried to do it in Washington, but couldn’t keep my mind on it as well as I should have). I did the parasite cleanse — 2 black walnut freeze dried capsules 4 times a day for 4 days — and have taken the maintenance dose of 3 capsules once a week ever since. I zap with my Zapper when I take the capsules and I zap for an hour (duration zapping) 4 or 5 times a week. I love zapping — it alleviates the pain for awhile. After taking the parasite cleanse I made the Kidney Cleanse tea, but stopped taking it after the second day because it made my pain and swelling much worse. Then I did a Liver Cleanse. It made me so sick that I threw up. I persevered and did several more Liver Cleanses, and every one made me throw up and I became sicker every time. I finally realized, with input from a friend who follows Dr. Clark’s protocol, that I was just too toxic to do Liver Cleanses. That’s when I thought that there must be infection in my jawbone where I had had three teeth extracted.

In June I went to see my mother’s alternative dentist. He took a panoramic x-ray of my mouth and saw infection along the bone at the sites of my extracted teeth, which he called cavitations. In his opinion, the swelling of my lymph glands is due to my body trying to protect my internal organs from the infection. He said he had seen swelling like that before, but only in the lower extremities (hips, legs and feet) — never in the upper body. After he tested me with an electrical device in his office he said my toxicity level was very high. He recommended I take 3 pancreatic enzyme capsules with each meal, which I knew about from Dr. Kelley, but, after experimenting, I ended up only taking one with meals as they often gave me heartburn. The enzymes are for helping the body to eliminate foreign matter (toxins) from the bloodstream as well as helping to digest food. He said I should not wait another day to have my cavitaitons cleaned out. Since he doesn’t do cavitations he referred me to an MD. This doctor wanted me to have a nuclear scan of my skull taken that costs between $1500 and $2000 before he would even see me. (I decided not to go to him.)

At that point I called a dentist in Indiana who is a friend of my mom’s and who wrote a book about cavitations and he said I should come to Indiana as soon as possible.

We left in mom’s Honda Accord on Friday, July 6th at 2 pm and drove — zapping all the way — 2300 miles by July 10th at 4 am — and saw the dentist at 9 am! He cleaned the cavitations at the site of the extracted teeth on the right side of my jaw. He pulled a molar that had a root canal on the left side of my jaw and cleaned the cavitation of that tooth and of the space next to it where I had had another extraction. He also removed a freeze dried, crushed bone implant that a Washington dentist had put into my right jaw in January that was supposed to fill the socket, but instead had sealed the socket with infection inside.

The dental procedure stopped the pains in my jaw immediately. The doctor explained that in many cases one surgery cures a cavitation problem. However, some people require a second surgery or even more.

My body was less painful and swollen after the surgery, but the pain and swelling came back 24 hours later. My cough got a little better, but I think that was because I was taking an antibiotic, Amoxicillin, that the Calif. dentist had prescribed.

After we got back to California (the return trip took a week) I waited three weeks before I decided to make an appointment to see an alternative MD. I had hoped my body would heal itself since I had the infection in my jaw removed, but my cough, pain and swelling remained and I had so little energy that I thought I was going to die. This doctor sent me to have a chest x-ray and a wide-ranging blood test. He also prescribed a stronger antibiotic (Augmentin, 875 mg.) as he thought I had a sinus infection. The x-ray was negative and the blood test was normal except that my Sed Rate was high (31). Normal is between 0 and 20. In the meantime, I was only able to take the antibiotic for 8 days because I felt nauseous every time I took it and, on the 8th day, I began to throw up when I took it. At my follow-up appointment the doctor said, “Have you ever taken Zoloft?” I said, “Yes, and I don’t want to take any more anti-depressants.” Then he said, “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but I think you have Somatization Syndrome.” He then gave me some samples of another antibiotic, Avelox, 400 mg., that are to be taken just once a day. I decided to postpone taking the Avelox as I wanted to give my stomach time to heal.

I was having trouble getting a full breath of air into my lungs and my pain, swelling, fatigue and depression were getting worse. So my mom and I decided to write to Dr. Clark and ask her if she would see me (and if my mom could accompany me). I had heard that she only accepts terminally ill cancer patients, but I felt compelled to ask.

Dr. Clark got right back to us . . .

Dear Bonnie,                                                                                                August 2001

Thank you for writing and trying so hard for your daughter, but it would do no good to find the problems. That is why I don’t do consultations or testing. She needs to commit 2 weeks to her learning program here. I hope it is nothing serious, but regardless, she will be quite challenged by our new techniques. We teach them in a 2-week program and review her dental work.

I expect the problem to be adrenal, and stemming from the hypothalamus. But if it still involves dental work that we can’t clear up, it might require extraction. If she doesn’t want to do that, I would not detain her further. She might be able to find some other solution.

Please call Maria (our administrator). It’ll be a pleasure working with you.

Best Wishes, Hulda R. Clark

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Clark for her quick reply and concern for me, but because I was so exhausted physically and financially, I could not go to her clinic. It wasn’t because of my teeth. I will have them all pulled if I have to.

In the meantime, I called Dr. Kelley. As soon as he heard my story he said, “It sounds like you have mercury poisoning.” He asked how I feel when I take pancreatic enzymes. I said that more than one (with meals) causes me to have indigestion. He explained that, in mercury poisoning, mercury gets lodged in the small intestine and when you take pancreatic enzymes they try to clean up the irritated tissue around the mercury and this causes a burning feeling like indigestion. He then told me about a new method of getting rid of mercury, Metal-Free spray. He explained how it detoxifies mercury by the action of friendly bacteria, which binds with the mercury and gets rid of it with very few side effects.

I ordered a bottle of Metal-Free. When the package arrived I read the directions. It is not recommended if you have silver mercury amalgam’s in your teeth. It was okay for me because I had all my amalgams removed two years ago. I decided to begin with a loading dose of 45 sprays, divided into 15 sprays three times a day, for the first day. Then I did 15 sprays, divided into 5 sprays three times a day for 6 days. Since then I’ve been doing 5 sprays a day.

From the first spray I sprayed under my tongue I’ve felt better. My mother said the sparkle in my eyes returned. I also feel like laughing again and have even been making jokes. When I look into the mirror my whole face looks different. Before, my eyes looked dead and now they look alive.

During the first day of taking the Metal-Free I felt heat along my right jaw and my skin there turned red and became slightly swollen. I felt small, sharp pains in that area, but nothing that was too uncomfortable. In a few hours the jaw looked normal again. Then I felt a headache but it wasn’t too serious. Then, a few minutes later, the headache was gone.

The second day (after I took 45 sprays the day before) I felt like I had the flu. On the third day I had pain the whole length of my spine on both sides for most of the day. I slept a lot that day and took four coffee enemas. On the fourth day I began having, and am still having, normal bowel movements every morning before I have my coffee enema. On the fifth day I began having heartburn three hours after taking my sprays. It’s like the heartburn I get when I take Dr. Kelley’s enzymes, but it’s not as bad. Dr. Kelley said wherever I have pain the Metal-Free is working on removing the mercury from that area.

The first week of taking the sprays I noticed that my tongue was heavily coated, my urine smelled acrid and my bowel movements had a wickedly foul smell. My perspiration smelled stronger than it ever did and I had a metal taste in my mouth off and on all day. Also, my face, neck and chest broke out and cleared up within 24 hours.

The Metal-Free has been wonderful in lifting my depression — it gave me hope! However, two weeks after I started taking it I decided to take the Avelox because I was still coughing. By the time I finished the antibiotics my cough had improved but I still had it. Also, the pain and swelling in my lymph glands was as severe as before I started taking Metal-Free.

I went back to the doctor and he sent me to the lab to have another blood test, which showed my Sed Rate was 29. That was still too high and he gave me a 15-day supply of Avelox and said I should take it longer this time. He said that this is the strongest anti-biotic on the market and if this doesn’t rid me of the sinus infection he will refer me to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist who, he said, will probably order a Cat Scan of my head.

When I told Dale the situation he suggested that I use my Rife machine set on the frequencies for Sinusitis along with taking the antibiotic. I used two pieces of electrical foam, one on each side of my face, clipped onto the machine’s wires with alligator clips and held in place with a soft hair band around my face and under my chin. It was while I was using the Rife in this way that I began to have terrible pain in my right upper jaw area. It only took me a few sessions on the Rife, feeling that pain, to realize that Dr. Clark is right — I still have dental work to clear up!

I called my dentist in Indiana and he recommended that I have my mouth tested with a Cavitat device and he gave me the name and number of a dentist in Ohio who uses one. This device gives a more precise evaluation of problems in the mouth than a panoramic x-ray. When I called the dentist in Ohio I was given this Website address, Please see page 8 for Frequently Asked Questions About Cavitations that appears on this Website. For more information about the Cavitat device go to the Website or contact Cavitat Medical Technologies (303) 755-2688. (Ask them for names and phone numbers of dentists who are trained to use the Cavitat device.)

I am continuing to use Metal Free. I will use the EDTA Suppositories — replacing the bad minerals with good Water Oz minerals — after I’ve had another cavitation surgery. I’m taking antibiotics and will take Candex (see the enclosed flyer) when the antibiotics are gone. I’m using the Rife machine set on the frequencies for “Bone and Periodontal Disease,” “Lymph Stasis,” “Bacteria” and “Sinusitis.” I take two or more coffee enemas daily. My mom has been candling my ears (see page 23 and enclosed flyer), which helps when I have pressure in my ears from the “sinusitis.”  I have an appointment to be tested with a Cavitat device next week (there is one Cavitat device in California, luckily only 2 hours north of Walnut Creek). When I have the results of the Cavitat test I will do whatever is necessary to get “my dental work cleared up.”

Sincerely, Sandy

PS My mom and I will give you an update in newsletter #41, which will be out in a month, I promise.



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