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  • Liver Cleanse – What Oil to Use

    What is formula f that you talk about in your liver cleanse, and where can I purchase it. Thanks, Nick Following the instructions on Dr Kelley’s Liver Flush // we mention Fromula F as an option instead of Olive Oil. Formula F is Fax Seed Oil. Please take pictures of any stones you get out […]

  • Liver Cleanse Success

    Dale, here are some photos of my 2nd Cleanse. The 4th time I had even bigger stones, but did not photo them. This next cleanse, I will photo them. See attachments. Thanks, Nick

  • good treatments/supplements hepatitis c

    What would you consider to be good treatments/supplements for hepatitis c. Useing herbs, anti virals, etc., I have lowered my viral load from over 1 million to less that 500,000 and also lowered my enzymes (alt and ast) to about 20 to 30 points above aceptable ranges. Thank you Richard P Vitamin C grams and […]