Federal Death Administration

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Federal Death Administration

By Don Harkins

          While conducting research for a book concerning Laetrile and cancer politics in September of 1999, I was given a tour of Dr. Ernesto Contrera’s Oasis hospital and a Laetrile production facility in Tijuana. On three unconnected occasions the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was referred to by Mexican health care professionals as the “Federal Death Administration.”

          An estimated 1,000,000 Americans have been forced to flee their own country in search of effective cancer treatment. There are at least 30 cancer clinics throughout Mexico treating primarily American patients. The FDA’s track record supports the Mexican understanding of the federal agency. FDA-approved vaccines contain toxic compounds that include thimersol (a mercury derivative), formaldehyde, beryl alcohol and aluminum glycol (commonly known as anti-freeze). Each year, thousands of adverse reactions to these FDA-approved vaccines are reported. They vary from slight discomfort to death. There is mounting evidence that FDA-approved vaccines are the cause of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorders, Autism, Cancer, and a long list of other immunological, degenerative and psychological disorders.

          The FDA has approved the use of at least 37 cancer therapy drugs that are known carcinogens or known co-carcinogens. Conversely, the FDA has established a pattern of persecuting people and physicians who choose to use Laetrile, Deprenyl and other effective substances for treatment of Cancer, Parkinson’s Disease and many other illnesses. Laetrile, after millions of applications has never been reported to have been the cause of an adverse reaction. Yet, this natural, effective and inexpensive cancer therapy is banned in this country. Its practitioners must fear the FDA and prison sentences if they are caught healing their patients with this non-toxic substance. Liquid Deprenyl Citrate (LDC), an all-natural product derived from the ephedra plant, that has been proven to reverse the ravages of Parkinson’s Disease and aids in the control of Cancer and many other degenerative diseases, is also banned by the FDA. There is not one reported incident of LDC causing an adverse reaction. And yet, LDC producer Jay Kimball has been raided and harassed by the FDA since he began making the product available in 1990. Finally, when Kimball continued to supply sick people with the medicine they needed, he was given a 13 year prison term. To protect drug profits and orthodox medicine the FDA has banned countless other proven remedies, and destroyed a multitude of successful Natural Healers, resulting in the unnecessary misery and deaths of hundreds of thousands of hapless victims. The crime list of this corrupt federal agency is endless.

The American taxpayer is supporting the FDA to the detriment of his own health and well being. We are supporting this agency so that it can force us to use toxic and ineffective therapies produced by the pharmaceutical companies. To compound this medical absurdity, we are supporting a Federal Death Administration so it can fine and imprison us if we choose to use effective and non-toxic therapeutic substances to heal our own bodies.

The above are excerpts from an article that appeared in a recent issue of the Spotlight. The Spotlight is one of the few American (weekly) political newspapers that gives you the news mainstream media is withholding from you. For a sample copy send $2.00 to: The Spotlight, 300 Independence Ave. SE, Washington DC 20003.


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