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Test                           March 5, 2013    June 17, 2013    Normal Range

Total Cholesterol          282                    245                     100 — 199

Triglycerides               135                     123                         0 — 149

HDL Cholesterol             59                       57                   More than 39

LDL Cholesterol            196                     163                         0 — 99

Glucose, Serum             94                       89                       65 — 99

IGF-1                           109                      90                       35 — 168

Height and Age 5’7” (67”)            76 Years, 6 Months

Waist Size                   47.25”               42.5”                        33”

Weight                      202 Lbs             185 Lbs              118 — 159 Lbs

BMI                          31.79 (Obese)     29 (Overweight)  18.5 — 24.9

I lost 17 pounds in 15 weeks and to get to to 159 pounds or less it will probably take another 30 weeks, which will be sometime in the middle of January 2014 (Dr. Mosley reports the closer you get to your normal weight the slower the weight loss).

There is another test that Dr. Mosley recommends. It is balancing your weight on your non-dominant foot. In March I couldn’t do it for more than one second. Now I can do it for 15 seconds. Not much better, but I’m improving.  (Dale and Sandy can each stand on one foot for 15 minutes or more.)

Other Improvements:

  • The inflammation I had in my shoulder (due to injuring my left rotator cuff somehow) for six months prior to beginning the Fast Diet disappeared and I regained full use of my arm
  • My lifelong spring allergies did not appear this spring and I did not need to take pancreatic enzymes to alleviate the symptoms
  • My sensitive hearing problem (loud noises hurt my ears) has ceased
  • I’m not snacking on potato chips or ice cream as I used to (I’m having vegetable soup instead)
  • My weight loss is not causing me to look ill (this is most likely because I’m not losing muscle as I did on other diets)

Note: Dr. Mosley reported in his Fast Diet book that Dr. Krista Varady of the University of Illinois at Chicago is now researching why people on Alternate Day Fasting (ADF), which is her research specialty, lose fat but don’t seem to lose significant muscle mass, and why people on ADF don’t seem to fully compensate for the calories they’ve missed by eating more on their feed days.




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