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Do Coffee Enemas Destroy the Friendly Flora in the Colon?

Here is an email I received recently asking that question and my answer:

Dear Bonnie,

I was delightfully surprised to see your name (on an email I sent to her).

I didn’t realize it was your web site.

I have been aware for years of your wonderful work supporting the knowledge Dr. Kelley had gathered.

Thank you for all your efforts to benefit people and their health.

A question for you regarding coffee enemas:

My husband and I have been doing them daily for about 4 years.

In your experience — can the coffee enemas destroy the friendly flora in the colon? (i.e. — anymore than life in general tends to challenge our friendly flora already)

Warm Regards, DG

Bonnie’s Answer: Anytime you rinse your colon with a plain water enema, a coffee enema, a 50-minute colonic, or even when you have a bowel movement, you lose some of the friendly flora that resides in your colon. This does not reduce the friendly flora to the extent that it becomes a problem.

However, it is possible to increase the friendly flora in your colon by implanting friendly flora with a second enema (or after having a colonic) consisting of the probiotics Flora-G Plus and Candida-G mixed with distilled water (see directions on page 3). //

I’ve been taking a daily coffee enema since November 1982. I take them because after I spent a month at the Gerson Cancer Clinic my life-long seasonal allergies (for which I had to take steroids for a month every June in order to breathe) were brought under control.

I have not had a major allergy attack or taken steroids since 1982. At the Gerson Clinic I learned that to stay allergy-free I must take enzymes and one coffee enema every morning. The enzymes I take are: one pancreatin 325 tablet (an enzyme from  the pancreas of pigs that digests protein, fats and carbohydrates with an exceptional ability to digest protein) with each meal every day except in June when I take six tablets with each meal, six serrapeptase tablets a day (two three times a day as this keeps my excess mucous under control), and one 500 mg. amylase capsule (an enzyme that helps digests carbohydrates) daily when I drink my whole-fruit drink in the morning.      //

At the Gerson Clinic I also met people who once had cancer (some over 10 years previously) and, after following the Gerson regime, got rid of it.

While at the clinic I drank 13 cups of raw, organic fruit and vegetable juice daily, ate a strict organic vegetarian diet, drank and ate food cooked with only water that had been distilled, took enzymes and other supplements, and took three coffee enemas daily. Anyone who refused to take two to three coffee enemas daily were asked to leave because without taking the coffee enemas the body cannot get rid of the toxins that the diet and enzymes cause to be released into the blood stream. When I developed a fever and flu-like symptoms the doctors cheered because it meant the regime was working and I was having a healing crisis (which, in my case, lasted five days), during which the coffee enemas were increased to five a day. A healing crisis means your body is healing an unhealthy area of your body. If I had been there due to having cancer, after the initial month of eating a low protein diet (the protein is now from desiccated liver tablets but in 1982 it was from drinking juiced and pressed raw, organic veal liver juice mixed with carrot juice twice a day), I would have stayed on a modified diet (more protein) and continued the regime — and continued to have healing crises — until the cancer was gone.

Note: My daughter, Sandy, asked that I mention that if she had not been taking coffee enemas every day, sometimes two and three times a day, she does not think she could have made it through the ordeal of having multiple oral surgeries over the past eight years to help her overcome osteonecrosis of the jawbone (death of a section of the jawbone, a consequence that’s hard to treat and difficult to have) that she developed due to taking Tetracycline when she was three years old. A case in point: three days after Sandy put Barbara Frank’s Natural Herbal Lotion (NHL), which is formulated to kill parasites, viruses and bacteria, all over her body she felt so sick she thought she had a severe case of the flu, but after two coffee enemas that day she started feeling better and by the next day she was much better. Since first using NHL Sandy has used it once a month (three times so far) and each time her reaction has been milder, but she has felt flu-like symptoms by the third day (Barbara recommends using her Natural Herbal Lotion once a month).

Dr. Kelley on Parasites as the Cause of Cancer and Coffee Enemas Harming the Friendly Flora in the Colon

I asked Dr. Kelley what he thought about the theory that parasites (flukes, yeast, fungus — Candida Albicans) are the cause of cancer. His answer was that parasites are opportunistic and will take over wherever and whenever there is an unhealthy area in the body. He said taken in high enough amounts his enzymes will digest not only cancerous cells but parasites as well as they digest any and all foreign protein in the body.

Getting back to coffee enemas and friendly colon flora: For many years I didn’t worry about the friendly flora in my colon being harmed by my daily coffee enemas because I believed if coffee enemas helped get rid of my allergies — and helped so many people I met at the Gerson Clinic get rid of cancer and stay cancer-free for the rest of their lives — they obviously were not harming me.

Also, as I worked with Dr. Kelley in 1998 and 1999 updating his book One Answer To Cancer, I asked him if he thought it was harmful to the friendly flora in the colon to take daily coffee enemas. He said he had been taking a daily coffee enema since the 60s when he cured himself of pancreatic cancer with his Formula CA+ enzymes (now called Formula PEP enzymes) and multiple daily coffee enemas and his colon had plenty of friendly flora. //

However, because I often had urinary tract infections (they began after I got married in 1957) and in 2006 (almost 50 years later) I learned about two probiotic supplements (Flora-G Plus and Candida-G) that are so hardy they can be taken the same day as an antibiotic (two hours later) without being killed off by the antibiotic, I got the idea to mix Flora-G Plus and Candida-G with distilled water and take a second “probiotic” enema (see directions below) after I take my coffee enema.

I also take one Flora-G Plus capsule and one Candida-G capsule by mouth daily. Both the probiotic enema and taking the probiotic capsules helped me to stop having urinary tract infections. I haven’t had a urinary tract infection since 2006.

Directions for a Probiotic Enema to Control Candida Overgrowth in the Colon and Urinary Tract:

In a quart glass bottle or jar put two cups warm distilled water. Open one capsule each of Flora-G Plus and Candida-G and pour the contents into the water. Cap the bottle, shake it, and add two more cups of warm distilled water. Pour the mixture into your enema bucket. While lying on your right side take the mixture into your colon and hold it for about five to ten minutes. Then release it into the toilet.

Note: Some people prefer to take a type of enema called an “implant.” With a probiotic implant you use only one cup of water and you try not to release it. The theory is: the longer you hold it the more probiotic is absorbed into the body.

Do Coffee Enemas Wash Away Minerals?

Another concern with taking daily coffee enemas for some people is that you might lose minerals. I learned about this from a Colonhydrotherapist. At her clinic after every client is finished with their colonhydrotherapy an implant of water and liquid minerals is administered through a bypass hose into the person’s colon. This is held for five or ten minutes and then released.

I am sensitive to most mineral supplements (I get uric acid spots — white spots — on my skin; legs, arms, face). Dr. Kelley thought it was due to my kidneys not being able to excrete the minerals my body couldn’t absorb right then — most people’s kidney’s have no problem excreting the excess. So I don’t put minerals into my enemas or swallow tablets, capsules or liquid minerals.

The minerals I tolerate best come from vegetables by way of homemade vegetable broth. Once a week I chop up lots of vegetables, bring them to a boil in several quarts of distilled water and, after they’ve simmered for 30 minutes, I put the vegetables and the broth into mason jars, seal them, cool them and refrigerate them. I drink the broth every day (I strain it off the vegetables and either toss the vegetables or save them to eat later). I love the broth heated and I drink three cups of this hot, mineral-rich broth every morning. (The original recipe, “Dr. Rau’s Alkaline Soup,” came from Dr. Thomas Rau, Switzerland.) //

Because magnesium is not very abundant in vegetables I have recently been putting Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil on my skin.

I learned about Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil thanks to Barbara Frank’s suggestion that I drink Nascent Iodine drops — three drops diluted in an ounce of distilled water twice or three times a day — which, by the way is terrific for clearing up any problem in the mouth from canker sores and toothaches to sore throats.

Thankfully Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil does not cause white spots on my skin (I spray it on my legs and rub it in before going to sleep at night and it works like magic — I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow). They say your skin only absorbs what it needs of the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil and, judging by my spot-free skin, that seems to be true.

To order Nascent Iodine and/or Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil please call (800) 247-3315 and let them know that you heard about them from The Road To Health, Inc.

Or, you can click here to order on line and, by using this link, they will know who sent you: //

For an article about Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil (14 pages) please click here:


For an article about Nascent Iodine please click here: Nascent Iodine



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  • Have been following Dr Kelley’s protocol since Dec ’10. 1 coffee enema per day. Read about Gearson protocol and decided that since I was battling breast cancer I would do well to increase the coffee enemas. By the 3rd day my legs went into deep spasm. I felt as if my bottoms of my feet had broken bones. My lower back aches so bad it wakes me many times a night. I bumped up my mineral. Added Magnesium glycinate at night. My chiropractor has been adjusting 2-3 times a week but I am not holding any adjustments. Stretching is making it worse. I went back to just 1 enema. But its now 4 weeks and pain is so bad. I feel as if I’m shaking inside sometimes. I also feel worse when on the “on” phase of the Kelley enzyms. Help!

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