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  • How To Research Your Health Question

    How to research your health question online. Here is how I do it…

  • What it Takes For A Long and Healthy Life

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  • Advanced Cancer – Improve The Recovery Odds

      Dr Kelley’s Books and Audio: // Dr Kelley’s Enzymes: //

  • Serrapeptase Question

    Question: I have a lot of internal scar tissue in my uterus and abdomen along with fibroids. How is internal scar tissue excreted from the body given this location? Thanks, Dee Answer: Any and all material digested by enzymes will be moved through the circulatory system and captured by the liver, then dumped into the […]

  • I’d like to use the freeze dried aloe on my skin.

    I’d like to use the freeze dried aloe on my skin. How much water do I use per capsule? Once the aloe’s mixed with the water, how long is it good for? Liz Dear Liz Thank you for your question. Are you going to use the spray for sunburn? If not, what is your goal? […]

  • How is your blood pressure?

    How is your blood pressure? Drugs to lower blood presure are often marketed through TV, Radio, Magazines and Newspapers (with upbeat music and lilting tones. Billions of dollars are Spent to Hook New USERS). The drugs have major side effects, including potentially permanent (life-long) disabilities. Some years ago Bonnie blood pressure was measuring high and […]

  • Colon Pills Long Term Use – Is It Safe

    I have been taking Jim’s colon pills for about a year ( 2 every night). They have really seemed to help but are they addictive or is this ok to keep taking them indefinitely? Pam Yes it is ok to take as you need them. – Not Addictive. With a bit of effort at some […]

  • Blogging Education

    I’m evaluating a multi-media course on blogging from the folks at Simpleology. For a while, they’re letting you snag it for free if you post about it on your blog. It covers: The best blogging techniques. How to get traffic to your blog. How to turn your blog into money. I’ll let you know what […]