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What would you consider to be good treatments/supplements for hepatitis c. Useing herbs, anti virals, etc., I have lowered my viral load from over 1 million to less that 500,000 and also lowered my enzymes (alt and ast) to about 20 to 30 points above aceptable ranges.
Thank you

Richard P

Vitamin C grams and grams

Liver detox



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  • Viral loads go up and down all the time as do ALT and AST. Not the least bit indicative of liver damage being done OR of herbs being helpful. Personally I take a lot of herbs as treatment failed me in 1999 but I am not kidding myself that it will EVER kill the virus. Nothing will kill the virus but Interferon and some sort of antiviral (usually Ribavirin). Stay away from blends. Take your herbs individually in case something in a blend reacts badly with your body. Join a Hepatitis C group and EDUCATE yourself as knowledge is power! About the only herb that might be helpful is milk thistle though there are a slew of others that some people utilize. Be careful. There are also a great many herbs that are really BAD for the liver – especially if you already have cirrhosis! Good luck!

    BTW…. you can access a good book online called Hep C Choices that has many chapters about herbs and alternatives at //


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