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Nascent Iodine

By Dr. Mark Sircus

Iodine is utilized by every hormone receptor in the body. The absence of iodine causes a hormonal dysfunction that can be seen with practically every hormone inside the body.

Iodine is a well known topical germicidal agent effective against a wide spectrum of organisms including bacteria, fungi and protozoa. Iodine is normally available as solutions, alcoholic tinctures and iodophors. Iodophors were developed because iodine tinctures caused skin irritation, severe hypersensitivity reactions and systemic absorption of iodine. Iodophors are compounds of iodine linked to carriers for iodine and only a small amount of iodine is released minimizing toxicity, which is not really a problem at all when iodine is administered in its pure atomic form.

Iodine has bactericidal activity, e.g. a 1% tincture will kill 90% of bacteria in 90 seconds, a 5% tincture in 60 seconds and a 7% tincture in 15 seconds.
—Gershenfeld, 1968

Iodide uptake by the thyroid is an active process.[i] So much of the information on iodine insists that iodine should be taken in its two major forms, iodide and iodine. An iodide ion is an iodine atom with a ?1 charge. Compounds with iodine in formal oxidation state ?1 are called iodides. Dr. David Brownstein wrote that “it is very difficult to get iodine into a solution that uses water as a solvent. Therefore as Dr. Lugol discovered, using the reduced form of iodine (iodide) increases the solubility of iodine.” Atomic or Nascent Iodine is not dissolved in water but in alcohol.

I have used various iodide preparations for years with mixed success.
—Dr. David Brownstein

Iodized salt and the iodine supplements usually found in health food stores contain the iodide form of iodine but Dr. Brownstein, one of the world’s iodine experts has had little success treating patients with only iodide. The supplement Iodoral contains both the iodide (reduced) and iodine (oxidized) forms of iodine. The US RDA for iodine is 150 mcg. Iodoral contains 100 times (12.5 mgs) the RDAs requirement of iodine/iodide. One drop of Nascent iodine = RDA of 0.2 mg. If using for additional energy and general improved health take up to 5 drops daily. That would mean only one milligram.

If recommended by your healthcare professional for assistance with a chronic health concern take 5 drops three or four times a day or as instructed by your healthcare professional. Thirty drops per day is the equivalent of 6 mg. of iodine or 1 drop of Lugol's iodine. Frequent small doses are more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals. Always take on an empty stomach. Most will find that it is important to build up gradually in order to experience the least amount of detoxification reaction. (See chapter Iodine and Chelation) It is best when using strong chelators, which iodine is, to moderate the amount of detoxification symptoms or what is called the Herxheimer’s reaction, which is the experience of poisons being dumped into the blood stream from the cells or from large scale yeast die offs. This is most readily controlled with iodine in the atomic form simply because it is so easy to control and regulate the dose.

Iodine is an easily oxidisable substance. Food that is present in the digestive tract will oxidize iodine to iodide which is not corrosive to the gastrointestinal tract. Oral iodine appears to be inactivated by combination with gastrointestinal contents. Absorption is poor due to rapid conversion of iodine to iodide[ii] and this might explain why one needs to take very high doses of Iodoral or Lugols compared to nascent iodine, which seems to bypass the digestive track altogether meaning its absorption starts right in the mouth and continues through direct penetration of the stomach tissues. The nascent appears to go into direct use by the body directly as soon as it is exposed to soft tissues. This is no stretch of the imagination since we know that iodide is completely and rapidly absorbed throughout all areas of the GI tract. Dr. Brownstein says that the downside of Lugol’s solution is the taste and the dosing of it. Lugol’s has a distinct metallic taste that many people find offensive. The atomic iodine on the other hand is like sipping on a heavenly gift, you can sense in a millisecond its positive nature.

We do in fact find that when taking a nascent form of iodine, therapeutic doses are much lower. Iodide has to be converted back to the nascent form in order to produce T3 and T4. Would the body not recognize nascent iodine as what is needed in the thyroid and take it there to avoid the steps of active transport to produce nascent iodine when it already has it available? This could explain why some people report that they feel the atomic form of iodine in their thyroid within 10 minutes. Is there really time for the iodine to get into the intestines and be converted into an iodide to be shipped to the thyroid?

Sunkar A. Bisey a Hindu scientist was suffering from malaria in the early nineteen-hundreds and quinine didn't do him any good. His life was despaired of, and a Hindu doctor, hoping to save the life of India's greatest inventor, sent on a few doses of a Burmese preparation, made from seaweed, that had proved useful in treating chronic malaria there. Bisey tried it. The effect was electrical. He began to improve at once and in a month was a well man. He set out to research the contents of the seaweed and ended up producing the compound now known as Beslin or atomic iodine. Atomic iodine is iodine molecules broken down to individual atoms, which is the exact form that the body needs to make thyroid hormones. If iodine is not in the atomic form the molecules of iodine first need to be broken down and that of course takes energy.

Malaria was treated with 20 drops of nascent iodine in a half glass of water given 4 or 5 times during the first day and then going to 10 drops of nascent iodine 4 times a day for 3 more days. A slide study of the blood shows that the malaria is gone from the body. It is interesting to note that Salem Banajeh, Associate Professor-Child Health at Sana'a University-Sana'a-Yemen found that case fatality for malaria is 4 times higher in highlands compared with endemic areas.[iii] Iodine deficiency would explain this, which would explain why iodine is an effective treatment for malaria.

Dr. A. Regnault, while recognizing the great value of quinine in the treatment of malaria, said in 1901 that it was becoming a matter of general recognition that the quinine-series of drugs is of service only during certain developmental periods of the disease. It is held that the toxins are developed with great rapidity just at the time of the division of the parasites. In order to eliminate these toxins, Dr. Regnault suggested the use of iodine and potassium iodide, iodine being a body which has a special affinity for bodies of the alkaloid class, and presumably for the supposed analogies of these toxins. The results obtained were reported as being very striking in that not only were the attacks aborted, but the action on the fever itself was striking and immediate with chills, vomiting and malaise disappearing rapidly. The remedies were employed in the following strength: Tincture of Iodine and potassium iodide, of each, 1; distilled water, 25.[iv]

“Iodine has many positive therapeutic actions. It is a potent anti-infective agent. No virus, bacteria or parasite has been shown to be resistant to iodine therapy,” writes Dr. Brownstein. This is an incredible statement but one that can easily be backed by hardcore medical science. It is the reason hospitals use iodine by the gallon and in reality the only reason hospitals are not like ground zero sites contaminated in an infectious sense is because of iodine's broad spectrum anti-infective power.

Few are the doctors who have realized that iodine can be taken internally in large quantities and that it will have the same effect internally as it does on external surfaces. When we look at the fact that the entire focus of vaccines is anti-viral, that bacterial infections are becoming more threatening and more antibiotic resistant, that cancer is always accompanied by and or is a fungal yeast infection, we might begin to realize how iodine can again become a doctor’s best friend. Oncologist Dr. Tullio Simoncini in Rome already uses it for skin and breast cancer but even he has overlooked its potential for internal application for the same action against cancer yeasts and fungi. The secret to successful application in high enough quantities is provided by Nascent Iodine.

Nascent Iodine is more potent in its action because of its formulation, and because the toxicity has been removed.

Nascent Iodine is a scientific term for iodine where the iodine molecule has the diatomic bond broken and has a high amount of electromagnetic energy associated with it. During the 2 to 3 hour of activation time (within the human body, once diluted in water and consumed) the nascent iodine atom has the ability to be of assistance to the body. This form of iodine is produced by subjection of a 1 % tincture of iodine to a high electro magnetic field for a given time in order to produce the nascent iodine state. This atomic state and electromagnetic charge is held by the atom until diluted in water and consumed. Once diluted and inside the body this atom is readily absorbed and utilized by the body. This charged atom of iodine starts a process where it gradually loses its energy over 2 to 3 hours. During this time the body recognizes this atom as the same nascent iodine it produces in the thyroid in order to make the T3 and T4 hormones.

The atomic iodine is perhaps the least toxic and least irritating of all the iodine formulas available.

The quality that separates nascent iodine from all other iodine products is that the diatomic bond is broken with each atom keeping one of the two electrons that had made up the covalent bond. This is known as homolytic cleavage and causes the iodine atom to be subject to magnetic charging. The iodine being in the atomic state was the reason it was called Atomidine, for Atomic Iodine (1926 to 1935). This atomic state and large electromagnetic charge is held by the atom until diluted in water where it then rapidly looses its charge.

Nascent Iodine is a complete atom
no extra electrons none missing.

It was the famous psychic Edgar Cayce, who suggested iodine for all sorts of thyroid problems, who advised that it would be necessary to electrically charge the iodine to change it into its "atomic" form. This charging converts the iodine into a form that the body can most fully recognize and assimilate. (Iodine trichlorite claims to be atomic iodine, but it’s not.) A true atomic iodine is the best kind to bring the thyroid to its optimal function because it supports and saturates the thyroid without any toxic buildup (nascent iodine).

When the thyroid becomes fully saturated from continued ingestion of detoxified iodine, whatever it doesn’t need is eagerly grabbed by other tissues of the body independent of the form meaning iodide is not necessary. After the atomic iodine has made its rounds, whatever then remains and is unable to be used is excreted in the urine. The urine will turn bright yellow from the excess, similar to what happens with water-soluble B-vitamins that the body doesn’t need. And, any excess can help the kidneys if there's an infection at the site.

Note: even nascent iodine is safe to use, too much taken too late in the day can be stimulating enough to keep you awake. As with any other supplement, use discretion.

There is a difference between Nascent Iodine and Detoxified Iodine, which itself is a high quality form of iodine. Detoxified Iodine is produced at 10 amps of resistance for five minutes. Nascent Iodine is more difficult to produce. The time required to get iodine into the nascent state is 15 to 20 minutes at 30 amps with a very limited quantity of iodine. The result is that heat is generated and that must be dissipated in order to have the process continue. Historians who have speculated as to why this process was never used in the 1930's by Sunkar A. Bisey to improve his product was that it is just too time consuming and costly to make the nascent iodine through this method. For those who notice the results of nascent iodine it may seem costly to make but well worth it for the results. (I have had several people who have used different iodine products of these types conclusively claim they can feel the difference immediately when taking a true Nascent iodine.)

To quote the 1930's document by Schieffelin and Company:

"The lethal dose of Atomidine (1926 to 1935) in animals is very large, which accounts for the absence of untoward effects in clinical use. Due probably to its rapid absorption and its ready combination with organic compounds in the body, iodism very rarely occurs even in sensitive persons."

If the body does recognize both these qualities, it can then use this charged atom in the thyroid or elsewhere in the body as needed.

The body utilizes more or less nascent iodine depending on the task being addressed. To boost the body systems may require very small amounts, a few drops once a day. The average dose is 5 to 10 drops in one-half glassful of cold water, repeated every two or three hours. Frequent small doses are more effective than larger amounts at less frequent intervals. When an intensive effect is desired 20 or more drops may be administered over the critical period and repeated as required.


It's 4:30 Thursday, 7-5-07, and I took four drops of Magnascent in water
about a half hour ago. As I sit here I can actually FEEL my thyroid gland
doing *something* for the third time in about a week, each time after taking at least 4 drops in water on an empty stomach. It feels almost like it is moving in my throat. Well I suppose if it is making hormones and injecting them into my body, a certain amount of movement is to be expected.
For years I have been fighting degenerative arthritis. I have had many
successes already with many substances and methods. One thing that has eluded me is a regular, everyday good feeling, and regular everyday flexibility. I have had many good days in the past few years but always they faltered and I was always searching for some way to keep it up. Now I think I have found it. For about 4 weeks now, starting with taking Detoxified Iodine, but then moving on to Magnascent, I have kept up a level of energy and flexibility that I mostly have not had since I was about 38 or so (I'm 53).

I get up in the morning and within a short time I'm running through the
house ready to get work done, then I'm running through my business shop and yard. At the end of every day I am solidly physically tired, but just get up and go at it all the same way again every day.

The flexibility is just unbelievable. I find myself jumping in and out of
trucks and crawling under equipment and working on things while squatting or kneeling with nearly no discomfort. Squatting and kneeling were very uncomfortable for me only a few weeks ago. I used to wince at the thought of having to squat or kneel.

All of this has happened to me on only about 10-12 drops of Magnascent per day. I'm drinking about 8-10 a day and putting about 2-4 drops a day on a couple of Heberden's Nodes on my hands.

Since the endocrine system is all stimulated by iodine and the thyroid, my testosterone is up too. I don't need a test to tell that.

—Bob Ansley

Today there are several patents utilizing nascent iodine as the primary factor. One set of patents (Patent No. 6,838,050 and Patent No. 6, 482,309) refers to the electrolytic generation of nascent iodine as a method of treatment for the prevention of infections associated with medical implant devices. Another patent (Patent No. 5,232,914) relates to the use of nascent iodine in a solid germicidal, pre-iodine composition. Still another (Patent No. 6,592,890) refers to use of nascent iodine in a wound dressing. And the last relevant patent (Patent No. 5,538,740) refers to the therapeutic and cosmetic compositions involving nascent iodine for the treatment of skin. None of the above patents involve a consumable form of nascent iodine.

A case of Richard D. Norton Jr. with oral cancer had four operations found yet another tumor growing that he could see with a flash light and mirror. He used the nascent iodine for one week three times a day holding it in his mouth a few minutes and then swallowing. In a week he called to ask if the iodine colors skin. I said it was only temporary and then goes back to normal color. He said that he had lost where the cancer was. He couldn't find it. The next week Dr. Anderson his physician confirmed it was gone but they found another in a different location which he is treating it now.

The toxicity of modern life is impacting iodine levels. It is well known that the toxic halides, fluoride and bromide, having structure similar to iodine, can competitively inhibit iodine absorption and binding in the body. Americans, who are more exposed to fluoride than other populations have a desperate need for more iodine and taking iodine in its nascent form would be the best way of increasing iodine levels in the safest and most effective way possible.

In treating over 4,000 patients, Dr. Brownstein has found only three patients with “allergy” to non-radioactive inorganic iodine/iodide. The nascent form is even less provoking, meaning the chances of side effects besides a normal detoxification and chelation response would be near zero. The use of nascent iodine is simple, safe and has proven itself effective through more than a century of medical use. One should turn a deaf ear to all those cynics who would recommend pharmaceutical poisons in its place. They are not unlike the child molester using sweet words to draw an innocent into a deadly web of pain and deceit.

From its position at the base of the brain, the pituitary gland monitors the levels of hormones in the blood. If a low level of thyroid hormones is detected, the pituitary gland sends out its own hormone called thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH, which stimulates the thyroid gland to step up production of thyroid hormones. The thyroid gland can't do this since it's missing one essential ingredient —iodine—but the pituitary gland does not know this. It keeps secreting TSH which after a time will cause the tissue of the thyroid gland to change and the entire gland will enlarge.

Iodine levels have fallen 50% over the last 30 years in the United States. We have also seen at the same time a dramatic drop off of magnesium cellular levels and the same can be said for other minerals like zinc and selenium. During this same time, there have been dramatic increases in illnesses of the breast (including breast cancer), prostate, thyroid and the immune system (i.e., autoimmune disorders). All of these conditions can be caused (in part or wholly) from iodine deficiency as well as magnesium, selenium and zinc deficiencies. Mineral levels should be evaluated in all suffering from illness and those trying to achieve their optimal health. In reality we do not need to expand fortunes in sophisticated testing because unless one is eating a perfect organic whole food diet the chance of being ill and not being mineral deficient is about zero.

Special Note: There is a great deal of confusion by these terms: detoxified iodine, atomic iodine, nascent iodine. Edgar Cayce actually gave out instructions for two different types of iodine, one which is fairly easy to make, or what is called the detoxified form, and the full atomic form or what we are calling Nascent Iodine, which in the opinion of the IMVA, is clearly more potent. Several people who have used one form literally feel the difference at the moment of injection. The only company we are trusting to provide a true Nascent Iodine happens to also be the only company that has applied for a license to supply both the one percent solution, which has been the type of iodine discussed in this chapter, but also a seven percent solution of Nascent Iodine, which now has to be licensed through the drug enforcement (DEA) agency of the government. This type is not for oral use but is perfect for transdermal use, which will be reviewed in another chapter called Transdermal Iodine. This is important to note and have in one’s medicine cabinet or dispensary because it is the solution to many diseases of the skin including skin cancer and is a vital part of any protocol for breast cancer as well.

Second Special Note: There has been a lot of commotion in health circles about a product called Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS). It is being advertised as the answer to AIDS, hepatitis A, B and C, malaria, herpes, TB, most cancer and many more of mankind's worst diseases. The claim about how the chlorine (a poison, not what would be considered a mineral for health) interacts with pathogens is the same claim we can make about iodine (a safe nutritional mineral), which is known to also kill pathogens of all types on contact. I do not mean to make a qualified medical opinion on MMS, which is chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is formed from the chemical combination of sodium chlorite and the acetic acid (vinegar) or citric acid. Chlorine dioxide is dangerous to handle and use. A search for material safety data sheets sustains the risk of using this substance.

MMS may decompose explosively on shock, friction or concussion, or on heating rapidly. Strong oxidant - reacts violently with combustible and reducing materials, and with mercury, ammonia, sulphur and many organic compounds.[v]

MMS is a strong irritant of the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract; [HSDB] A strong oxidizer that promotes combustion; Concentrated solutions may be corrosive to the skin and eyes; Mild hemolytic anemia and increased methemoglobin in males is observed in animal feeding studies; [CHEMINFO][vi] Acute Health Effects:[vii]

MMS Ingestion: Not a normal route of exposure. Harmful if swallowed. Can cause irritation to mouth, esophagus, stomach, and mucous membranes.

MMS Eye Contact: Contact causes redness, irritation, pain, blurred vision, tearing, corneal injury and burns.

MMS Inhalation: Harmful if inhaled. Coughing, headaches, labored breathing, nausea, shortness of breath, pulmonary edema.

MMS Chronic Health Effects: May have effects on lungs, resulting in chronic bronchitis and permanent lung damage (with chronic exposure).

The use of dangerous poisons is common in allopathic medicine. Even when pharmaceutical companies jump through hoops costing many millions of dollars to test such poisons (most pharmaceuticals are mitochondria poisons) it does not remove the dangers of the poisons which create all kinds of complications and side effects. The natural allopathic medicine of Survival Medicine only uses such poisons as a last resort.

It almost never makes sense medically to ignore the basics, the air we breathe, the water we drink and the sun. Minerals like magnesium and iodine are up there with the prime basics of life and the use of poisons like chlorine dioxide should not be considered for use unless the basics do not supply the necessary resolution. In the special case of the supposedly magical mineral substance we have something vastly safer, more natural and proven through over a century of medical use. We have iodine, which has the same anti pathogenic profile as that claimed for the chlorine compound.

Secondly, the marketing materials and promotion of this chlorine compound (MMS) is not anchored in medical science or medical reason. It is very hard to verify wild claims or trust those who whip up medical hysteria because we never know when testimonials are just projections of the hysteria. The placebo effect is alive and well and its waters fertilized when unsubstantiated claims are made. It makes sense sometime in medicine to take risks but not before medical basics is employed first. Why promote the use of something that has inherent dangers when we have something proven and safe.


[] Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 273: E1121-E1126, 1997;

Vol. 273, Issue 6, E1121-E1126, December 1997

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[iv] Revue de Medicine, 1901, vol xxi., p. 804.




How to Purchase Nascent Iodine

All Suggestions For Sandra Are Appreciated

This morning I received the following email and wanted to share it (and my answer) with you.

If you have any information to share with my daughter and me about how to get rid of pain and swelling in the breasts please send me an email.

Dear Bonnie,

God only knows if Rose Beauty Cream does all it claims to do.  But I have dealt with parasites a lot. They are real and getting rid of them helps. Lots of garlic boiled in milk and drunk for a few days will get rid of most. Amoebas, very serious, are lots harder to get rid of.  Also celiac disease, the autoimmune disease that reacts to gluten in wheat, rye, barley and probably oats, causes blisters on the fingers and is worse during stress. I have it as do my daughter and grandchildren. It's genetic, common, and debilitating. I have certainly had pain and swelling all my life. It's much better now that I am diagnosed, at 58, and don't eat ANY gluten.

I know you love your girl, so I'm just trying to help.

Yours, Barbara K

Dear Barbara,

Thank you for your much appreciated email.

Sandy gave up eating gluten for several months a few years ago with no improvement in her swollen and painful breasts. We thought that might be the problem, too.

Right now we are thinking it is due to Shingles. If it is due to amoebas we realize it will take a lot of trial and error to get rid of. We will keep the garlic boiled in milk in mind. (Sandy likes garlic but I hope I never have to eat it to kill parasites as it makes me sick to my stomach just to smell it.)

Barbara Frank's products Include: Rose Beauty Cream, Natural Herb Lotion (which she says massively kills trillions of viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungus), LymphaCleanse, and ParaCleanse (a milder and a strong). So far she recommends just the Rose Beauty Cream because Sandy is so toxic right now.

Yesterday Sandy felt better than she has in eight years. She said she felt like she was getting better when she woke up and again when we were going to bed.

That was a first! She hasn't gotten up today, yet — she has been sleeping a lot since the surgery.

When she took the stitches out on Friday it helped, because the stitches Dr. Villafana uses don't agree with her and she usually takes them out in three or four days, but she kept them in for a week this time because the surgery to the roof of her mouth was so extensive.

She is using the Rose Beauty Cream all over her body every day. We started out slowly and by Friday Sandy was using it all over undiluted. It definitely has helped with the swelling and pain of her breasts.

Without the last surgery Sandy believes even the Rose Beauty Cream wouldn't have been able to help, but now, with all the foreign (pieces of graft) and abnormal (nerve endings) stuff removed from her jawbone she is thankful to have the help of the Rose Beauty Cream.

You are so right when you say I love my girl. I can't thank you enough for giving me your ideas. I need your input.

I hope you can join us on the webinar with Barbara on Tuesday morning at 9:30 (Pacific Time). Here's the link to register:

Thank you again for your email. I appreciated hearing from you very much.



Beware, This Could Happen To You, Unwelcome Internal Travelers

by Suzanne M. Skinner, Ph.D., RNC, HHP

There is hardly a subject that fascinates me more than worms and parasites in the human body. When friends speak of earthquakes, I speak of worms. When neighbors speak of grandchildren, I speak of worms.

My waiting room is lined with specimen jars containing my prized possessions.

Many years prior to setting up my holistic health practice, it was inconceivable to me that we could have worms. Oh, perhaps in some far away foreign country where the sanitation was poor, but not in the United States and especially not me . . . well, I was in for a big surprise.

I had read a little article in an obscure magazine recommending a special concoction to release worms from the colon. For some time I had been taking colonics and had never seen a worm. However, the article stated that some intestinal worms have teeth with which to dig in and hang onto the walls of the colon, thus making them immune to passing from the colonic action.

After taking the recommended remedy, I began to feel strange in my middle. Thinking it was my imagination, I went about my studies for the day. That night I took my regular colonic and felt I had passed far more than the usual amount of bulk, which seemed to come out endlessly. After an hour, I looked down and literally froze. I backed up, hit the wall and ran from the bathroom.

Some time passed before I found the courage to take a second look. I peered slowly around the corner, took a deep breath and looked in the toilet. There were hundreds of them — ivory-colored and thick as pens, ranging from two to 42 inches in length. The bowl was full of them, and they were transparent enough that I could see their inner parts.

This nightmare was repeated for six months. Day after day, month after month, I continued to pass six to seven hundred worms daily.

After researching “orthodox” medical treatment, I realized that the worms might live and I might not. My chiropractor recommended supplements to “digest” them. However, the infestation was too large. I tried every remedy there was, to no avail. Finally, after six months, I found a grapefruit seed extract that worked. Unfortunately, the FDA has since removed this brand from the market, apparently because it also turned around most prostate trouble.

This ordeal amazed me. Having always been the picture of vitality, I asked myself, how can this be? With most parasites, there are very few symptoms, if any at all. The only symptom I had was bloating around the middle.

After several years of research, I have found that there are thousands of varieties of worms, parasites, protozoa and amoebas. After years of infestation, severe breakdowns occur in a patient’s health.

With time, symptoms may increase. Symptoms include diarrhea, (sometimes alternating with constipation), an ashen complexion, gas, a gurgling or growling stomach, an increase or decrease of appetite, anorexia, bulimia, an inability to gain or to lose weight, low grade fevers, coughing, hyperactivity or lethargy, grinding of teeth at night (bruxism), fatigue after eating, allergies, asthma, snoring, abdominal pains, restlessness, anemia, nausea, dizziness, seizures, rectal itching, insomnia, vaginal itching, shortness of breath, intestinal bleeding, hair loss, low grade infection, blood sugar problems, colon blockages, tumor-like masses, irritability (especially around the full moon, when most parasites are active), hair thinning or loss, bad breath, body odor, mucous in stools, joint pains, abdominal pains, rashes and a multitude of others. If you have parasites, you may have one or more of these symptoms or none at all. By the time symptoms appear, breakdown has occurred.

In my practice I always find parasites and worms associated with the following diseases: Diabetes, hypoglycemia, juvenile diabetes, anorexia, asthma, depression, anemia, chronic fatigue syndrome, AIDS, cancer, tumors, bulimia, colitis, epilepsy, hyperactivity syndromes, learning disabilities, baldness, prostate trouble, appendicitis (the appendix is a favorite place for parasites), elevated white blood counts, Hodgkin’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), psoriasis, some eczemas, leukemia, lymphoma, arthritis, leprosy, ulcerative colitis, low hemoglobin, poor blood quality, iron deficiencies and most bowel disorders.

How do we become infested?

Infestation can come from a number of sources: Walking barefoot in contaminated soil; eating unclean fruits and vegetables (especially water-cress), rare meat, raw fish (sashimi — raw fish sushi); drinking contaminated water supplies; sexual intercourse, auto-intoxication from poor nutrition, liver flukes, kissing pets, working in the garden, mucus-forming foods (milk products), lack of proper bowel flora or proper digestive enzymes.

Why don’t we hear more stories like mine?

It is not a subject the general public discusses, either because of embarrassment or people not knowing that they have parasites. Ninety percent of my patients have worms and yet are totally unaware of it. They know they have diabetes, cancer, etc., but not that parasites directly or indirectly caused or contributed to their disease. For example, cancer is simply a symptom indicating a body that is auto-intoxicated with parasites, worms, yeast, virus and other bacteria, and whose colon lacks beneficial flora.

Let’s look at an example of a common parasite.

The pin-worm, found mostly in children, lives in the lower intestine and rectum. The female worm comes out of the colon to lay her eggs (mostly at night, thereby contaminating pajamas and bedding as well). A single female may deposit 15,000 or more eggs, which are infective in a few hours. The crawling of the worm on the skin of the area surrounding the anus itches. The child scratches this area and contaminates his nails and hands with the eggs. The eggs are also transported by air currents, therefore other family members are easily contaminated. Statistics claim that one in five children today have pin-worms. What about the ones not diagnosed?

Parasites and worms can travel anywhere in the body. If the infestation is in the colon, the body puts a protective barrier of fluid around them to keep them corralled off (the bloating I spoke of earlier), to try to prevent them from traveling to other parts of the body.

In diabetes, worms are in the pancreas. With epilepsy, they are in the brain. In multiple sclerosis, they are what is eating the myelin sheaths off the exposed nerve endings (it is a misconception that the immune system of the body is attacking itself in MS).

Parasites are seldom picked up on blood tests, as they largely travel at night, not in the day when blood tests are generally given. Since they live in the liver, pancreas, lungs, bile duct, brain, muscles, joints, appendix, small intestine, large intestine, prostate, uterus, fallopian tubes, vagina, and gall-bladder, they are difficult to detect.

Unfortunately, too, allopathic medicine deals largely with the relief and/or masking of symptoms, rather than eliminating the root causes of symptoms.

That is why it is important to eliminate these parasites from the body before there is a full-blown disease such as diabetes or multiple sclerosis.

Parasites and worms feed on the good nutrients from food, and their excrement then circulates in the bloodstream.

Following are a few precautions to help avoid parasitic infestations:

  1. Never drink tap water, no matter how safe a water supply appears to be.
  2. Never drink from rivers, creeks or streams, no matter how clean the water looks.
  3. Salad bars may contain improperly washed produce, which carries spores that will later hatch in the body.
  4. Many aged cheeses are crawling alive when looked at under a microscope. It is best to avoid aged cheese.
  5. Keep a healthy environment in your colon. This is the main breeding-ground for a variety of parasites.
  6. Never swallow mucus that has been coughed up.
  7. Never go barefoot at the beach, horse stable, or in soil. Spores penetrate the skin.
  8. Avoid raw fish (sashimi — raw fish sushi).
  9. Avoid raw or undercooked meat.
  10. Avoid German steak tartar.
  11. Always wash hands thoroughly after using the bathroom.
  12. Parasites can be transferred through intimate contact.
  13. Use separate feeding dishes for your pets — never yours.
  14. Use separate cutting boards for meats, veggies and breads.
  15. Clean cutting boards with Clorox or hydrogen peroxide.
  16. Properly cleanse cutting knives used on meats, etc.
  17. Rinse off your meats, poultry and fish, and then soak them in a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water or Clorox and water. A very small amount to a gallon of water is all that is necessary.
  18. Don’t let your pets sleep on your bed.
  19. Have your pets de-wormed on a regular basis.
  20. Avoid refined sugar products and soft drinks. Worms and parasites love sugar and sweets.
  21. Clean your pet’s bedding often and thoroughly.
  22. Clean your carpets often.
  23. Wash hands thoroughly immediately after gardening.
  24. After your pet licks you, thoroughly cleanse your skin.
  25. After handling raw meat, wash properly.

Many of the above precautions are just plain common sense. However, sometimes we are a little short in that department. In fact, I used to eat fresh fruit on the way home from the grocery store — and then, after I arrived home, thoroughly wash whatever was left. Rather like closing the barn door after the horse got out.

Here’s a partial list of ingredients in remedies that help remove parasites and worms for some individuals (but not for others): raw garlic, pumpkin seeds, juice from raw onions, wormwood tea, cayenne pepper, Jerusalem Oak, American Wormseed, special enzymes, and the sap of a Latin American Fig tree.

Each of the above must be used with special preparations to be effective. Also, certain time periods are better than others. Consult your doctor before trying any, and remember that treatments will vary for each individual. There is no universal treatment.

It is also important to note that some of these special preparations only knock the body of the worm loose, leaving the heads intact, and some preparations drive the worms from one area of the body to another.

As in my case, colonics alone had no effect. Prior to that I had fasted for 30 days and never saw a worm. One patient passed a fistful of worms on her 39th day of a fast. Remember — fasting without the supervision of a doctor can be harmful or even fatal.

Parasitology is a complicated science and it is even difficult to find a good laboratory. One of the most common parasites I have seen still remains unidentifiable by many local laboratories. It looks like a spider to me, wrapped around an egg sack. It has many long black legs. In some patients the legs are green, in others they are red.

Hopefully, you are one of the lucky ones — parasite free. If you suspect you may have worms or parasites, it is important to eliminate them from your body before you have a full-blown disease such as multiple sclerosis, cancer, AIDS, or sugar diabetes.

Happy Hunting!

Warning! Raw onions can be extremely harsh and possibly damage the colons of some individuals; they can kill your pet. Never give raw onions to your pet.

Reprinted with permission from: Perceptions Magazine, Volume 1, Issue Number 5, Summer 1994

(Note: Perceptions Magazine is no longer published.)

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The truth about pets and parasites in California

Once upon at time, pet parents living in California didn't have to worry too much about nasty things like parasites and zoonotic diseases (diseases transmitted from pets to people). However, new data from the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) shows increasing parasite populations in the West.

Mike Paul, DVM, executive director of the Companion Animal Parasite Council.


Mike Paul, DVM, executive director of the Companion Animal Parasite Council.

"When I was studying veterinarian medicine back in the early 1970s, heartworm and other common parasitic diseases were virtually non-existent in the West," says Mike Paul, DVM, executive director of the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC) who worked as a veterinarian in San Francisco for many years.

He says this is no longer the case as a result of a complex combination of factors. Temperate climates and changing landscapes (more irrigation and more moisture means more parasites), outdoorsy lifestyles, and the increasing number of people who travel with or who have relocated with pets (that are infected) to the West Coast from other regions are all contributing to the local rise in parasites and related diseases.

The CDC reports that about 14 percent of the total U.S. population is currently infected with Toxocara, or internal roundworms, contracted from dogs and cats. (Yikes!) A 2007 CAPC survey showed that less than one-third of pet owners treat their dogs and cats year-round for flea and tick control, even though these parasites can thrive all year long — indoors and out.

"Once a parasite gets established in a particular area it never goes away," says Dr. Paul, adding that nearly 40 percent of coyotes in our state are infected with heartworm. Raccoons are also disease carriers. And as these animals' natural habitats continue to merge with our own it makes sense that our pets (and us by extension) would be at greater risk for possible infection.

These statistics inspired Dr. Paul to "take the show on the road" to help increase awareness among pet parents about parasite-related diseases and how to prevent them. He and his "Parasite Education Road Show" of veterinarians and parasitologists (complete with its 33-foot-long RV emblazoned with images of dogs, cats and children) is traveling to seven cities in four states between now and July 11 to help educate pet parents and veterinarians about the prevention of parasites and related diseases in pets and people.

Taking the (parasite prevention) show on the road.


Taking the (parasite prevention) show on the road.

"My goal when I started this project wasn't to panic people," says Dr. Paul. "All of the recommendations we make are about common sense: 'Don't stick that in your mouth; Wash your hands.' The usual stuff. Most people already know these things, they just don't practice them because they think 'It won't happen to me.'"

Zoonotic diseases, although rare, can have devastating outcomes especially for young children (who are also the most likely to become infected because of their propensity to put everything in their mouths). The good news is that they can be prevented with good hygiene and year-round deworming and parasite control (no matter where you live) for our furry friends.

As part of the Parasite Education Road Show, the CAPC is hosting two FREE educational events in San Francisco this Sunday, July 5, at the SPCA Maddie Center, and on Monday, July 6, at Justin Herman Plaza.

WHAT: "Ask-a-Vet" Events

WHERE/WHEN: SF/SPCA Maddie Center (Sunday, July 5, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.), 250 Florida Street in San Francisco; Justin Herman Plaza (Monday, July 6 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.), 1 Market Street in San Francisco.

Originally Posted in SFGate

Find more helpful health tips about parasite prevention here.