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  • Can Serrapeptase be taken with Lyrica?

    Hello Val, The research I have examined indicate that no interactions noted between Serrapeptase and any drug. Detoxing is a key component to overcoming fibromyalgia and pain. Physical detoxification and emotional detoxification. Can you think of an experience in your life that was traumatic? After asking that question of 100’s of people who are experiencing […]

  • Colon Pills Long Term Use – Is It Safe

    I have been taking Jim’s colon pills for about a year ( 2 every night). They have really seemed to help but are they addictive or is this ok to keep taking them indefinitely? Pam Yes it is ok to take as you need them. – Not Addictive. With a bit of effort at some […]

  • I am concerned about Iodine

    I was introduced to Raw Flax Seeds several years ago and have been taking it religeously for over 5 years now. I am 58 years now and in great health. I am concerned about Iodine as I read about how Raw Flax Seeds slows down the uptake of Iodine to the Thyroid gland. I recently […]