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I'd like to use the freeze dried aloe on my skin.
How much water do I use per capsule?
Once the aloe's mixed with the water, how long is it good for?


Dear Liz

Thank you for your question.

Are you going to use the spray for sunburn?

If not, what is your goal?

Each capsule of freeze dried whole leaf aloe vera juice contains the equivalent of one ounce of whole leaf aloe vera juice.

It is important to note that preservatives are added to all aloe vera juice that is sold in stores to insure a reasonable shelf life without the juice growing mold. Preservatives are often acid in nature and are not good for spraying on to skin, especially if it is sunburned. There are no preservatives or fillers of any kind in the freeze dried capsules.

To make an aloe vera spray for your skin open one capsule of aloe vera and sprinkle the contents into one or two ounces of distilled water that you have placed into a spray bottle (wash the bottle and sprayer with soap and water and rinse them thoroughly before adding the distilled water and aloe vera powder).

The aloe vera powder will dissolve quickly.
Be sure to shake the bottle before you spray each time.

The aloe vera and distilled water mixture will be safe to use for one or two days if kept at room temperature and for five days if you keep the bottle in the refrigerator between uses. Date the bottle.


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