Category: Inflammation

  • Answers to Prune Questions

    Dear Geri, Thank you for your email. Here are my answers to your questions: 1. Is there a specific brand of prunes you recommend so that I know I’m not getting ones with preservatives? The prunes I’m using I buy at the Whole Foods Market in bins where you scoop out the prunes yourself. The […]

  • Prunes Reversed My Inflammation

    I started eating prunes every morning since I read about them in July’s Reader’s Digest (Health Secrets to Living Longer, “A Sweet Way to Stay Strong,” page 63). At first I noticed I had more energy. That was good enough for me to keep eating prunes (along with the hope that it works to prevent […]

  • How Strong Is Your Immune System?

    Hi, We are now carrying a fantastic supplement that is working beautifully to prevent colds, earaches, sore throats, and other infections. It is called ImmunExtra™. One capsule a day is all that’s needed to keep your immune system balanced and strong. I have been searching for the answer to an earache problem for over 72 […]

  • Inflammation and Pain

    Dear Friends, I’ve been experimenting with my supplements again. This time with different brands of Aloe Vera in powder and capsules. I thought it would be easier (and less expensive) to buy it as a powder in 4 or 8 ounce bottles (for mixing with distilled water for gargling and spraying on the skin). What […]