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  • Fast Relief From Constipation Pain

    Here is a quick Jim’s Colon Pills / Colon Cleanse testimonial… Shannon’s Testimonial Thanks for the feedback Shannon

  • Mold Allergy – Atrial Fibrillation – Colloidal Silver Testimonial

    I used the colloidal silver this past week several times for a canker sore in my mouth. Had not used it at all in years. I have had afib (Atrial Fibrillation) that was diagnosed 4 years ago and been working at getting it under control since then. On my own diagnosed that mold inside and […]

  • Can Serrapeptase be taken with Lyrica?

    Hello Val, The research I have examined indicate that no interactions noted between Serrapeptase and any drug. Detoxing is a key component to overcoming fibromyalgia and pain. Physical detoxification and emotional detoxification. Can you think of an experience in your life that was traumatic? After asking that question of 100’s of people who are experiencing […]

  • Colon Pills Long Term Use – Is It Safe

    I have been taking Jim’s colon pills for about a year ( 2 every night). They have really seemed to help but are they addictive or is this ok to keep taking them indefinitely? Pam Yes it is ok to take as you need them. – Not Addictive. With a bit of effort at some […]

  • Thanks again for the rapid response; it’s always been a pleasure dealing with your company.

    Hello Dale Maxwell, Thanks so much for the phone message – I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly. It does seem as if our friends at USPS have "misplaced" my order; I was only curious about the delay because, as I said, all my previous orders with you have been received within days […]

  • Liver Cleanse Success

    Dale, here are some photos of my 2nd Cleanse. The 4th time I had even bigger stones, but did not photo them. This next cleanse, I will photo them. See attachments. Thanks, Nick

  • Dr. Villafana and Sandy’s Jawbone Nerve

    Dear Bonnie God bless you for getting back to me so quickly. I will follow up with Dr. Villafana. Do you know if he is very skilled at working around the trigeminal nerves? I heard a while ago of someone called Wesley Shankland in the USA have you/sandy ever seen him? I have/am going through […]

  • Testimonial about Dr. Villafana, D.D.S.

    I came across Sandra petry’s story. Can I ask you is she contactable by phone or e-mail? I am/have been in a similar postion to her and she has mentioned going to mexico to get her cavitation work done? Do you know who the surgeon is in Mexico? Perhaps a contact name and contact number? […]

  • I have also experienced good results from Jim Foley’s colon pills

    I have also experienced good results from Jim Foley’s colon pills and have recommended it to our Wellness Center clients. Our difficulty is with those people who have hemorrhoids. They say they can’t use the colon pills because of so much pain and discomfort after taking them due to the hemorrhoids. I don’t quite know […]