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Some Doctors comment on darkened colon walls and advise to stop herbs.

Here is what I recommend:

When you are going to have a colonoscopy you will want to stop taking Jim’s (or any other herbal remedy) 3 weeks prior to your procedure.

The darkening does not effect the function of your colon, but doctors would prefer you to be constipated or taking a pharmaceutical solution since they do not have any training in herbal remedy.



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  • I recently turned 50 and had a screening colonoscopy. I had this darkening of the colon wall, but all else was normal. Although I was told by the GI MD this dark coloring did not mean anything dangerous, it does imply the use/abuse of laxatives. I agree with you – they offered no other treatment and did not address my chronic constipation issues before I started using Jim’s pills. Since I began using Jim’s pills and figured out what dose best served my individual need, I have never felt better. I will need to have another colonoscopy in 5 years due to my family history, so I will follow your advice and stop using the pills 3 weeks prior to the procedure. Thanks so much!

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