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  • Serrapeptase Question

    Question: I have a lot of internal scar tissue in my uterus and abdomen along with fibroids. How is internal scar tissue excreted from the body given this location? Thanks, Dee Answer: Any and all material digested by enzymes will be moved through the circulatory system and captured by the liver, then dumped into the […]

  • Can Serrapeptase be taken with Lyrica?

    Hello Val, The research I have examined indicate that no interactions noted between Serrapeptase and any drug. Detoxing is a key component to overcoming fibromyalgia and pain. Physical detoxification and emotional detoxification. Can you think of an experience in your life that was traumatic? After asking that question of 100’s of people who are experiencing […]

  • How many serrapeptase tablets should be taken for effectiveness (how many to open up the cyst form of the lyme?)

    The serrapeptase I ordered seems to be ineffective in treating my ‘inflammation’ – however, I’m probably not taking enough. Answer: The studies done in Japan with serrapeptase resulted in a recommendation of six tablets per day (5 mg each) taken in divided doses (2 tablets three times a day) on an empty stomach. More than […]