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Giving very high doses of vitamin D to school children is safe, and
some researchers believe that it may be necessary to bring their blood
levels of vitamin D up to the amount necessary for optimum bone growth
and health.

Vitamin D deficiency is common in children around the world.

A short-term study included 25 school children randomly assigned to
receive a placebo or 14,000 international units (IU) of vitamin D3 per
week for eight weeks. In an additional long-term study, 340 study
participants took a placebo, 1,400 IU weekly, or 14,000 IU a week, and
were followed up at six and 12 months. No signs of vitamin D
intoxication were seen in any of the children.

Currently, the Institute of Medicine recommends a daily vitamin D3
intake of 200 IU for children. The high dosage used in the study was 10
times that amount.


There is a simple blood test for vitamin D (a “25 Hydroxyvitamin D blood test”) that everyone should ask for when they see their doctor. The results of the test will guide you as to the amount of vitamin D3 you should take daily. Have your children’s blood tested and give them a tablespoon of cod liver oil or a capsule of 5,000 IUs every Sunday then have their blood tested again in 6 months to see how they are doing (do this for yourself too).


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