Issue 6


Using “The Clark Method” Newsletter

by Bonnie O’Sullivan
October/November 1995 Vol. 1, No. 6

Dear Friend,
How is your energy level?
Your energy level will soar when your immune system is healthy!
Three weeks ago I began to use the Zapper as described in The Cure For All Diseases by Hulda R. Clark and I immediately began to reap the benefits.
My interest in things like cleaning, straightening and organizing my house, and washing my car myself, has miraculously been restored to me. And, I have gotten these things done without neglecting any of the other things that interest me.
Nothing I have ever done for myself has been as rewarding. All it takes is 61 minutes a day.
The way you use the Zapper is: Seven minutes on, twenty minutes off, seven minutes on, twenty minutes off, and seven minutes on. During the two twenty minute “intermissions” you can get up and do whatever you want to do. All you need to do is take a timer with you so you don’t forget to get back on the Zapper for the next seven minutes. The Zapper electrocutes (or bursts into a million fragments like an opera singer can burst a glass) bacteria, viruses and parasites (including fungus) with little or no unpleasant side effects. The fragments are microscopic and are easily eliminated from the body and flushed down the toilet (you will not see them!).
As if having interest in many more things, and energy to accomplish them, wasn’t enough proof that my fungus, bacteria, viruses, and parasites were destroyed, I had another “live blood test” taken with a dark field microscope. The same doctor who tested my blood in April (and told me my blood was oxygen poor, acidic, full of mold mold is the `final stage’ of a fungus/yeast infection which, in his opinion, leads to cancer and that my white blood cells were being destroyed by the mold) did the test. This time he was amazed that my blood was so healthy. He kept saying, “This is good, this is excellent!” My oxygen was up, acidity down, and my mold was gone (except for some dead fungus that my white blood cells were cleaning up nicely as we watched!). I am healthy! It’s true that one picture is worth a thousand words! Two other people saw my healthy blood on the TV screen and ordered a Zapper from me!
This time, as I walked away, I was walking on air instead of feeling weak-kneed as I had in April. (I have a video of the tests what a testimonial for the Zapper!)
Another part of this story is that I have not changed my diet in any way to conform to the strict guidelines set by many doctors for getting rid of fungus in the body. These doctors include Dr. Robert Young, of InnerLight, who did my test, and Dr. Richard Anderson, of Arise & Shine Herbal Products. Both of these doctors told me that I must stop feeding the yeast, fungus and mold in my body with sugar and refined carbohydrates because they feast on it and produce huge amounts of waste material which, in turn, contributes to making the blood acidic and oxygen-poor.
The method I used was 61 minutes a day on the Zapper for one week to destroy the mold (or fungus/yeast) so it can’t feast on the sugar!
By doing this I am healthier (my white blood cells part of my immune system are not being destroyed by mold), more energetic, less hungry, automatically eating less sugar and carbohydrates, getting rid of my excess weight and not worrying about it! Bonnie


Success Stories


Using The Clark Method

Case #1

I built my own Zapper with parts from the Radio Shack, following the directions in The Cure For All Diseases.

For several weeks I had been taking massive doses of Vitamin C to control the pain of an abscessed tooth. It had started as I was getting ready to go on a much anticipated cruise and I decided to go anyway, taking 2,000 mg of vitamin C every ½ hour to keep the pain away if I missed one ½ hour dose of Vitamin C the pain came back.

When I began to use my homemade Zapper I had not yet gone to the dentist for my abscessed tooth. I am happy to report that I got complete relief from the pain caused by my abscessed tooth in just a couple of days using my Zapper and I was able to stop taking the huge amounts of Vitamin C. I’ve since had the tooth removed. I am using the Zapper once a week now. Margaret, CA
Case #2
I am a 34 year old female who has had health problems since puberty. My mother thought all my problems came with my period and many medical doctors came to the same conclusion. I have had two endometriosis operations where I not only had endometriosis but cysts on my ovaries as well. I can’t tell you how many “pain killer” prescriptions I’ve been given over the years! I had to fight to get my two operations!
Since reading Dr. Clark’s book The Cure For All Cancers, I remembered that when I was 12 years old and living in Hawaii, I would go moss-sliding with my friends. We would get moss and mud everywhere, as you can imagine! I began to wonder if I had gotten parasites from that moss and mud!
I wasn’t having success with the parasite destroying herbs because when I took them I became too ill to go to work. The only recipe in the book that I could use and still function was the kidney cleanse, so I used that.
Then I bought a Zapper and my life changed. I waited for the weekend to use it as I worried that I would have a bad reaction. The first day I used it I became very sleepy and went to sleep right where I was, on the couch. I slept for over 10 hours.
The next day I woke up with a headache on the right side of my head. My right side has always been the side that hurts the most. I decided to zap the critters right there, where I felt they were, and I held one of the copper tubes on my head where it hurt with my right hand and held the other copper tube in my left hand in my lap. The pain immediately switched to the left side of my head. I continued to hold the tube to the right side for the whole seven minutes. During the 20 minutes that you take an intermission, the pain continued on the left side of my head. For the second seven minutes I decided to put the copper tubes on each side of my head. When I did this the pain went right down my back and stayed there for the whole seven minutes. It continued all through the next 20 minute intermission and I felt such pain that I was drenched in sweat from it. I was confident that I had them cornered though and for the last seven minutes I placed one copper tube at the base of my neck and the other one at the bottom of my spine and laid on them. This did the critters in because the pain went away during this last seven minutes and when I was finished I felt marvelous!
That day “clouds” appeared along with my stool.
I’ve been creative every time I’ve used the Zapper! The following day I decided to put the copper tubes over my ovaries on both sides and that made my abdomen feel better than it has for as long as I can remember.
I have been gradually getting more and more energy. I’ve cleaned my house and have even been able to cook meals for my family after working all day and clean up the mess all in the same day!
I know only time will tell if this is a permanent cure for my pain and lack of energy but for now I am enjoying life to the fullest. Thank you Dr. Clark!

Sandra, WA

PS My 6 year old cat was not feeling well, he was always lying down and would try to get as close to my face as possible whenever I was lying down. I zapped him one day, for a full 61 minute session, and since then he has stayed away from my face and tosses his play mouse into the air and catches it like he used to when he was young.

Case #3
The first of this month my husband and I traveled from our home in Arizona to Mexico to be tested by Dr. Clark. What we found out was shocking yet predictable when you have read all 3 of her books. The reason we went there is that my health had deteriorated over the last several years to the point that I was sick all winter, in and out of hospitals, due to a 24-year insulin dependency for diabetes that was thrown out of control by the flu turning into pneumonia several times.
Very often, when a diabetic gets an infection, depending on the severity of the disease, it will put them in the hospital on IV’s to wash out the keytones and sugar. The keytones are a marker for me and infections. Keytones appear when diabetics get an infection . . . this is a signal that the body is not using the sugars and insulin correctly and burning the body’s fat to live off of, and the results are very toxic and will kill the diabetic person.
About 10 months ago we sold our home and moved several times searching for a “just right” place, and moved in with a friend for a short time to help her out. She suggested that I start on Arrowhead bottled spring water as it was “the best.”
All winter I felt tired and suffered one infection after another. When I finally read Dr. Clark’s book on HIV something clicked and I went off the bottled water. Five doctors were treating me at that time wondering what in the world had diminished my immune system so badly! After the first 24 hours of going off the bottled water and onto tap water, I QUIT spilling keytones in my urine (that’s the way diabetics measure for keytones we have to dip stix that change colors as to the amount of keytones spilling).
Not believing this first try, I went back onto the bottled water, drinking liberally as I always do, and lo and behold, I started feeling nauseous and spilling moderate keytones in my urine. I quit after 2 days on the water, again the keytones cleared, I repeated this three times and each time it was the same. I could hardly believe the fact that I was paying to make myself sick! I was also on many supplements and herbs. I have quit everything except those recommended by Dr. Clark. I am feeling better with more energy. We do plan to go back to her in a month or so to have testing as both my husband and I have a long way to go.
We are still awaiting our Zapper as they were back-ordered. That shows how busy she is and how many folks are sold on the Self Health Resources. My husband and I are going broke treating with so many doctors who are trying to help me through the winters. I was much encouraged by Dr. Clark to try her program and perhaps get off insulin. She is the first doctor in 24 years who has given us hope that it was even possible. She has a very steady and reassuring way about her which instills confidence in her opinion. You can bet we are not drinking anymore bottled water! Who knows how long it would have taken us to discover such a simple thing was poisoning me?
By the way, Dr. Clark is not the original one to discover parasites and pathogens at the heart of illness. Royal Raymond Rife, scientist, inventor and researcher, with his magnificent microscope, was curing cancer and many diseases by knocking parasites out with radio waves. This was documented in a San Diego Hospital as well as the Mayo Clinic from the 20’s through the 40’s. Then, of course, when he refused to sell his invention (The Rife Frequency Generator ) to the American Medical Association, they discredited him. Also, there is Dr. Virginia Livingston Wheeler in San Diego who had the same theory. Dr. Enderline of Germany spent more than half his life viewing pathogens with a microscope and came to many of the same conclusions as Dr. Clark.
Good luck on your newsletter, I feel it is much needed.
Thanks, Jacqueline Querns, AZ

Case #4
Thanks very much for the copy of The Road To Health. We’ve added tumeric to our herbs, after reading about it on page 6. I had a friend tell me that tumeric would help hold chiropractic adjustments, so I figured it might also help with strengthening the intestinal walls.
I would like to tell you Bill’s story. Bill is 60 years old and has not officially been to see a doctor for 6 years. He did, however, go in with me when I went for minor surgery on my face (cheek). The doctor looked at Bill’s forehead and said: “You know, that is skin cancer and you should have it removed.” Bill said, “How much?” He was quoted a price, to which he asked, “For each skin cancer removal?” The answer was “Yes, for each individual skin cancer removal, if it’s not gone too deep.” Bill had over a dozen. That was about 3 years ago. I have been using hydrogen peroxide to clean the cancer on his forehead that had gotten ¾ inches across and the rather large one on his back that grew from about ¼ inch across to over 1¼ inches across and about ¼ inch high on one side.
In about three years time, I wasn’t making much progress. They would slow down at times but kept growing pretty steady until we read Dr. Clark’s book.
As soon as I read the first five pages I knew that it would have as much effect upon my life as when I had small children and first read Adele Davis’s book Let’s Have Healthy Childrenin the early 1970’s. I was right. The more I read the more I had that gut feeling that this woman was talking “horse sense,” which is my own personal test. It has to make “horse sense” or “common sense” to me or I will discard the information no matter who says it. Dr. Clark made more sense the more I read.
Bill’s dad died from massive cancer, had chemo and all the usual treatments. His mom died 12 years later after having numerous skin cancers, cancer in the bones of the face and an eyelid removed. Bill vowed that he would find another answer. He didn’t want to go through the suffering that killed both his parents.
Well, it’s been 4 weeks since we started on the herb program and we’re seeing results. Bill is lucky, he can see his cancer. It’s as plain as the nose on his face because it’s right there on his forehead and its getting smaller. Folks are starting to comment: “What have you done?” and “You’re getting better, aren’t you?” Yes, he’s getting better. The cancer no one can see on his back under his shirt has started to shrink in diameter and thickness. It’s absolutely amazing. We’ve started on the kidney cleanse and really expect to see more and more improvement as he grows well again.
Question from Bill: “After curing their cancer, how long has it taken other people’s skin to clear/heal up?” (I don’t know, Bill, but if any of our readers know and write to me about it, I’ll let you know what they say! Bonnie)

Mary and Bill, NC

Case #5
The story I have concerns my 10 year old daughter. She was diagnosed by a neurologist with Tourette Syndrome two years ago because of multiple tics, mainly in her face but also in her hands and toes. I’m sure I don’t have to tell you of the disastrous consequences of a very obvious disorder such as this on a child who is 8 years old. Kids did make fun and I saw her self-esteem and confidence bottom out in the next several years.
For a year and a half, we tried several alternative treatments, primarily nutritional therapies. I saw a decrease in tics of perhaps 15% as a result of vitamins, amino acid supplements, etc. About 8 months ago, I began to notice that Sunny’s symptoms had significantly reduced, by about 50%. I attributed this to the described “waxing and waning” of the symptoms and just hoped she would continue to show progress.
As I was reading Hulda’s book, the chapter on dental-ware seemed especially significant. I began thinking about the two metal “spacers” that Sunny had in her mouth as a pre-braces type of support. As I pieced together my memories, I realized that when Sunny’s symptoms had so dramatically reduced, it was right after one of the spacers had come out. The dentist had allowed her to leave it out, as it had done its job. (There was truth in that statement that we didn’t realize at the time!) With one spacer out, I had seen a 50% reduction in symptoms. Would removing both of them eliminate all the tics? I allowed myself to fantasize. I also recalled the timing of the insertion of the metal spacers. After the spacers were placed, within two weeks, my daughter came down with a serious case of strep throat, then a bad case or torticollis, followed by many complaints of headaches and body aches. Of course, we never made the connection. Within 6 months, she had tics and the Tourette diagnosis.
We headed for our traditional dentist, armed with our literature: copies of the dental chapter in Hulda’s book. He had his literature, too, telling us that mercury amalgams were safe. He didn’t realize that we considered all metal suspect. I had been watching my daughter’s tics carefully in the week we waited for the appointment, so I would know if the tics reduced significantly. I watched her go into the dental chair, to have the spacer removed, and I watched her beautiful little face contort into tics just as it had the thousands of times I’d watched it in the past 18 months. And then I watched her step out of the dental chair, after the spacer was removed . . .
May I tell you that I watched that beautiful little face stay smooth and uncontorted from the moment she stepped out of that dental chair? The tics were gone! It happened that fast. The spacers, by the way, were made of stainless steel.
That was last June. In the weeks following, I saw Sunny’s tic just a few times, when she was very tired, or seemed to have a compromised immune system. But even then, the tics were barely minimal, about .00001 of 1% of what they were before. Lately, I’ve not even seen that.
We followed up with the parasite program for Sunny and now everyone in the family is “Zapping.”
Thanks Bonnie, for putting us all together. Yours is a valuable service.
And thanks, Dr. Clark, for all you’ve done and continue to do, in promoting self-health for everyone.
And, by the way, I now have a very happy, as well as healthy, 10 year old.

Jackie Allen, KY

Case #6
Today I finished my second Liver-Cleansing. The first one was 3 weeks ago. Everything was done according to Hulda’s book and there was no pain or discomfort. The first one produced about 500 to 1,000 small stones, 5 to 10 bigger ones (like small peanuts) and a lot of chaff.
The second cleanse produced about 200 small stones and about 20 big ones (like big peanuts). I think I will try again 3 weeks from now. So far I’m very pleased about the results, but I still have some pain in my right shoulder. The Kidney-Cleanse which I did 2 months ago was also very successful. I always had problems when I urinated a very slow flow. This is completely cured now.
On September 25, 1995, I watched the 5 o’clock news and they had a report on chemicals in household products. I bought the book they recommended and it is in line with Hulda’s discoveries. The name of the book is: The Safe Shopper’s Bible, 445 pages, for $14.95.
I attended the 2 day seminar to learn the “Synchrometer” technique, but I’m still struggling with the sounds and resonances. I’ll let you know about any progress I make with it in a later letter. George, CA


Dr. Clark Shares New Research

In a September visit with Dr. Clark a friend who was there with us asked if there was any other way to kill the cancer causing parasite besides taking the three parasite destroying herbs. (Our friend had not yet read The Cure For All Diseases and the story about the Zapper.) She explained that friends of hers were feeding the parasite destroying herbs through a feeding tube to their three year old son who had been sent home to die by his doctors.

The child has a cancerous tumor growing at the back of his neck and he has a feeding tube because he cannot swallow. His feeding tube gets clogged with food easily and when it was first put in, food clogged it and it had to be replaced, which caused him a great deal of pain. His parents were feeding him the cloves and wormwood capsules by opening them and mixing them with water and slowly putting them into the feeding tube. This has helped, as he seems to be feeling better, but as soon as one dose is completed they must begin the next one.
It was exciting to be there as Dr. Clark reported that her most recent research has proven that the cancer causing fluke can be destroyed by taking the green Black Walnut hull tincture in an enema 4 teaspoons in one quart of body-temperature water and holding it for 20 minutes and drinking a solution of the green Black Walnut hull tincture at the same time 2 teaspoons in 4 to 6 ounces of water. You repeat the enema-and-drink combination again in a day or two and then . . . that’s it. (For the three year old she recommended the enema consist of one pint of water and 2 teaspoons of the green Black Walnut hull tincture and the drink consist of 3 to 4 ounces of water and one teaspoon of the green Black Walnut hull tincture.)
Dr. Clark used her hands in an exaggerated, top to bottom, clap to explain how this combination works. As the drink comes down the intestinal track the parasites rush down into the enema and, trying to avoid that, they rush back up into the drink until they get totally engulfed in the solution of green Black Walnut hull tincture and die.
She went on to say that the child’s treatment should combine the enema-and-drink combination with the use of the Zapper (7 minutes on and 20 minutes off, three times each immediately following the other) and continue with the Zapper every day for a week, then three days a week and then once a week for maintenance.
Our friend was overjoyed to be able to relay this information to the child’s parents. She immediately bought a Zapper to deliver to the family.
Dr. Clark explained that research so far has only been completed on two parasites (the cancer causing parasite and the sheep liver fluke) and fungus (yeast and mold). These are all destroyed, in the intestine, by the green Black Walnut hull enema-and-drink and she is very optimistic about the other 80+ parasites.
Dr. Clark recommends the use of the Zapper, for destroying parasites in the body, and the enema-drink combination, for destroying parasites in the contents of the stomach and intestine, in all cases of disease.

Editors Note: The following update is to take the place of the enema-drink combination for destroying parasites in the contents of the stomach and intestine. Dr. Clark recommends the use of the Zapper as well as the following drink recipe:
In November, 1995 Dr. Clark came across a beautiful shortcut to the Herbal Parasite Killing Program. It uses a more concentrated tincture called Black Walnut Tincture Extra Strength. It is four times as concentrated as the original regular strength BWT.
The correct dose for the new Extra Strength tincture is 2 teaspoons in ¼ cup water with ¼ teaspoon Vitamin C powder, and let mixture stand 5 to 10 minutes, for an adult 1/2 this amount for a child. A seriously ill person should take this dose several days in a row. Family members should also treat themselves, but only a single dose is necessary. After the daily dose regimen, the ill person may skip every other day. After further health improvement, this can be reduced to 2 doses per week. A maintenance level of one dose per week is recommended indefinitely. The rest of the program, using cloves and wormwood, is unchanged.
Dr. Clark sees such dramatic improvement compared to the old method that she felt you should know about it immediately without having to wait for the next printing of her books.
Dr. Clark encourages everyone to make it themselves, and give a quart to each neighbor. It should become as common as aspirin!


Report On 2 Day Synchrometer Class

In early October we attended the “Synchrometer” training class given by Self Health Resources in Imperial Beach, CA. The Synchrometer is what Dr. Clark uses to test people and products for contaminants. We bought a Synchrometer while we were there but I have not used it since we brought it home because I did not get the hang of it right away. They told us it takes lots of practice. Dale said: “Why worry about testing things if you can zap yourself and never have parasites, fungus, bacteria or viruses?” Then he qualified that remark by saying: “However, if you have a toxic metal condition it would be a good idea to test yourself.” (Note: Dale “caught on” to using the Synchrometer quickly!)



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