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Denmark banned hydrogenated oil and heart-related disease in Denmark was cut in half.

Did the U.S. ban hydrogenated oil? No. The U.S. decided to be less than clear and make a law that seemed to ban hydrogenated oil, but that let manufacturers sneek it into their products while claiming their product is “Trans-fat Free.” (Note: hydrogenated oil is trans-fat.)

So, now, in the U.S., you can claim your product is “Trans-fat Free” if there is .5 of a gram or less in each serving (for instance, a serving of tiny packaged cookies can be two and a serving of potato chips can be nine or less).

So how can you tell tell if the manufacturer is trying to pull the wool over your eyes? You can read the ingredient list. If hydrogenated oil is listed you know they are trying to trick you.

The only way for Americans to protect their hearts (The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 2 grams of trans fats per day, and people often eat more than a few servings of packaged treats per day) is to read the label and refuse to eat anything that contains any amount of hydrogenated oil (trans fats).

The Labels are pretty confusing… would you like us to create a list of “Bad Snacks” so you can just check the list?

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  • This is a great article and everyone should no this. Also for you soy lovers, soybean products have natural agglutins in them which make you blood cells stick together and if you have narrowed arteries you could be in for big trouble.

    For you cholesterol lovers please be informed that there is no cholesterol in plant products, nuts or seeds. People with cholesterol problems can eliminate the problem completely by not eating any animal food, which includes dairy, poultry, red meat etc.
    GENESIS 1.29-30
    In the beginning of time, God the creator of the universe said:
    “See, I give you every seed -bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has fruit on it to be your food; and to all the animals of the land, all the birds of the air, and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground, I give all the green plants for food.

    If you find yourself with a live threatening disease go back to GOD’S FOOD – Raw Food From the Plant Kingdom

  • It seems to me that under the guise of making it better or more food to feed the multitudes as they say they are acctually causing us to get sick thus promoting more work for those needing work. sad we are slowly dying without our knowledge.

    yes I would like a list of those items of bad snacks.


  • Thank you for supplying this information. Most of us , in eating, as in POLITICS, are to busy running thru life trying to make a living to pay attention to what we consider the small things in life. It is only when we get hit on the head several times, that we start paying attention to this beautiful world of ours. Living and following a few simple rules, we can easily live to be 100, and with a little pateince, get this anchor of POLITICIANS, of our backs, and live in the AMERICA we al love.

  • Thankx for all you do.

    I would like to see a list of snack foods including popcorn that are harmful to our systems.

    I have been introduced to a product called ” ambrotose” manufactured and distributed by “mannatech”

    I would like your input on this product.

    Thankx again,
    bro.ed rensch

    • “glyconutrients, a blend of plant polysaccharides formulated to support cellular communication and wellness” Bonnie found another similar product, I will ask her for specifics later today.

  • thanks for the offer, but i don’t need a list for bad stuff. however, i would like to know what good snacks that are tasty (especially for a very discerning 10 year old boy) are out there and what others have found.

    joyce fukumoto

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