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  • Almost every client that I work with has systemic yeast issues and we have tried many, many products on the market to no avail. Men’s health is another subject in which there is not alot of information.


    sue massie, ND

  • I do believe most of the diseases/illness come from emotional sources. Anger, resentment, sadness, depression, stress (nothing more than worries & anxiety combined) all can cause the unbalances of the body. Of course modern society with bad and toxic food/environment contribute in part to the problem.
    So I would love to see some good words on how to solve/diminish/cure some of emotional problems.
    If one worries, how to learn not to worry.

    We all know what we need to eat to be healthy.
    But the emotional side keeps “coming back”, unless one has tons of discipline (and I have ZERO!!!).

    I need to police my thoughts to keep thinking positive and I let go…
    I need to shop for health food and cook healthy and then I let go…

    And we all fall back into the same old…

    thank you for your work.

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