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Issue 28 July/August 1999
By Bonnie O'Sullivan
Aug 14, 2000, 12:16

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Using "The Clark Method" Newsletter

by Bonnie O’Sullivan

July/August 1999 Number 28

Dear Friend,

Dental Breakthroughs from Dr. Clark

Dr. Clark’s First Dental Breakthrough — "Inlays do not seep (Targis and Sculpture brands) and can be used to replace fillings. This is not to be risked for a cancer patient, though, because the paste is untested."

Dr. Clark says that she understands that the inlays are not necessarily clean. Targis is a so-called Ceromer, a material between a ceramic and a plastic. Its atomic structure is quite unique; the plastic parts are sealed in the glass ceramic grid. So, even though the inlays have toxins in them that the Syncrometer can pick up, they will not leach those toxins into the body.

  • At the back of this newsletter please find a list of dentists in the US who have been trained in removing silver/mercury amalgam fillings and will replace them with inlays.
  • These dentists will also understand your concerns when you ask to have your root canal filled teeth removed. (Many people have had their dentist refuse to remove a root canal filled tooth for fear of being sued for removing "a perfectly good tooth.")

Dr. Clark’s Second Dental Breakthrough — "Oregano oil kills Clostridium. Put one drop in a plastic spoon, dip your toothbrush in it (so you only get ½ a drop) and brush. It reaches Clostridium in the tooth crevices. This is very important for a cancer patient while they are waiting to pull teeth. Of course, for cancer patients, the plastic has to be removed."

In the 1998 edition of The Cure for All Cancers, Dr. Clark explains the role of Clostridium bacteria in tumor formation and cancer (Clostridium is naturally present in the colon. It occurs in tooth crevices, under tooth fillings and in diary products): First, Clostridium produces isopropyl alcohol in its metabolism in the human body and therefore acts as an internal source of this cancer-causing solvent. Second, Clostridium is a "tumor microbe," that is; it can change RNA to DNA. Clostridium species inhabit cancerous tumors enabling their growth . . . by changing RNA to DNA.

Dr. Clark continues: "Only a few bacteria varieties out of the vast numbers inhabiting this planet are able to make DNA using Vitamin B12 like human do. These bacteria are certain species of Clostridium, Rhizobium and Lactobacillus. (There may be more which I have not yet researched, but when these three are banished, DNA formation stops, and abnormal cell division must cease.) These bacteria have found their way into the human body, particularly the intestinal tract and dental crevices. And from there, when low immunity allows, they travel to the young tumor and colonize it.

"Clostridium is the hardest to eradicate. Evidently it invades the tumor cells and is not killed. Perhaps immunity is too low. Once inside, I suspect its DNA-making enzymes seep out into the cytoplasm where our copious amounts of RNA are, changing it all to DNA. With our ever-present supply of DNA, the last requirement for unrestrained growth is met.

"The stench of Clostridium infection under some teeth may be over-whelming as they are pulled. Clostridium gases are particularly offensive. Bad breath in the morning is due to such hidden tooth infections, not a deficiency of mouthwash!"

Note: To purchase Oil of Oregano call Self Health Resource Center (800-873-1663) or Young Living Essential Oils (800-763-9963). (For placing an order with Young Living Essential Oils — if you are a new customer — please give Bonnie’s number, 41316 as "Sponsor" and Carol Hannum’s number, 57415 as "Placement.")

Dr. Clark Answers Your Questions

Question #1: When will your new book: The Cure For Advanced Cancers, with a 21 Day Tumor Shrinking Program be available?

Dr. Clark: Hopefully, by August 15, 1999. [Note by Bonnie: Dr. Clark’s new book is $21.95, plus $5.00 shipping. We have started a list of people who want the book. Call us at (800) 651-7080 if you would like to have a copy sent to you the day it becomes available. We will charge your credit card on the day your book is shipped.]

Question #2: It is very difficult to obtain Hydrochloric Acid (HCL, 5% solution, U.S.P. food grade) — do you know of another place we can purchase it besides Spectrum? (Spectrum will not deal with the public and they even get annoyed when Health Food Stores call them to order it.)

Dr. Clark: You need to call one of their retail outlets.

Question #3: Is it possible to make an effective HCL solution at home, perhaps by crushing the Betaine HCL tablets and mixing them with water?

Dr. Clark: No.

Question #4: Is it true that you are now using Oil of Oregano to combat Clostridium and fungus such as Candida in the body?

Dr. Clark: Yes.

Question #4A: What is the amount to be taken per day. (I was told 2 or 3 drops in a beverage or on bread once per day.)

Dr. Clark: That is correct. Put drops in an empty capsule and swallow (with a little bread).

Question #4B: Where may we purchase food grade Oil of Oregano?

Dr. Clark: Health Food Stores (North American Herb & Spice brand).

Question #5: Is it true that the black walnut tincture must be refrigerated after opening (and before opening, if possible)?

Dr. Clark: Yes, a good idea.

Question #6: Would you use a face crème composed of the contents of one 400 mg. capsule of CoQ10 mixed with ½ ounce of ozonated olive oil? (Someone reported to me that she and a friend concocted this "face crème" and it works beautifully to erase old acne scars and fine lines.)

Dr. Clark: Let’s try it and hear from others. But olive oil needs one drop HCL to kill Ascaris eggs before ozonating.

Question #7: Do you recommend using magnets for healing?

Dr. Clark: Yes.

Question #7A: If you do, what brand do you recommend?

Dr. Clark: It’s the polarity that matters, not brand. Everybody should be able to check polarity with a cheap compass.

Question #7: How can we purchase them?

Dr. Clark: Try Self Health Resource Center (800) 873-1663 to begin with.

Question #8: There is a web page on the Internet ( that says you recommend using an enema with the freeze-dried black walnut capsules (2 capsules for one enema).

Dr. Clark: I was not aware of this. Do others have experience?

Question #8A: Are the two capsules to be dissolved into a quart of body-temperature water and used as an enema and held for 20 minutes and released? (I understand that one capsule is about the equivalent of 1 teaspoon of extra strength black walnut tincture.)

Dr. Clark: Roughly correct.

Question #8B: For best results are you to take an equal amount of the capsules by mouth at the same time that you take the enema?

                Dr. Clark: Yes.

Question #8C: Is a ¼ teaspoon of Vitamin C to be taken with the freeze dried capsules as it is with the tincture?

Dr. Clark: Haven’t done this experiment.

Question #9: A few people have reported that the Zapper does not work for them, but after they tried using salt water (for conductivity) they reported that they are now getting results. Should everyone use salt water to better enhance the conductivity of the Zapper?

Dr. Clark: This is a good idea, but watch out for little skin irritations; move to another place (on your skin), then.

Question #10: A longtime patient of yours reports that your research indicates men may go bald from reabsorbing nickel from their hats. (It is excreted with their sweat, builds up in the hatband and is reabsorbed from the hatband.) Would you comment on this please?

Dr. Clark: Its possible. But the big sources of nickel are tooth fillings, watch band, glasses frames.

Question #10A: Bobbi pins and hairpins are nickel and tin, so should they be eliminated too?

Dr. Clark: I think they are lacquered, so no real problem.

Question #11: Why should cysteine not be "overdone?" [I ask this question for a patient of yours, who is thriving after curing his cancer with your method. He takes 2 cysteine capsules with each meal, which is three times a day, and has been doing so for three years (he does this along with other things you recommend). He wants to know if this is safe as he read in your updated Cure For All Cancers book that "cysteine should not be overdone."]

Dr. Clark: Cysteine in very large amounts (one teaspoon three times a day) can give side effects like dizziness; probably not harmful.

Question #12: Would you recommend sitting in an Ozone Tent for an hour a day to boost your immune system? (The tent holds you and a chair and your head sticks out of the tent. An extra long tube goes from the ozone generator into the tent.) I learned recently that Showgirls in Las Vegas successfully do this to eliminate the fatigue and infections they get from their silicon breast implants.

Dr. Clark: How amazing. I don’t know what effect to expect but hearing from others would be very interesting.

Thanks, Bonnie, for staying on the forefront. —Hulda Clark

Strange New Insect Discovered Infecting Humans

by Carol Hannum

Recently, a woman called me from Georgia with a complaint: bugs! They were in her hair and on her skin, she was going nuts, and they weren’t lice of any kind. She claimed they were airborne anthropods, and whenever she went outside, she was attacked. Could they be seen? Yes, but only with a magnifying glass — they were small, black with tiny wings.

When she complained of this at the auto factory where she works, the health people there forcibly escorted her to the restroom and used toxic chemicals on her. Humiliated, frantic and angry, she then sought help from an M.D. who listened to her and subsequently ordered an electroencephalogram. Walking out on this one, the woman went to another renowned specialist, who told her she needed stress reduction and couldn’t help her.

The Center for Disease control was of no assistance either, except for giving her the statistics that some 50 others had also reported these unidentified bizarre creatures. A call to Dixie Graff produced some help with Planet Solutions use, however she was still attracting the strange flying mites.

In my analysis, I ascertained that yes, she did have the mysterious adult mites with eggs laid in the skin and they certainly weren’t in Dr. Clark’s tables. Why was she, and not others around her, attracting these creatures?

After some sleuthing, I discovered glucose, tin, other metals and solvents on her skin. Her skin pH was very acid. Her liver was swollen and toxic, plus had high uric acid content. The kidneys were taxed, and one contained some gravel with a small stone. These organs, among others, I was able to clear completely in a few minutes with my process, bringing their vitality up considerably.

She already had a Rife machine, and wondered how she could use it on these creatures, which were definitely not on the tables. I dowsed the proper annihilation frequency setting for the strange bug to be @ 135 KHz.

Her program was also to eliminate sugar, meats, processed foods and all toxins. She was to raise her pH through fresh vegy juices, lemon and water and do a skin soak detox with Planet Solutions, as well as to use the Rife machine.

A week and a half later she called and said her energy was a lot better. She felt good except for some edema in both feet, a temporary state indicating toxin dumping.

I checked and there were indeed no eggs under her skin and only one adult flying mite whose aviation career just ended — dead!

If anyone can identify these creatures, or has had personal experience with them, it would be helpful to have this information so that other people could be helped. Who knows what else these insects could be carrying? My email is Phone: (707) 869-0985.

Note: Apologies to my client if I have left out any part of her story or sequence.

Note from Bonnie to Carol: Thank you for your contribution to the newsletter and for your wonderful cartoons!

Updates from Bonnie
The Ozone Tent

I’ve been sitting in an "Ozone Tent" every day for 20 to 60 minutes! (It looks similar to an individual steam sauna where your head sticks out of a triangle shaped cabinet.)

I’m doing this to keep my immune system in tip-top condition. Not only do we have Clostridium in our teeth and colon — now we have "Chemtrails!" [Many US citizens have reported seeing planes that are spraying toxic chemicals over heavily populated areas (tests of the "goo" have confirmed that it is toxic), but the government is denying everything.]

I first heard about using an Ozone Tent from an herbalist. We were discussing the benefits to the immune system of using a Hyperbaric Chamber when he stated that an even better method to keep the immune system strong and to prevent aging is to sit in an Ozone Tent. I found a supplier for the tents and began using one with my PortaZone 2 months ago. It has worked wonders for me. My routine is to take a hot shower and get in the tent for 20 minutes daily.

The first improvement I noticed was that my skin became very soft and smooth. Then all the white spots or Uremic Frost that I had on my body disappeared (kidneys are working better!).

I’m also using the Ozonated Olive Oil gel, which is a solid form of ozone, (discussed further in the following Special Report on Ozone). I love how it increases healing time on cuts and scrapes. I recently had all of my back teeth redone with Targis inlays, onlays and caps and on my last appointment the dentist was having a difficult time creating a space between two of my back teeth. He slipped while using a tiny, but very sharp, saw and cut me just below my lip on the outside of my mouth (on my face!). This cut tried to turn into a huge fever blister, but I used the Ozonated Olive Oil gel on it every day and it formed a scab that seemed to shrink as I watched it (and everyone else in my life watched it!). In a few days the scab was completely gone. Now it is just a little red spot and I will keep putting the gel on it until it’s completely gone.

Feeling Cheated and Deceived

Since I’ve been using the Ozone Tent I’ve been doing a lot of research about ozone. It has caused me to feel cheated, deceived and ignorant. I’ve felt this way before — after learning about something in my personal life that was successfully kept hidden from me for 8 years — and it is not a pleasant feeling (I’m angry at myself for not knowing!).

What I have learned is that ozone has been used successfully for helping sick people get well and for keeping people healthy for over 100 years. It was used in the US at first, but when the drug companies were chosen over Enzyme Therapy, electricity (Rife Frequency Therapy) and Ozone Therapy in America in the early part of this century, we, average US citizens, were denied any choice other than to use drugs for our health care.

In other countries Enzyme, Electrical Frequency and Ozone Therapies have enjoyed a long and successful life helping wealthy Europeans and Americans get and stay healthy.

The reason drugs were chosen over enzymes, electricity and ozone in the US is the fact that none of them are as profitable as drugs. Drugs are highly consumable and you can make new and more expensive ones continually.

To protect their interests in the Drug Companies the money makers (stock holders) who also control the US government, have, for 100 years, made it financially and physically unhealthy for doctors (or anyone else) in the US to manufacture, sell or use in their medical practice electrical or ozone devices for improving or maintaining health (enzymes are not mentioned in doctor’s offices for the same reason, but thankfully they are still available as supplements).

Yes, I feel cheated and deceived, but I also thank God that I have another 30-40 years of life in which I can stay healthy using ozone and the tent along with my Panteric Extra caplets and my Rife machine. (I also take handfuls of herb, vitamin and mineral capsules daily.)

I also thank God that I’m alive during this time of free speech on the Internet (before the movers and shakers with their big bucks shut off the flow of information that is out there for the taking now).

The other day I was talking to a lady about ozone therapy and she asked how one thing could help so many different physical ailments. I replied, "because it strengthens the immune system and then the body can heal itself wherever it needs to be healed." She couldn’t understand this concept because we have been brainwashed into believing that we need a different drug for every different way our body shows dis-ease. (Please forgive me for repeating what every reader of natural and alternative health information has heard over and over.)

I am going against the interests of the stock holders of the Drug Companies by publishing the information in this newsletter — how anyone can give themselves Ozone Therapy by using the PortaZone with a tent (or by using several other methods listed in the enclosed Ozone Report) to increase their energy, strengthen their immune system and, please don’t mention this to Big Brother, help get rid of any disease in the human body.

At this time in the US the PortaZone is allowed to be sold for sterilizing water, cleaning the air and making ozonated olive oil for external use. Using it for anything else is considered personal research. Please do not take anything published in this newsletter to be medical advice.

The following are excerpts from The Story of Ozone by Saul Pressman. He is the President of Plasmafire International in Vancouver, BC, Canada, Manufacturers of Fine Quality Medical Ozone Generators.

My hope is that this Special Report inspires everyone to use their ozone machine daily.

The Story of Ozone

by Saul Pressman

Ozone in Nature

In nature, there is a cycle of oxygen just like there is a cycle of water. Oxygen is released from plants on land and plankton in the sea during photosynthesis. The oxygen is lighter than air and floats upward in the atmosphere. At the 20-30 km region, strong ultraviolet radiation in the 185-200 nanometer wavelength bombards the oxygen and turns some of it into ozone. The ozone created exists as a thin layer in the atmosphere and it blocks out a small portion of the UV spectrum. The great majority of the UV reaches the earth allowing sun tanning, which Dr. Michael Carpendale of the San Francisco Veteran’s Administration Hospital has noted is useful in a very efficacious therapy developed in the early years of this century, used for many diseases, including tuberculosis and cancer.

We hear a great deal about the thinning of the ozone layer in the media, but the facts are otherwise. Ozone production in the upper atmosphere is dependent on the amount of energy coming from the sun. During peaks of solar activity, ozone is created at a greater rate. During lulls in the sunspot cycle, the ozone layer is thinner. The lowest level ever measured was in 1962. At night, on the dark side of the planet, the ozone layer disappears completely, in a few hours. The layer is reformed as the sun rises in the morning. There is no ozone over the poles in the winter because there is no sunlight to create it. Since ozone is being continuously created and destroyed, there is no finite amount of ozone that can be depleted by any mechanism, except if oxygen were to totally disappear from the planet.

Ozone is produced constantly in the upper atmosphere as long as the sun is shining, and since ozone is heavier than air, it begins to fall earthward. As it falls, it combines with any pollutant it contacts, cleaning the air — nature’s wonderful self-cleaning system. If ozone contacts water vapor as it falls, it forms hydrogen peroxide, a component of rainwater, and the reason why rainwater causes plants to grow better than irrigation. Lightning also creates ozone, and the amount produced in an average storm is often triple the allowable limit of .015 PPM as set by the US EPA. This ozone is what gives the air the wonderful fresh smell after a rain, and is of the highest benefit to anyone fortunate enough to be breathing it. Ozone is created by waterfalls and crashing surf, which accounts for the energetic feeling and calm experienced near these sites.

The exhaust pollutants caused by burning hydrocarbons in oxygen in the internal combustion engine are carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, and sulphur dioxide. Ozone cannot be produced in the internal combustion engine because the hydrocarbon fuel quenches the spark gap. Ozone has been incorrectly blamed for smog. Carbon monoxide, a deadly poison, is present in smog at about 30 parts per million. Toxic hydrocarbons are present at about 100 parts per hundred million. Ozone is present in smog only transiently at around 25 parts per hundred million. Ozone in smog is produced by the photoelectric effect of the sun’s energetic photons acting on polluting gases. Singlet oxygen is broken off these gases momentarily, but in seconds it reattaches itself to the other gases, which is part of nature’s system for cleaning the atmosphere.

What Does Ozone Do?

  • inactivates viruses, bacteria, yeast fungi and protozoa
  • destroys cancer cells
  • stimulates the immune system
  • supports and enhances the healing process
  • cleans arteries and veins
  • breaks up red blood cell clumping
  • purifies the blood and the lymph
  • normalizes hormone and enzyme production
  • reduces inflammation
  • reduces pain, calms the nerves
  • stops bleeding
  • prevents shock
  • scavenges free radicals
  • prevents stroke damage
  • reduces cardiac arrhythmia
  • improves brain function and memory
  • oxidizes toxins, facilitating their excretion
  • chelates heavy metals, working well with EDTA
  • increases the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood
  • stimulates production of all protective cell enzymes
  • prevents and reverses degenerative diseases
  • prevents and treats communicable diseases
  • prevents and eliminates auto-immune diseases

How Does Ozone Work?

Inactivation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, yeast and protozoa: Ozone disrupts the integrity of the bacterial cell envelope through oxidation of the phospholipids and lipoproteins. In fungi, ozone inhibits cell growth at certain stages. With viruses, the ozone damages the viral capsid and upsets the reproductive cycle by disrupting the virus-to-cell contact with peroxidation. The weak enzyme coatings on cells, which make them vulnerable to invasion by viruses, make them susceptible to oxidation and elimination from the body, which then replaces them with healthy cells.

Enhancement of circulation: In circulatory disease, a clumping of red blood cells hinders blood flow through the small capillaries and decreases oxygen absorption due to reduced surface area. Ozone reduces or eliminates clumping and red cell flexibility is restored, along with oxygen carrying ability. Oxygenation of the tissues increases as the arterial partial pressure increases and viscosity decreases. Ozone also oxidizes the plaque in arteries, allowing the removal of the breakdown products, unclogging the blood vessels.

Stimulation of oxygen metabolism: Ozone causes an increase in the red blood cell glycolysis rate. This leads to the stimulation of 2,3-diphosphoglycerate (2,3-DPG) which leads to an increase in the amount of oxygen released to the tissues. Ozone activates the Krebs cycle by enhancing oxidative carboxylation of pyruvate, stimulating production of ATP. Ozone also causes a significant reduction in NADH and helps to oxidize cytochrome C. There is a stimulation of the production of the enzymes which act as free radical scavengers and cell wall protectors: glutathione peroxidase, catalase, and superoxide dismutase. Production of prostacyline, a vasodilator, is also induced by ozone.

Formation of peroxides: Ozone reacts with the unsaturated fatty acids of the lipid layer in cellular membranes, forming hydro peroxides. There is a synergistic effect with cellular-formed H2O2. Lipid peroxidation products include alkoxyl and peroxyl radicals, singlet oxygen, ozonides, carbonides, carbonyls, alkanes and alkenes.

Dissolution of malignant tumors: Ozone inhibits tumor metabolism. In addition, ozone oxidizes the outer lipid layer of malignant cells and destroys them through cell lysis (break-down). Phagocytes produce H2O2 and hydroxyl to kill bacteria and viruses. The generation of hydroxyl by killer cells is critical to their cytotoxic capability. Ozone stimulates conversion of arginine to citrulline, nitrite and nitrate by phagocytes, promoting their action on tumors.

Activation of the immune system: Ozone administered at a concentration of between 30 and 55 ug/cc causes the greatest increase in the production of interferon and the greatest output of tumor necrosis factor (TNF) and interleukin-2. The production of interleukin-2 launches an entire cascade of subsequent immunological reactions.

Superoxygenation for Health

Oxygen is the most vital element required for human life and it is the key to good health. We can survive without water for a week and go without food for a month, but we can only live a few minutes without oxygen. Oxygen is the life-giving, life-sustaining element. All body activities require oxygen. Through oxidation, the body generates heat and energy from its fuel, and disposes of wastes and microbes.

Our bodies are two-thirds water. Of that water, ten per cent is blood and ninety per cent is lymph. Since the water in our bodies is itself 8/9 oxygen by weight, we are therefore composed of over 50% oxygen.

The best way to optimize health is to oxygenate every cell in our body. The more oxygen we have in our system, the more energy we produce, and the more efficiently we can eliminate wastes. Good health is dependent on the production, maintenance and flow of energy, which is produced by the oxidation of sugar. Oxidation is central to metabolism, circulation, respiration, digestion, assimilation and elimination. Oxygen purifies the blood, keeping it free of cellular waste buildup. Sufficient oxygen allows the body to rebuild itself and maintain the immune system. The basic requirements for each cell are sugar, amino acids, minerals, hormones, enzymes and oxygen.

Immunization and Ozone

It was the work of Louis Pasteur, Edward Jenner, Rudolph Virchow, Robert Koch, Paul Ehrlich and Emil von Behring that brought about the theory of wide-spread immunization, based upon the idea of producing antibodies in the blood to ‘help out’ the body’s immune system to identify and attack ‘invading germs.’

Through the work of Antoine Bechamp, William F. Koch, Royal Rife, Gunther Enderlein, Carl Edward Rosenow, Otto Warburg and Gaston Naessens, the original assumptions underlying this theory regarding the body’s immune system have now been shown to be erroneous.

The so-called ‘bad’ bacteria and viruses that modern medicine fights with its huge arsenal of pharmaceutical drugs are in reality the "germs of life." These germs of life live in symbiosis with the nutritive medium that constitutes our body, allowing it to be built up and later decomposed, to be metamorphosed and recreated. These germs are pleiomorphic shape shifters who are controlled by the medium in which they live. Germs are not something separate, isolated, unfriendly and coming from without, but are rather the foundation for all life. Without germs, there is no life. Their number is infinite. Their function is varied. Germs can change shape, join together, separate again and return to their primordial condition. Viruses, bacteria and fungi are various developmental forms of germs. The nutritive medium on which the germs thrive determines the type of development they will undergo.

Early in this century, Dr. Carl Edward Rosenow of the Mayo Biological Laboratories began a series of experiments in which he took distinctive bacterial strains from a number of disease sources and placed them in one culture of uniform media. In time, the distinctive strains all changed and became one uniform class. By repeatedly changing cultures, he could individually modify bacterial strains, making harmless ones ‘pathogenic,’ and in turn reverse the process. He concluded that the critical factor controlling the nature of the bacteria was the food and environment they lived on. These discoveries were first published in 1914 in the Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Rosenow’s work was corroborated and expanded upon about two decades later by Royal R. Rife, inventor of the unique Universal Microscope, with a resolution of 150,000 power. This precision instrument made live bacteria and viruses visible. Rife showed that by altering the environment and food supply, friendly bacteria, such as colon bacillus, could be converted into the ‘pathogenic’ bacteria known as typhoid. Rife was able to observe that the viral agent associated with certain forms of cancer could in time be modified into harmless bacillus coli, and the process reversed. Rife stated that it was the unbalanced cell metabolism of the human body that in actuality produced the disease. He believed that if the human body was perfectly balanced, it was susceptible to no disease.

This work closely paralleled Alexis Carrel’s earlier research at the Rockefeller Institute where he was able to control the rates and levels of infectious disease mortality among mice by altering the diet.

Researcher Rene Dubos reaffirmed these findings and suggested that virulence is an ecological problem: that is a problem of the state of internal cleanliness.

It is known that children who cannot produce antibodies in their blood (agammaglobulinemia) nevertheless recover from diseases such as measles and still have long-term immunity. People with no antibodies have been found who are extremely resistant to diseases, while other people have developed diseases to which they already had high levels of antibodies.

Official U.S. military records show that highly immunized personnel manifest a mortality rate from diphtheria four times higher than of unvaccinated civilians.

It is now clear that the body needs no ‘help’ of the sort provided by immunization; that antibodies in the blood stream are not required to protect the body; and that immunization can cause immune suppression, permanent nervous system damage, and growth stunting. There is also strong evidence that immunization can actually cause the diseases it was meant to prevent. This view has gained support from the writing of a report commissioned by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) from Dr. Raymond Obomsawin in 1992.

In his detailed report, Dr. Obomsawin found that the idea of induced immunity was an illusion founded on: discredited scientific theories, the refusal to examine contrary data, the lack of proper follow up assessment of immunized children; and poor statistical methods.

The positive impact of immunization on public health has never, repeat NEVER, been substantiated in any unbiased study. Immunized people have repeatedly fallen ill to the disease they were supposedly vaccinated against, and epidemics are statistically MORE numerous in more widely vaccinated groups (studies in Gambia, Brazil and Taiwan).

Estimates by ‘experts’ on the degree and severity of adverse reactions have been woefully wrong, and serious damage and even fatalities have gone unreported, preventing a true assessment of the value of immunization.

Repeatedly, statistics and reports have been manipulated in an attempt to show the effectiveness of vaccination. The best known case involves the famous Salk polio vaccine. This massive program is held up as a shining example of the effectiveness of vaccination, yet the statistical evidence shows that polio was on its natural cyclic downturn at the time of introduction of the vaccine in 1956. In one of the rare double blind tests ever done on a vaccine, the group receiving it had 200 cases of polio reported, while the control group had none. Polio disappeared in Europe in the mid-Fifties about the same time as in America, yet there was no program of mass-vaccination there. Some scientists are now postulating that full vaccination irreparably weakens the child’s immune system. These same scientists theorize that mass inoculation is responsible for the widespread escalation of auto-immune, degenerative and allergic conditions amongst those subjected to vaccination as children. A further disturbing trend is the increasing coercion placed upon parents to force them to have their children subjected to this massive invasion of their bodies. The weight of state sanctions against parents is unconscionable, especially when the true dangers of immunization have now been laid bare in this report.

Now that we know that vaccination offers no protection against disease we are left with the question of what causes disease, how to prevent it and how to treat it.

The Cause of Disease

As stated before, the human body is two-thirds water, 10% of it in the blood and 90% in the lymph. If toxins are allowed to build up in the system, the water gets ‘dirty.’ If the blood pH varies from 7.3 then the beneficial microbes that are necessary in the body begin to change their form, and disease results.

To maintain a clean system, it is necessary to have a proper diet, one that produces a blood pH that is neither too alkaline (bacteria problems) or too acid (cancer problems). And it is necessary to have sufficient oxygen in the system to allow cellular respiration to be efficient and allow complete oxidation, preventing the production of carbon monoxide which the body cannot easily expel.

Each cell burns sugar (carbohydrates) in oxygen to make its fuel ATP. The carbon-hydrogen bond is cleaved, and oxygen bonds with the hydrogen, forming water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). If there is insufficient oxygen available, carbon monoxide (CO) is formed instead, excessive lactic acid is formed and the blood is made more acid. If this oxygen deprivation (hypoxia) continues long enough, the cell will no longer be able to sustain the process of oxidation and it will be forced to ferment its sugar anerobically. This is the first critical step to the development of cancer.

Circulation of clean, oxygen-carrying blood is a basic requirement for optimum health, and this can be achieved by bringing ozone into the body. The least expensive way of doing that would be to live on a mountain far from the cities and breathe deeply — the recipe for an Eastern Master. Failing that, we can use an ozone generator to create ozone and bring that into the body in any one of a dozen ways in order to oxidize toxins and oxygenate the cells.

Ozone works at the basic level of all-important bodily functions — respiration, digestion, assimilation, elimination and immunity. And this is the answer to the question of what we substitute for the worthless and dangerous vaccination programs.

If people were to have reliable ozone generators in their homes, they could purify their water, their air and their bodies. If adequate nutrition and sanitation were maintained, diseases of all types could be prevented. The role of the hospital would be reduced to an extension of the emergency room for accident victims. The role of the pharmaceutical company with its noxious potions would disappear, and the level of general health would rise to new heights.

Infection Theories Contrasted

1. Disease arises from micro-organisms originating outside the body. 1. The susceptibility to disease arises from conditions within the body.
2. Micro-organisms should be guarded against and destroyed to prevent disease. 2. Micro-organisms are beneficial and life-sustaining if the body is kept clean of toxins.

3. The appearance and function of specific microorganisms is constant.

3. The appearance and function of specific micro-organisms changes when the host organism is injured, either mechanically, biochemically, or emotionally.
4. Every disease is associated with a particular microorganism 4. Every disease is associated with a particular condition
5. Microorganisms are primary causal agents. 5. Microorganisms become associated with disease only when the cells become toxified.
6. Disease is inevitable and can ‘strike’ anyone. 6. Disease arises from conditions of increased toxicity.
7. To prevent and cure diseases, it is necessary to ‘build defenses’ and to destroy pathogens. 7. Preventing or curing disease consists of cleaning toxicity harmlessly.


Prevention of Cancer

We now understand the chemical mechanisms of respiration and fermentation at the cellular level and how oxygen deficiency leads to cancer. This oxygen deficiency, or hypoxia, can be caused by many factors. Some poison may reach the cell and prevent oxygen uptake, or the excretory duct of a gland may become plugged up, as in breast cancer caused by lymph gland plugging. But the end result is the same. If the cell is chronically starved for oxygen, yet does not die, eventually cancer will result. Frequent small doses of respiratory poisons are therefore more dangerous than a single large dose, where there is the chance that the cells will be killed rather than become anerobic and eventually cancerous.

All carcinogens impair cellular respiration. The word carcinogen is an empty word. The continual search for more carcinogenic substances is an utter waste of time and money, because this obscures the true cause of cancer, which is the oxygen starvation of the cell. It also prevents the proper treatment of cancer with oxygen therapies, because of misunderstanding the cause.

To destroy cancer, what is required is the introduction of massive amounts of oxygen at the cellular level. Introducing ozone can do this. This treatment has been in use for over 100 years, with excellent success. It must be taken in sufficient quantities to flood the cells with oxygen, killing the cells, which are operating anerobically.

Ozone also has the ability to prevent cancer. If sufficient oxygen is provided to the cells so that they never drop below 40%, they will stay healthy, barring any chemical or radiation poisoning. It is as simple, and as difficult, as that. Many people today are using ozone generators to keep their cellular oxygen levels high, to prevent disease.

Ozone increases microcirculation of the blood, by oxidizing plaque in the arteries, and reducing the clumping of red blood cells. This enables them to pick up oxygen in the lungs, and increases their flexibility, which is crucial to passage through the fine capillaries.

People often ask whether they will have to continue to take ozone for the rest of their life. We say that if you want to prevent toxins from building up that could result in your cells from being deprived of oxygen and turning anerobic, then taking ozone is a small price to pay. Ozone taken on a daily basis ensures that the entire system receives the oxygen it needs, as well as eliminating toxins and any bacteria, viruses or cancer cells. Repeated treatments with ozone are required because viruses and bacteria seem to be more susceptible at different stages of their growth cycle. The beneficial effects of ozone are cumulative, as the body becomes cleaner, stored toxins are eliminated and the biological terrain is steadily improved. In this way, cancer is prevented.

Free Radicals and Scavengers

In the mid-1950s, Dr. Denham Harman of the University of Nebraska theorized that free radicals may be an important cause of aging at the cellular level. He proposed that aging might be caused by the tendency of free radicals to bind indiscriminately with many vital molecules in the body. Free radicals can also split molecules, promote mutations, clog cell membranes and impair the function of the mitochondria, the cells energy factories. Since it is theorized that free radicals will attack almost any molecule, it would seem that they could cause widespread damage. Based on these suppositions, the theory of free radical aging has grown in popularity with each passing decade.

However, free radicals are essential for human life. They are the natural products of every chemical reaction. A free radical is just a temporary stopping-point leading from one stable molecule to another. The normal lifespan of such particles is thousandths of a second; millions of these fleeting particles are emitted in every cell every second as it burns sugar in life-giving oxygen.

Free radicals fit naturally into the body’s overall balance. Each cell protects itself from damage by producing enzymes that neutralize free radicals. The chief enzymes are superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase and catalase. Many people recently have been dosing themselves with large amounts of these enzymes in a attempt to minimize cell damage. However, these products do little to act on free radicals at the cellular level, because the digestive juices nullify them long before they ever get to the cells they were meant to protect.

Taking these products is missing the point. Free radicals are secondary, not causal. In its normal state, the body controls free radicals as a matter of course. This control can be maintained by a regimen of exercise and proper diet, with adequate calcium and vitamin D, which ensures that every cell receives the necessary oxygen to enable it to carry out its functions normally. If the cell is kept supplied with sufficient oxygen, disorder and chaos can not attack it. If the body is well oxygenated, free radicals are easily contained by the body’s powerful defense mechanisms.

Harmful free radicals come from: smoking, heated oils, trans-fatty acids, carbon monoxide, constipation, nistrosamines, radiation (such as x-rays), and chlorinated water. Anti-oxidants are a misnomer. What is really meant is "free radical scavenger." The best free radical scavengers are Ozone; Vitamins C and E; and the phytochemicals.

Ozone for Prevention

Ozone is a powerful therapeutic tool for curing disease, but it is equally important for the prevention of disease. Hundreds of different diseases named by allopathy are but symptoms of one underlying cause. That cause, as proven by two-time Nobel Prizewinner Dr. Otto Warburg, is hypoxia, or oxygen starvation at the cellular level. This is the cause of degenerative disease (cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, multiple sclerosis, rheumatism, etc.). Ozone both treats and prevents most communicable diseases as well (mumps, measles, influenza, cholera, tropical fevers, etc.). We hear much in the media about necrotizing fasciitis, hamburger disease, Ebola virus, toxoplasmosis, tuberculosis, etc. and their incurability. Yet all these diseases are treated by ozone.

Regular use of ozone in the home can provide high levels of immunity from most common diseases, and relegate immunization to the dustbin of history. Our present allopathic health system is disintegrating under financial stress, and it can be replaced by prevention through the use of ozone, supplemented by ozone injection for serious cases, and emergency room hospitals for accident victims. This system will be far less expensive than our present system, where 90% of our health dollar is spent in the last year of life, trying to undo a lifetime of toxic buildup.

I repeat, the human body is two-thirds water. Of that, 90% is lymph and 10% is blood. The cell functions by burning sugar in oxygen to provide energy. The waste products are carbon dioxide and water. If there is insufficient oxygen at the cellular level, for whatever reason, the burn will be incomplete, and carbon monoxide and lactic acid will be formed. The body cannot quickly rid itself of monoxide; it prevents hemoglobin from picking up fresh oxygen, and the body temperature is lowered. The lactic acid will build up in the system, clogging the nerve pathways, eventually calcifying and causing degeneration. More oxygen is required to come in and oxidize these toxins, but if it is not available, they build up. The blood will carry a heavy load of sludge, and toxins will be deposited in the fat. The water that surrounds each cell gets dirtier and dirtier. Disease is the result. This is where ozone shines — in eliminating toxicity from the body. Ozone taken on a daily basis, will, over time, clean all the fluid of the body, safely.

Women have an advantage, in that vaginal insufflation requires no preparation, and can be administered for very long periods of time, up to an hour. The gas will usually find its way into the uterus, out the Fallopian tubes and then into the abdominal cavity. Yeast problems and pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) can be addressed in this way. This is also a good way of getting ozone into the lymph system.

For men, cleaning the lymph is not as easy, and requires use of a body suit or a steam cabinet. The body suit is a less-than-popular esthetic experience. The Sonnet II steam cabinet, however, is a pleasurable experience. Because of the moist heat, the pores are open, and the capillaries are dilated. The ozone enters through the skin and oxidizes toxins in the fat, the lymph and the blood, including adrenaline. The oxidized toxins are sweated back out, avoiding the dump of toxins to the liver and colon, which can bring on the symptoms of toxic shock. Instead the person emerges from the steam cabinet feeling extremely relaxed and mellow, and ready for bed. This is an ideal way of counteracting the stress of the day.

Ozonated Water

For prevention, a major benefit can be derived from regularly drinking ozonated water. Water is a fascinating substance, and we all take it for granted. Chemically it is considered to be an oxygen atom bound with two hydrogen atoms. The bond angle between the two hydrogen atoms is known to be variable, depending on the amount of energy in the molecule. Radionics research has shown that water whose bond angle is 101 degrees is ‘dead’ water, bereft of life-giving energy.

When water is distilled, the bond angle expands to 120 degrees upon evaporation, but collapses to 101 degrees upon condensation, and is therefore ‘dead.’ A bond angle of 103 degrees corresponds to average water. A bond angle of 106 degrees produces activated, energized water, and is attainable by placing a magnet, north pole inward, against the water container. The highest energy obtainable in liquid water is a bond angle of 109.5 degrees, and this is attainable only by ozonating water at 4 degrees C. Ozone will not stay in water for very long, even at 4 degrees C, so it is best to freshly ozonate and drink it immediately on an empty stomach, rather than make a large amount and try to store it.

Breathing Ozone

Ozone is safe to breathe when it is bubbled through extra virgin olive oil. This is an excellent therapy for asthma and bronchitis and pneumonia, especially when combined with magnetic therapy. Breathing of ozone has been practiced in North America for over 90 years.

When ozone is bubbled through olive oil continuously for weeks, the oil starts to change. First it loses its color, then it begins to foam, and eventually it becomes a gel, although the oil is not oxidized. If it is kept refrigerated at 40 degrees F, this gel will hold on to its ozone for more than ten years. This gel applied to the skin has many uses: on cuts, scrapes and burns; insect bites, diaper rash, eczema, impetigo, herpes, etc. When massaged vigorously into the body by a trained therapist over time it has enabled multiple sclerosis patients to regain the use of their limbs. Ozonated gel is 95% as active as ozone gas.

The ozonated gel liquefies as soon as it reaches skin temperature. It is an excellent lubricant for intercourse and provides more protection than the highly touted condom for the prevention of disease, due to the bactericidal, virucidal and fungicidal action of ozone.

It is an excellent product for your pet as well. If it is spread on the backs of a cat’s paws, the cat will lick it off and ingest it that way.

Ozone and Magnets

Doctors have reported that they can enhance ozone therapy by simultaneously using magnet therapy. Permanent magnets can be used with the north pole facing towards the body, on the underside of a table, or the back of a sauna. Magnets cause a polarization of red blood cells, due to their iron content. The polarization causes them to repel one another and move apart, making them more flexible and improving oxygen uptake in the lungs. Ozone also causes red blood cells to unclump and become more flexible, so that they can bend and get through the finest capillaries, improving microcirculation, reversing and preventing many diseases. There is a synergistic effect between ozone and magnets; they work better together.

Flax Oil and Oxygen Therapies

The concept of increasing blood levels of oxygen by ozone and Homozon and hydrogen peroxide has great merit. However, getting an increase of oxygen does not guarantee an increase of oxygen on the cellular level where it is needed most for cancer treatments and other disorders.

An increase in cellular utilization oxygen can be achieved by increasing dietary Omega-3 oils. Flax oil is nature’s richest source of Omega-3 oil containing nearly 60%. These Omega-3 oils are incorporated into each cell membrane as a building block. There they play the important role of attracting oxygen out of the blood to be utilized by the cell. This effect is a polar electrical attraction. It is the same reason flax oil is used in fast-drying paints because it attracts oxygen.

Two to three teaspoons of flax oil daily will meet your daily needs. Flax oil naturally contains the free radical scavengers vitamin E and beta carotene which are important factors in any healing process. Flax oil also benefits the cardiovascular system, skin problems and inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, colitis, and even congestive heart failure. Flax oil is a wonderful food but should never be cooked. It can be put on potatoes, vegetables and soups in place of butter or on salads as a dressing.

One must avoid margarine, hydrogenated fats, and refined vegetable oils as these contain harmful trans-fats, which interfere with Omega-3 absorption and oxygen utilization.

The famous Budwig anti-cancer diet has as its cornerstone daily servings of flax oil and low fat cottage cheese.

Methods of Application

Since ozone therapy was first practiced in the 1880s, many methods of administering ozone have been developed. They can be broken down into five categories:

Injection-autohemotherapy; or direct injection into a vein, artery, muscle, joint; or directly into a tumor

Insufflation; in the ear, vagina, rectum, urethra

Inhalation; bubbled through olive oil

Ingestion; ozonated water

Transdermal-subatmospheric; bagging; body suit; ozonated olive oil; cupping with a funnel; steam sauna

1) Direct Injection vs. Autohemotherapy

Autohemotherapy was developed by Dr. Hans Wolff in 1961 as an alternative to direct injection. Dr. Wolff developed a technique for withdrawing 50-500 cc of blood into a container, injecting ozone into it and then infusing it back into the patient over 20 minutes as an IV drip.

2) Insufflation

Insufflation is very useful, easily done, inexpensive, and now widely used in the home.

Insufflation in the ear is excellent for ear infections; mastoiditis; hearing problems caused by candida; tinnitus; (and beyond the ear too) sinusitis; macular degeneration; retinitis pigmentosa; head colds; flu; bronchitis; asthma; Alzheimer’s; Parkinson’s; even brain cancer.

Vaginal insufflation is used for any vaginal, uterine, ovarian or lower abdominal problem, including pelvic inflammatory disease, fibroids, etc. The ozone will enter the lymph system from vaginal insufflation, as well as the blood stream.

Rectal insufflation requires a preparatory enema. It is used for colon problems such as colitis, ileitis, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis and colon cancer.

Urethral insufflation is used for bladder infections, STDs, inflammation of the ureter, prostate enlargement, and bladder and prostate cancer.

3) Inhalation

Ozone can be inhaled if it is first bubbled through extra virgin olive oil. This is useful for asthma due to bacterial infection. Repeated treatments over 3-6 weeks for 15-20 minutes at a time are usually sufficient. Simultaneous magnet therapy is useful and can be easily done by placing a magnet (3" x 5"; 3500 gauss) on the chest with the north pole facing the body.

4) Ingestion

Six to eight glasses a day will establish a high level of oxygenation in the body and assist detoxification. Bubble ozone into a glass of water for 5-10 minutes, then drink on an empty stomach. This will also destroy heliobacter pylori in the stomach which causes ulcers.

5) Transdermal

Transdermal application of ozone has existed for 100 years, and recently has been growing in popularity. The skin is semi-porous to oxygen, and 7% of respiration is transdermal. There are several transdermal ozone application techniques:

  • Subatmospheric
  • Bagging a limb (or sitting in a tent)
  • Body suit
  • Ozonated olive oil
  • Cupping with a funnel
  • Steam cabinet

A) Subatmospheric application requires an apparatus to enclose a limb, reduce pressure by means of a vacuum pump and direct ozone into proximity with the desired area. This technique has proven useful in certain difficult problems, such as gas gangrene and open ulcers. It is not widely used at present because of the expense of the equipment and its lack of availability.

B) Bagging a limb is very similar, but requires only a clear plastic bag in order to confine the ozone to the area being treated. The limb is moistened first, in order to aid the penetration of ozone through the skin, then enclosed in the plastic bag and the ozone is introduced by means of silicone tubing from the generator into the bag. The top of the bag is securely closed with either a cloth strip or an elastic strap as a cuff. If the flow rate is to be above 1/8 l/m, then an outlet from the bottom of the bag will be necessary to allow the excess ozone to leave, and avoid pressurization. If the flow rate is kept very low, say 1/16 l/m or 1/32 l/m, there is no need to have an outlet, as the bag will not overfill in a 30 minute treatment. This technique has been in use for many years, and is especially useful with impaired circulation in diabetic legs, removing the threat of amputation.

C) A body suit is composed of ozone-resistant material, typically Tyvek or nylon, which is sealed at the wrists, neck and ankles (if there are no attached booties). It is necessary to shower first and then enter the suit while still wet, to aid ozone transference. The silicon tubing from the generator is introduced into the suit either through the neck opening or up the sleeve. Ozone is introduced for 30 minutes at a rate of 1/8 l/m or 1/4 l/m. This method is losing favor due to the clammy, sticky feel of the suits as the wet skin surface cools.

D) Ozonated olive oil has been used as a topical application for 100 years and its efficacy is well established for problems such as acne, cuts, scrapes, bruises, burns, eczema, sunburn, skin infections, etc. It is also useful to apply it to the skin following a session of bagging a limb.

E) Cupping with a funnel is a more recent transdermal technique where ozone is introduced into a very restricted area at a very low flow rate. First the area to be treated (typically the liver, pancreas, spleen, intestine, kidney or adrenal) is moistened with a warm washcloth, and then a plastic funnel is held firmly over the area. The flow rate is restricted to 1/32 l/m in order to prevent pressure buildup under the cup, and possible leakage. Treatments typically run for 20-30 minutes. Good results are obtainable with daily application for hepatitis, diverticulitis, pancreatitis, kidney infections and adrenal insufficiency.

F) Hyperthermia in conjunction with ozone therapy is the sixth transdermal technique. It was originally used by Dr. Kellogg in 1881, and has recently been revived by Plasmafire Intl. The person sits in an ozone-resistant steam cabinet, with the head out, and the body surrounded by warm steam. The steam causes the pores to open fully and the ozone, introduced into the cabinet by silicon tubing from the generator output, can penetrate fully into all the tissue — the blood, the lymph and the fat. Since the majority of toxins are held in the lymph and the fat, this treatment is the most effective way to eliminate them from the body. Since the skin is the largest organ of elimination, the majority of the toxins are sweated out, sparing the liver and kidneys most of the extra work. (Please read about "healing crisis" below and on the next page.)

Hyperthermia itself is a very effective technique, many thousands of years old. It results in a "false fever" reaction, which simulates the body’s own defense mechanism. With the addition of ozone, the treatment becomes doubly powerful. As the toxins are oxidized, and eliminated from the body, the fat containing them is no longer needed, and also leaves. Weight loss of 30, 40, or 50 lbs over a period of months are reported. The skin becomes smooth, soft and free of blemishes. Symptoms of a whole host of diseases disappear as the toxins leave the system.

Note: Unlike other methods of ozone application, employing ozone in a steam sauna will induce the "healing crisis," which feels like having the flu for a few days. People should be informed of this effect so they can be prepared, and welcome it as a sign of beneficial healing. Skin rashes are common as the toxins are pushed out through the skin rapidly. Often the rash is very itchy, and using colloidal silver water or emu oil can alleviate this.

The more frequent the treatments, the more rapid the healing, and the more severe the healing reactions will be. It may become so uncomfortable that the person will need to reduce the frequency of treatments from once daily to once weekly. Typical treatments are once daily for 30 minutes duration. Persons with heart conditions or previous stroke or heart attack should be limited to 15 minutes at a lower temperature for the first few sessions, increasing to 20, 25 and then 30 minutes, as the body adjusts to the thermal stress over time.

Cupping can intensify the effect of the ozone on any particular organ with a funnel while in the steam cabinet. This is especially effective with hepatitis, diverticulitis, pancreatitis and cancer. It also involves the person in actively taking responsibility for initiating the healing process.

With the Model 60 generator, the flow rate of ozone into the cabinet is at 1/8 l/m when using the funnel to concentrate the ozone, and at 1/4 or 1/2 l/m without the funnel, in order to fill the large volume and overcome the loss of ozone to heat. Concentration ranges from 20 to 50 ug/cc. A series of treatments usually consists of 10-30 applications.

Transdermal application of ozone combined with hyperthermia in the steam cabinet is the treatment of choice for all cancers (brain cancer treatment can be supplemented with ozone insufflation in the ear at 1/32 l/m). Cancer cells are tightly packed as they try to force their way in between other cells, and they are thus less able to shed heat. This accounts for the effect that heat stress has in killing cancer. Both heat stress and ozone kill cancer, so this treatment offers the best opportunity to eliminate cells which are fermenting sugar anerobically, halt metastasis and restore healthy aerobic function. Ozone is able to seek out and destroy all the cancer cells with more certainty than the surgeon’s crude scalpel. In addition, ozone will oxidize the toxins which caused the original problem, and thus prevent recurrence of the problem. This is in contrast to chemotherapy which is massively immune-suppressive, and radiation which itself causes cancer.

Using ozone with hyperthermia in the Sonnet steam sauna will cleanse all the tissues of the body and provoke the healing crisis, which is not seen with other delivery methods, proof that this is the best way to achieve thorough cleansing of all toxins.

It is critical that the bowels be working perfectly during these treatments, in order that oxidized toxins are completely eliminated from the system and not reabsorbed. The best methods of insuring this is by ingestion of 6 to 8 glasses of ozonated water daily (always on an empty stomach), large amounts of fiber (such as psyllium or pectin), and large amounts of Vitamin C (3 to 5000 mg three times daily) and Homozon.

In combination with a comprehensive diet plan, parasite, liver and colon cleanses, and suitable exercise, this program offers the best chance for a person to recover optimum health.

The Healing Crisis

A healing crisis is in effect when the body is in the process of eliminating toxins. Reactions may be mild or they may be severe. One should expect this and work toward it. The body’s inherent desire is perfect health and we have the ability to earn our way back to that state. To do so, the body must go through an elimination process called the healing crisis.

A healing crisis results when all body systems work in concert to eliminate waste products and set the stage for regeneration. Old tissues are replaced with new, and stored toxins are eliminated. A cleansing, purifying process is underway and stored wastes are more easily removed. Sometimes there is pain of greater intensity that the lower level of a chronic problem gives, but it is usually of short duration.

The crisis will usually bring about past conditions in reverse order to the original problem. People often forget the diseases or injuries they have had in the past, but are usually reminded during a healing crisis. Reactions may include skin eruptions, nausea, headache, sleepiness, fatigue, diarrhea, a cold, ear infections, boils, or any other way the body uses to eliminate toxins. The crisis usually lasts three days, but if the energy of the patient is low, it may last for a week or more.

The body needs juices, and especially water, preferably ozonated, to help carry off the toxins. Charcoal is also helpful, taken orally. This is a time for rest — mental as well as physical rest.

One crisis is not always enough for a complete cure. The person in a chronic state, who has gone through many disease processes in life, must go through these processes again. Often the crisis will come after one feels his very best, setting the stage for the action. Most people feel an energy boost the first few days. Then toxins are dumped into the blood stream for elimination by way of the liver, kidneys, spleen, skin, bladder and colon. Listen to your body and go as slowly as your body needs to so that your cleansing is gradual and comfortable.

With a more serious condition there may be many small crises to go through before the final one is possible. Everything must be considered and given its proper place in the build-up to a healing crisis. One should expect it and work towards it. Then the goal of optimum health can be achieved.



Cold Plasma Ozone Generation

Nikola Tesla was the greatest inventor the world has ever seen. His fertile brain produced the original designs for all the electrical apparatus now used to transmit AC power, to run motors, generators, lighting, radio, radar, etc. This information has spread recently, but Tesla’s involvement with ozone is less well known.

In 1896, Tesla was issued a patent for a corona discharge ozone generator using charged metal plates to act on ambient air. He formed the Tesla Ozone Co. in 1900 and went into production of these units. His customers were naturopaths and allopaths who welcomed this powerful therapy into their practices. Breathing of ozone bubbled through olive oil and other oils was widely practiced at this time, and the Sears catalog of 1904 offered a unit for this purpose using eucalyptus, pine and spearmint oils. Tesla produced a gel made by bubbling ozone through olive oil until it solidified, and sold it to doctors. One hundred years later, we do the same thing.

During World War I, German and French doctors used ozone to treat gangrene, wounds, trench foot, decubitus ulcers and the effects of poisonous chlorine gas. Ozone was widely used throughout America, Germany and France.

After some time, Tesla began to get complaints from doctors that his corona discharge ozone generators were burning out. This upset Tesla, who put on his thinking cap and came up with a method of producing ozone that would last forever. He reasoned that the way to avoid burnout was to eliminate the metal and the current. That left him with an electrostatic device, where ozone is created by using high voltage with almost no current, and thus creating no heat.

To carry this high voltage charge, Tesla used inert gases in glass rods. This produced a cold plasma system, which proved impervious to burnout. The unit was used on ambient air, and produced a small amount of ozone as it was waved over a recumbent patient, who breathed it in. There are original units from the 1920s still working today, 75 years later. Tesla never patented this design, because he felt it was a product for the health of all mankind, and he freely gave his invention as a gift to the world.

Ozone Generation Methods
("Ultra-Violet," "Cold-Corona," and "Cold-Plasma")

By Tom Harrelson

Basically, there are two ways by which ozone is produced naturally — the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun and lightning.

There are three practical commercial ozone generation methods — "Ultra-Violet" (simulating the Ultra-Violet rays of the sun), "Cold-Corona" and "Cold-Plasma" (simulating lightning). First, let’s take a look at the "Ultra-Violet" ozone generation method.

The "Ultra-Violet" ozone generation method utilizes a special silica quartz glass Ultra-Violet lamp that emits a narrow band of frequencies with a peak frequency of 185 nanometers [a nanometer (ug) is 1/1000 of a millimeter], resulting in a low amount of ozone (2%) and a very low amount of nitrogen oxide compounds (.1%) being produced, when air is used as the input gas. (This describes the PortaZone™) Next, let’s check out the "Cold-Corona" ozone generation method.

The "Cold-Corona" ozone generation method utilizes special dual dielectric electrodes that produce a lower temperature, resulting in very high amounts of medical-grade ozone (up to 20%) being produced, when oxygen is used as the input gas and low amounts of nitrogen oxide compounds (1%) being produced, when air is used as the input gas. Lastly, let’s check out the "Cold-Plasma" ozone generation method.

The "Cold-Plasma" ozone generation method utilizes a glass vacuum tube enclosing noble gases that produce a higher reliability, resulting in very high amounts of medical-grade ozone (up to 18%) being produced, when oxygen is used as the input gas and low amounts of nitrogen oxide compounds (1%) being produced, when air is used as the input gas. (We now have an ozone generator that is Cold Plasma and uses air as the input gas.)

The "Ultra-Violet" ozone generation method, utilizing air as the input gas, is the most cost-effective way of producing pure uncontaminated ozone for use in purifying the air and water for the home. Whereas, the "Cold-Corona" or "Cold-Plasma" ozone generation methods, utilizing air as the input gas, is the most cost-effective way of producing pure uncontaminated ozone for use in purifying the air and water for commercial establishments. And the "Cold-Corona" or "Cold-Plasma" ozone generation methods, utilizing oxygen as the input gas, is the most cost-effective way of producing medical-grade ozone for use in detoxifying the body. The "Cold-Plasma" ozone generation method is the more reliable of the two methods, because of the unique construction techniques, and materials that were researched, developed, and manufactured by Nikola Tesla. In fact, there are many original Teslaire units still in use today, operating without failure from the 1920’s.

Note: Tesla’s Teslaire units were Cold-Plasma and used air as the input gas

The History of Medical Ozone

Ozone was first discovered and named by C.F. Schonbein in 1840.

Werner Von Siemens in Germany developed the first ozone generators in 1857. In Germany in the 1860s, Kleinmann carried out the first bacteriological trials and the first ozone insufflations. 1870 saw the first report of ozone being used therapeutically to purify blood by Dr. C. Lender.

Dr. Kellogg used ozone in steam saunas at his Battle Creek, Michigan clinic from 1881.

In October, 1893, the world’s first water treatment plant using ozone was installed in Ousbaden, Holland, and today there are over 3000 municipalities around the world that use ozone to clean their water and sewage, including all the great cities.

In 1885, the Florida Medical Association published "Ozone" by Dr. Charles J. Kenworthy, MD, detailing the use of ozone for therapeutic purposes.

********In September 1896, the electrical genius Nikola Tesla patented his first ozone generator, and in 1900 he formed the Tesla Ozone Co. Tesla sold ozone machines and ozonated olive oil to doctors for medical use. (100 years later we are doing the same things with our company, Plasmafire Intl, with a design based on another unpatented Tesla design from the 1920s. We have seen several of these 75-year-old generators and they still work perfectly. With this in mind, we offer the world’s only Lifetime Warranty on a medical ozone generator).

In 1898, Thauerkauf and Luth started the Institute for Oxygen Therapy in Berlin. They experimented with injecting ozone. Dr. Eugene Blass bonded ozone to magnesium in a catalytic process to produce Homozon in 1898. Beginning in 1898, Dr. Benedict Lust, a German doctor practicing in New York, the founder of Naturopathy, wrote many articles and books on ozone.

In 1902, J.H. Clarke’s "A Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica," London, describes the successful use of ozonated water ("Oxygenium") in treating anemia, cancer, diabetes, influenza, morphine poisoning, canker sores, strychnine poisoning and whooping cough.

In 1902, Dr. Charles Linder, MD, of Spokane, Washington was written up in an article in a local paper that stated that he injected ozone as part of his standard medical practice.

In 1904, "The Medical Uses of Hydrozone (ozonated water) and Glycozone (ozonated olive oil)" by Charles Marchand, a New York chemist appeared in its 19th edition. The book is in the Library of Congress with the US Surgeon General’s stamp of approval on it.

In 1911, Dr. Noble Eberhart, MD, the head of the Dept. of Physiologic Therapeutics at Loyola University, Chicago, published "A Working Manual of High Frequency Currents." In Chapter 9, he details the use of ozone to treat tuberculosis, anemia, chlorosis, tinnitus, whooping cough, asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, insomnia, pneumonia, diabetes, gout and syphilis.

In 1912, Dr. H.C. Bennett published "Electro-Therapeutic Guide." He described the use of Ozol, ozone breathed after running through eucalyptus, pine or thyme oils.

In 1913, Dr. Eugene Blass and some German associates formed the Eastern Association for Oxygen Therapy.

During World War I, (1914 -1918) ozone was used to treat wounds, trench foot, gangrene and the effects of poisonous chlorine gas.

Dr. Albert Wolff of Berlin also used ozone for colon cancer, cervical cancer and decubitus ulcers in 1915.

In 1920, Dr. Charles Neiswanger, MD, President of the Chicago Hospital College of Medicine published "Electro Therapeutical Practice." Chapter 32 was entitled "Ozone as a Therapeutic Agent."

In the 1920s, Nikola Tesla brought out an ozone air purifier,based on cold plasma.

In 1926, Dr. Otto Warburg of the Kaiser Institute in Berlin announced that he had found that the cause of cancer is a lack of oxygen at the cellular level. For his discovery, he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1931 and again in 1944, the only person ever to receive two Nobel Prizes for medicine. He was also nominated for a third.

In 1929, a book called "Ozone and Its Therapeutic Action" was published in the US listing 114 diseases and how to treat them with ozone. Its authors were the heads of all the leading American hospitals.

In 1930, the Swiss dentist Dr. E.A. Fisch was using ozone in dentistry, and wrote many papers on it. He also introduced it to the Austrian surgeon Dr. Erwin Payr in 1932..

In 1933, the American Medical Association, headed up by Dr. M. Fishbein, set out to eliminate all medical treatments that were competitive to drug therapy. The suppression of ozone therapy in the US began then, and continues to this day, except in ten US states, where doctors are protected by state laws. The FDA began seizing generators in the 1940s.

In 1935, M. Sourdeau published a paper on "Ozone in Therapy" in France.

Dr. Aubourg and Dr. Lacoste were French physicians using ozone insufflation 1934-1938. Aubourg wrote "Medical Ozone: Production, Dosage and Methods of Clinical Application" in 1938. He administered ozone rectally, vaginally, injected into wounds and by breathing.

Dr. Hans Wolff wrote the book "Medical Ozone" in the 1940s.

In 1942, "Gordon Detoxification and Hydro Surgery: Theory and Practice" was published covering the medical uses of ozone as colon cleanser.

During World War II, Dr. Robert Mayer learned of ozone therapy from German prisoners of war at Ellis Island, and used ozone in his practice for the next 45 years.

In 1944, Dr. Otto Warburg earned his second Nobel Prize in Medicine for his discovery of the basic cause of cancer in damaged cell respiration.

In 1948, Dr. William Turska of Oregon began using an ozone machine of his own design (Aethozone). In 1951, Dr. Turska wrote the article "Oxidation," included in this book.

In 1952, the National Cancer Institute verified Dr. Otto Warburg’s findings regarding lack of oxygen being the cause of cancer.

In 1953, German Dr. Hans Wolff began his own practice using ozone, and training many doctors in ozone therapy. In 1954, Frank Totney published "Oxygen: Master of Cancer."

In 1956, Dr. Otto Warburg published "On the Origin of Cancer Cells" in Science, Vol. 123, Num. 3191.

In 1957, Dr. J. Hansler patented an ozone generator, which has formed the basis of the expansion in German ozone therapy over the last 40 years. Today, over 8000 German doctors use ozone therapy daily.

In 1961, the Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology stated: "During the 80 year history of the large scale usage of ozone, there has never been a human death attributed to it."

In 1961, Dr. Hans Wolff introduced the techniques of major and minor autohemotherapy.

In 1966, Dr. Otto Warburg, now director of the Max Planck Institute for Cell Physiology, delivered a lecture on "The Prime Cause and Prevention of Cancer" to a meeting of Nobel laureates at Lake Constance, Germany.

In 1971, Dr. Hans Wolff and Prof. Dr. Siegfried Rilling founded The German Medical Society for Ozone Therapy.

In 1972, Dr. George Freibott as the successor to the International Oxidation Institute of 1898 and the Eastern Association founded The International Association for Oxygen Therapy for Oxygen Therapy of 1913.

In 1977, Dr. Renate Viebahn provided a technical overview of ozone’s biological action in the body.

In 1979, Dr. George Freibott successfully treated a Haitian AIDS patient with Kaposi’s sarcoma with ozone.

In 1980, Dr. Horst Kief also reported success with ozone therapy for AIDS patients.

In 1980, F. Sweet, et al, published "Ozone Selectively Inhibits Human Cancer Cell Growth" in the peer-reviewed journal, Science, Vol. 209.

In 1982, the German medical textbook "Medical Ozone" is published by Dr. E. Fischer Medical Publications in Heidelberg.

In 1983, the first International Ozone Association Medical Ozone Conference was held in the US in Washington, D.C. The book "Medical Applications of Ozone." edited by Julius Laraus, was published from the abstracts.

In 1985, Dr. Renate Viebahn published "The Biochemical Process Underlying Ozone Therapy."
Dr. Siegfried Rilling published "Basic Clinical Applications of Ozone Therapy."

In 1987, Dr. Siegfried Rilling and Dr. Renate Viebahn collaborated on the publication of "The Use of Ozone in Medicine," now the standard medical text on ozone application.

In 1990, the Cubans reported success in treating glaucoma, conjunctivitis and retinitis pigmentosa with ozone.

In 1992, the Russians reported the use of ozone in a brine bath to treat burns.

In 1994, Plasmafire Intl sponsored an ozone symposium in Vancouver B.C., with 160 attendees, and as a direct result, ozone therapy is recognized as an accepted modality by the Naturopathic Association of BC, with over 40 naturopaths treating patients with ozone therapy.

Today, after 125 years of usage, ozone therapy is recognized in Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Israel, Japan, Singapore, Cuba, Mexico and ten US states. The National Health Service of Great Britain is now testing ozone therapy using Plasmafire Intl units.


Letters from Readers

Letter #1

Dear Bonnie, June 1999

As far back as I can remember I’ve had itchy ears. The only thing that temporarily stopped the itch (it wakes me up at night and I have to get up and do something!) was to put hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip into my ears. The relief from doing this only lasts for one night and my doctor disapproves of it because he says it is bad for the ears as it dries out the ear canal.

In the past I’ve had boils in my ears. At that time the doctor told me to put Borofax (a petroleum product) into my ears with a Q-tip. Fifteen years ago I went to the Shea Ear Clinic in Memphis Tennessee asking for relief for my itching ears. The medicine they prescribed made me so dizzy I couldn’t walk.

When I learned that Dr. Clark recommends using Oil of Oregano for killing Clostridium in the mouth I wondered if it would help my ears. When I put a drop of a mixture of 1 teaspoon of olive oil to 1 drop of Oregano on a Q-tip and put it into my ears the relief lasted three days! And, since it is oil, it doesn’t dry out my ear canal as hydrogen peroxide does. I am very happy and thankful that Dr. Clark has shared this information with us.

PS I tried brushing my teeth with ½ drop of Oil of Oregano but it burns my mouth so badly I don’t do it as often as I should. (Note from Bonnie: The Oregano Oil from Young Living Essential Oil does not burn as badly as the North American Herb & Spice brand. Maybe it’s not as strong and won’t kill the Clostridium, but I would guess that it’s better to use weaker oil than to not use the stronger oil at all. Another solution; dilute it with a drop of ozonated olive oil.)

Thank you,
Maggie Rose, PA

Letter #2

Dear Bonnie, June 1999

I just want to say that I love what you are doing for all of us. Your newsletter has helped me in so many ways! The most recent help has been from the Okra Pepsin capsules.

I’ve had diarrhea for many years. I have tried everything under the sun — from my doctor (who said finally "if you’re healthy otherwise, learn to live with it") and from several holistic practitioners. Nothing worked until I began using Okra-Pepsin. I am now having normal stools.

Diane Baker

Letter #3

Dear Bonnie, May 1999

Thank you so very much for recommending that I try the Standard Brands product Ovex for my hot flashes. I am having fewer hot flashes with less discomfort.

I had a hysterectomy a year ago and have been miserable ever since. The doctor put me on Estrace and I was either taking them and not having hot flashes but crying all the time and rapidly gaining weight or, when I cut back, having horrible hot flashes. The doctor also had me try Premarin (pregnant mares urine), which caused my legs and feet to hurt and burn — as soon as I stopped my legs felt fine, and when I started taking it again my legs and feet ached and burned.

I also tried EssPro 7 from Young Living Essential Oils and Yam Crème (progesterone) from three different companies, but none seemed to do the job. The progesterone crème from Shop Net helped somewhat and I am now experimenting with the combination of Ovex (3 tablets three times a day) and Shop Net’s progesterone crème. I am actually feeling normal!

Thank you also for recommending that I take Evening Primrose oil capsules and Flaxseed oil capsules. I bought the Shop Net Flax oil capsules (called "Dr. Wheeler’s Immune Enhancers, Formula One: Bio-Activated Flaxseed Oil"). You are right about the fact that they do not make you burp as other brands do. [Note: If you are interested in purchasing items from Shop Net please call Dixie Graff at (217) 427-5583.]

Thanks again,
Betty Sinclaire

Note from Bonnie: The Standard Brands Ovex contains bovine (beef) ovary Cytosol Extract and is #6600 on the order form, 90 tablets for $19.00. They also have Ovex P that contains porcine (pork) ovary Cytosol Extract and is #6625 on the order form, same amount and price.

Letter #4

Dear Bonnie, June 1999

I know you must have many, many testimonials about how wonderful Planet Solutions is for humans but I hope you will print my letter about how wonderful it is for pet fish!

For the past 15 years my son and I have had a large aquarium filled with our extraordinary pet fish. Every time we would clean the tank (with Clorox) and put the fish back into their new water they would hide and stay very still for a few days (and sometimes they would die). I always felt that it was a matter of letting them die from their own toxic waste in the water or risk killing them by cleaning the tank.

Now we clean the tank with Planet Solutions and the fish love it! They are active immediately after being put back into the clean tank and even go along the bottom eating something we can’t see from the gravel (could it be they want to eat the Planet Solutions?).

We thank you and our fish thank you!
Very truly yours,
Sandy and Ben Hagen

Letter #5

Dear Bonnie, April 1999

I have been using Planet Solutions now for one week and must say I have never seen or heard of anything like it. Planet Solutions is a "must see-must use-to believe" product because words used to describe it are unbelievable.

I first tried Planet Solutions just to get my brother to shut up about it and now we use it as a bath soap, toothpaste, shampoo, and I use it as shaving cream. We also use it as a general cleaning solution, bug spray, mosquito repellent, dish soap, laundry detergent, etc. The list goes on and on.

To the best of my memory my skin has never been this smooth. I suppose because of the many years that I have used harsh chemicals doing work, my hands had become dingy and I was unable to get them completely clean. The skin on my fingers had many cracks that would not heal and sometimes they would bleed. Now, after this short while using Planet Solutions I can report that my hands are clean and show no signs of cracks. Unbelievable, yes, but true.

I predict that Planet Solutions will go down in history as being one of the most useful products ever. I cannot foresee a product ever being discovered that is more effective for so many uses and it is affordable to all. In fact, Planet Solutions will actually save a person money because of the many products that it can replace around your home, shop and garden.

Planet Solutions is derived from organically grown eatable leafy greens and seed-bearing plants.

Bob Parker
218 Ramsey Road
Jacksonville, NC 28546
Fax/Phone (910) 455-9401

PS The above true statement may be used in part or whole to advance the cause to remove all poisons and harsh chemicals from around the home.

Letter #6

Dear Bonnie, May 1999

I am a school nurse in the Cleveland Municipal School District with 13 years’ experience with lice. In March of this year, I was given a large quantity of Planet Solutions to use as a lice remedy. After full school lice screening of 684 students, we found 44 cases of lice. Each parent who came to pick up their child was given enough Planet Solutions to shampoo the child and any other child in the household. Those whose parents could not come were given a permission slip to take home.

The first day after the screening, I had 25 students return and all were clean of lice and nits. This was unprecedented, as, with past lice screenings, only a few children were clean the first day. Within 5 days, all the children sent home the first day were back, and all were free from lice and nits.

I was especially happy to use this product as a number of our children have special problems, i.e., asthma, severe allergies, cerebral palsy and seizure disorders. Conventional lice shampoo and treatments can aggravate many of these conditions. As Planet Solutions is a non-toxic product, I had no trepidation about recommending it to the parents of my special needs children.

I am recommending to my fellow CMSD nurses that they also try Planet Solutions on their school populations. As of this writing, at least 9 other Cleveland schools are planning to purchase Planet Solutions. Thank you for the opportunity to try a really safe and efficient product.

Deborah Aloshen, RN, BSN, CSn, Med
Cleveland City School Nurse
Cleveland, Ohio



Letter #7

Dear Bonnie,

I am writing in regard to Planet Solutions. When my daughter contacted lice a few times in the past, I tried Nix, RID, and Pronto, which eventually diminished the problem, but burned her scalp, had an unpleasant smell and was most costly to say the least. Planet Solutions, where have you been? It’s Fantastic! I am impressed that it worked so well. It was a breeze combing the comb through her hair. If it cost $10.00, I’m a believer! I’m convinced this a definite Positive Solution for the outbreak of head lice in our schools, as well as homes.

Thank you,
D.H., Cleveland, OH

Letter #8

Dear Bonnie,

I have worked in the laundry business with toxic chemicals for 30 years. My kidneys got so toxic that my doctor told me I wouldn’t be around much longer. I heard about a product called Liquid Needles, which is sold by an MLM Company and which when added to the bath water as a "soak" takes out heavy metals. I found it to be costly, but it was helping me. I decided since it was so costly to try Planet Solutions to see how it worked. I had the bath water tested for heavy metals and found that Planet Solutions pulled out toxins and heavy metals too. I use about 3 ounces per a full bathtub of water and soak for ½ an hour. I’m feeling much better now and best of all I’m using Planet Solutions in my business, which is now a carpet cleaning business. Business has never been better and neither have I.

Thank you,
C.M., GA

Letter #9

Dear Bonnie,

My husband came home today with a tick on his back. The tick had bitten into his skin and was stuck there. In the past I have had to strike a match and burn a needle to get it hot, then stick the needle into the tick to get it to let go. Blood would get everywhere and it was often a struggle to get the head of the tick out. Today I had the presence of mind to squirt Planet Solutions on the tick and then I worked it in with my finger all around the tick and in just a few seconds it let go, head and all! (The strength of the Planet Solutions wasn’t very strong, about 15 parts water to 1 part Planet Solutions.) Needless to say we are very happy to have this product!


Shirley Turner, ILL




Clinical Laboratory Testing of Planet Solutions
Fifty Years of Antibiotics

The world of Microbes represents as complicated a biological system, with complex interrelationships, and as many varied applications as the world of higher animals or plants. There is no field of human endeavor where the microbe does not play an important and often a dominant part, whether it be in industry or in agriculture, whether it be in the preparation of foodstuffs or in conservation of human and animal health and the combating of disease.

Prior to the discovery of antibiotics, the treatment of infectious diseases was empirical, at best. Even in the early part of the twentieth century, therapy for infectious diseases was based essentially on patient isolation and chicken soup.

True antimicrobial therapy became available only in the 1930s with the discovery of sulfonamides.

Surprisingly, no infectious disease has been eliminated by the use of antibiotics. Many of the bacteria that caused human suffering pre-1950 are still making people sick, and we have come to the woeful realization that the use of antibiotics contained in household cleaners has even contributed to the recent phenomenon of emerging infections.

The use of antibiotics has certainly changed public perceptions of infectious disease and its treatment. This change has not been an entirely positive development in the sense that some people regard antibiotics as a panacea, employing them for many different purposes. Through the use of antibiotics in non-human applications such as household cleaners, antibiotic resistant microbes are near ubiquitous.

The widespread distribution of such microorganisms has many implications, not only in terms of the maintenance of the resistance gene pool, but also in contributing to the spread of antibiotic-resistant organisms in the food chain.

The release of millions of metric tons of household cleaners (containing antibiotics) into the biosphere over the last few decades has surely brought profound consequences for the microbial population. Might some microbial species have disappeared, especially in those areas of greatest exposure to the use of antimicrobial cleaning agents, such as hospitals, homes, and farms? Even today it is not possible to assess the deleterious effects of exposure to an antibiotic containing household cleaners on the totality of a population of microbial species.

While most microbes survive exposure to antibiotic containing cleaners, many of them change form either as mutants or recombinants. However, some microbial species undoubtedly are lost in certain areas, including species that possibly played key roles in the microbial community, perhaps involved in organic recycling or other ecological functions. The incredibly rapid development of antibiotic resistance in particular is having a profound impact on medical and food safety.

No discussion of the past 50 years of antibiotic history can overlook the mortal combat between terrestrial microbes and the antimicrodial containing cleaning agents that humans have released into the environment. In one sense, the past half-century provides a capsule of microbial warfare, the survival of the oldest living organisms in the face of yet another catastrophic situation.

Now the consequences of extensive use of antibiotic containing cleaners are painfully evident: resistance is rampant in the microbial population, and many of the most effective agents are becoming useless. We may be reverting to the pre-antibiotic era. That is, sometimes no useful therapeutic agents will be available for treatment of specific infectious disease. In the case of infection with certain infectious diseases, and with certain types of organisms, such as vancomycin-resistant enterococci, this prediction is now close to being realized.

It is to be hoped that we have now gotten the message and that future generations will be more prudent in their use of anti-infective agent-containing household cleaners. Key signs indicate that we are at a critical point in the history of antibiotic use.

Planet Solutions Controls Microbial Growth

With this in mind, I would like to discuss with you the results of a recent experiment I performed on Planet Solutions. The protocol for performing this test is based on a series of dilutions carried out to the point of determining the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration of the Planet Solutions that would inhibit the growth of K-12 E.coli and Bacillus subtilis.

Based upon the scientific data Planet Solutions is Bactericidal for all represented members of the family Enterobacteriaceae, at 3% of the original 3/1 (3 parts distilled water and one part Planet Solutions) formulation. Bacteria belonging to the family Enterobacteriaceae are the most commonly encountered organisms isolated from clinical specimens. They are gram-negative bacilli, able to grow readily on all supportive media including blood, cerebrospinal fluid, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract, soft issue, sterile body fluids, and in a variety of loci in immunocompromised hosts.

Based on the scientific data, Planet Solutions is Bacteristatic for all represented members of the family Micrococcaceae: Staphylococci, Micrococci, and Stomatococci at 3% of the original 3/1 formulation. Specific control measures can be used to kill or to inhibit the growth of microorganisms. A procedure which leads to the death of cells is broadly termed cidal, whereas, a procedure which only inhibits growth is termed static. If the organism being killed is a bacterium, the term used is bactericidal. Cidal measures are used when it is important that living microorganisms be completely eliminated. Static measures are used when the organisms need not be killed, but when their growth must be slowed or stopped.

Many chemicals are used to control microbial growth. The modes of action of growth-controlling chemicals vary, but the most common actions are disruption of cell membranes or interference with nucleic acid or protein synthesis. Some of the most commonly used chemicals are classified as antiseptics, disinfectants, or antibiotics. Antiseptics are chemicals, which kill or inhibit the growth of microorganisms and are safe to use on animal tissue. Thus, antiseptics may be used to treat wounds or as mouth washes. Disinfectants are chemicals able to kill microorganisms, which are generally not safe to use on animal tissue.

Planet Solutions’ mode of action appears to be to disrupt cell membranes, and would thus be classified as an Antiseptic. And because Planet Solutions does not contain any antibiotics, no antibiotic resistance should develop, and it should be a superb product for the entire household’s cleaning needs. And the use of this product will help make this a better and safer planet on which to live.

Methods for Testing Antimicrobial Effectiveness

Protocol for performing this test is found in the National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards (NCCLS) publication M7-T2.

Test #1

May 3, 1999 Planet Solutions sample received at Laboratory. One part of Planet Solutions was mixed and vortexed with three parts distilled water, to make test sample.

Broth Dilution method: decreasing concentrations of the Planet Solutions to be tested are placed in tubes of a broth medium that will support growth of K-12 E. coli & Bacillus subtilis

Test Procedure: 1 Ml of Planet Solutions was placed into #1 test tube, 9/10 Ml into #2, 8/10 Ml into #3, 7/10 Ml into #4, 6/10 Ml into #5, 5/10 Ml into #6, 4/10 Ml into #7, 3/10 Mil into #8, 2/10 Ml into #9, 1/10 Ml into #10

9/10 Ml of distilled water was placed into #10, 8/10 Ml into #9, 7/10 Ml into #8, 6/10 Ml into #7, 5/10 Ml into #6, 4/10 Ml into #5, 3/10 Ml into #4, 2/10 Ml into #3, 1/10 Ml into #2

All tubes contain 1 Ml Liquid at this point

1/10 Dilution With Distilled Water (1 Ml of Planet Solutions sample is diluted with 9 Ml distilled water then vortexed)

Test Procedure: 1 Ml of Planet Solutions at 1/10 was placed into #1 test tube, 9/10 Ml into #2, 8/10 Ml into #3, 7/10 Ml into #4, 6/10 Ml into #5, 5/10 Ml into #6, 4/10 Ml into #7, 3/10 Ml into #8, 2/10 Ml into #9, 1/10 Ml into #10

9/10 Ml of distilled water was placed into #10, 8/10 Ml into #9, 7/10 Ml into #8, 6/10 Ml into #7, 5/10 Ml into #6, 4/10 Ml into #5, 3/10 Ml into #4, 2/10 Ml into #3, 1/10 Ml into #2

All tubes contain 1 Ml Liquid at this point

1 Ml Nutrient broth added to all tubes

.1 Ml of test organism suspension (1 X 10X6 CFU/ml) is added to tubes containing 1 Ml broth and 1 Ml of concentrations of Planet Solutions

All tubes contain 2.1 Ml Liquid with 2.5 X 10X4 CFU/ml at this point

Immediately 0.001 Ml from control tube is subcultured to agar, after overnight incubation = 250 colonies

Overnight Incubation at 35C

+ = Turbid (growth) - = Nonturbid (no growth)

Tube 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

- - - - - - - - - -

1/10 diluton 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

- - - - - - - - + +

0.001 Ml from control tube subcultured to agar = 250 CFU

May 5, 1999 Negative growth in all tubes, except 9 and 10 which contained 2% and 1% of the Planet Solutions. Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) = 3%

May 5, 1999 Visual turbidity is noted, and 0.1 Ml from nonturbid tubes is subcultured to Muller-Hinton agar

Minimum Inhibitory Concentration = 3% of original formulation

Overnight Incubation at 35C

Plate 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

+ + + + + + + + + +

1/10 Dilution 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

Plate + + + + + + + +

May 6, 1999 CFU on subcultures made from nonturbid tubes are determined

Minimum Bacterial Concentration = 0

The MIC measures the ability of the antimicrobial agent to inhibit multiplication of the organisms. Thus, organisms in the inoculum are merely inhibited by the antimicrobial agent and will be able to recommence growing if the antimicrobial influence is removed. (Agents that are usually bacteriostatic; Chloramphenicol erythromycin nalidixic acid sulfonamides tetracyclines)

May 6, 1999 Several wet mounts and Gram Stains were made from #1 Tube which contained 1 Ml of a 1 to 3 solution of Planet Solutions + 1 Ml of Nutrient broth + .1 Ml Bacterial Culture.

Upon close examination, only the Gram + Rods had survived, the Gram – Rods had been completely eliminated. This phenomenan is seen with many selective antibiotics.

All members of the Enterobacteriaceae = (Escherichia coli, Hafnia alvei, Morganella, Providencia, Serratia, Enterobacter, Citrobacter, Salmonella, Shigella, Klebsiella, Proteus, Edwardsiells) should be effectively killed with this solution. Bacteria belonging to the family Enterobacteriaceae are the most commonly encountered organisms isolated from clinical specimens.

Minimum Bactericidal Concentration for Gram + = 0

Minimum Bactericidal Concentration for Gram - = 3%

Larry Wayne Harris,
Registered Microbiologist RM (A.A.M.) 3053
P.O. Box 102
Lancaster, Ohio 43130
Phone/Fax (704) 654-1447

Ken Woody wrote: Oakland, CA

June 4, 1999 via News Edge Corporation — Dr. Charles Gerba, America’s germ guru, is at it again. The University of Arizona environmental microbiologist, known for uncovering germ hot zones in family homes, announced his latest study.

This time he’s moved his microscope from kitchen and bathroom surfaces and focused on the household’s laundry room. His findings make even the strong-hearted think seriously about improving common laundry practices.

Scientists have previously studied hospital laundry and the role it can play in transferring illness-causing bacteria. But, until now, no one has really looked at household laundry.

Gerba’s research began with a few simple questions: What happens to the bacteria in laundry when it’s washed? Does it all go down the drain? Or is some left behind, much like bacteria that can remain on kitchen counters even after cleaning?

The first phase of the study involved swabbing the insides of 100 washing machines in Arizona and Florida family homes. Gerba found more than 60 percent of the machines tested positive for coliform bacteria, an indicator of fecal contamination. Another 20 percent contained staph. Gerba also confirmed the laundry bacteria are primarily from underwear, but also included bacteria often found in dishcloths and sponges.

Next Gerba looked at what happens to bacteria during washing and drying. He used three different illness-causing bacteria for his tests: E coli, Salmonella, and another common bacteria that causes skin infections (Mycobacterium fortuitium).

Stimulating typical home-laundry practices using warm water washes, Gerba and his researchers observed that after washing, bacterial contamination was found throughout the clothing and on the machine tub itself. The bacteria left behind even showed up in subsequent washloads.

Surprisingly, the heat from the dryer did not kill all the bacteria. The E coli was eliminated, but the other two bacteria, although reduced, were still present. Drying times included 23-minute permanent press cycles and 43-minute cotton settings.

There’s a simple solution to eliminate cross-contamination problems in laundry, according to Gerba. Wash hands after transferring wet clothes to the dryer. Wash underwear loads last, along with a cup of bleach. "This study also confirmed using bleach killed 99.99 percent of the bacteria in the clothes and on machine surfaces," Gerba said.

If that’s not possible, run an empty, cold-water cycle with a cup of bleach. "Think of it as mouthwash for the machine, Gerba quipped.

Study results were presented at the American Society of Microbiologists meeting in Chicago, June 3, 1999.



Hydrochloric Acid

By Christine Thome, Finding the Way — with Dr. Hulda Clark Newsletter 1999
P.O. Box 33, Carmarthen, SA33 6YE, UK, England, Phone/Fax 01994 484682

A recent question to Dr. Clark asked: Hydrochloric acid really does seem to be crucial to health, can children and pets have it also?

Dr. Clark’s Answer: Yes. Observe limits carefully, I am working on the cause of our low levels.

Note that Dr. Clark is now using drops of hydrochloric acid (HCL) for specific reasons with cancer patients, their levels of hydrochloric acid in the stomach are found to be low.

Hydrochloric acid is the only acid that is normal and necessary to the human body and the environment. Other acids, including such common ones as lactic acid, diacetic acid, uric acid, etc. are all chemical end products of the metabolic process and are to be eliminated by the normal healthy human organism. It should also be noted that under normal conditions, the intestinal tract eliminates these metabolic waste acids chiefly through the action of hydrochloric acid.

The strength of their hydrochloric solution determines the ability of the individual to tolerate bacteria laden food. As an example, the concentration of normal gastric juice in man is about 2 to 3 parts per 1000 while in a healthy dog the concentration is almost double or 6 to 7 parts per 1000. This explains the dog’s ability to eat tainted meat with no ill effect, while man could develop such a severe reaction that death would result from the same food.

[Note from Bonnie: The above paragraph helps me to understand a passage in the book Food Enzymes by Humbart Santillo that I have thought about many times since I read it in 1991: "Primitive Eskimos have a way of predigesting their food so when eaten, their body doesn’t have to do all of the digestive work, thereby depleting their systems. They catch their fish live and bury it until it decays. All live tissue contains enzymes and these enzymes break down and predigest the food. The fish is then unearthed in this predigested state and is eaten. It is called "high fish" because it gives them strength and endurance. The body doesn’t have to secrete large amounts of enzymes because the food is in this easily digestible state. Digestive energy is conserved, leaving more energy for work, metabolic functions, thinking and exercise. The Eskimos know that when they work their dogs for weeks, they become worn and tired. When fed just raw fish, the dogs become weak and thin, but when fed "high fish," they gain weight and strength." Primitive Eskimos must have plenty of HCL!]

Dr. Walter Guy, M.D. writes, "Hydrochloric acid is also the protective agency against microbial life in food and water intake of the stomach."

The low pH of HCL has the effect of destroying most micro-organisms entering the gastrointestinal tract. In this way HCL plays a role in improving immune function. There is an increased prevalence of giardia and cholera among people smoking cannabis, a drug known to actively suppress HCL secretion.

Conditions such as pernicious anemia, partial gastrectomy and gastric carcinoma appear to be related to poor secretion, or a total lack of hydrochloric acid.

What are the symptoms of total absence of HCL known as Achlorhydria?

    • Vague epigastric distress after meals
    • Chronic intestinal gas
    • Constipation
    • Belching
    • Abdominal distension
    • Coated tongue
    • Nausea and vomiting
    • Morning diarrhea with frequent appearance of undigested food in the stool

Some say they can only eat a small amount of food before feeling full. Others say that the food seems to sit in the stomach for too long. Many are constipated while others have diarrhea. There may also be no symptoms to refer to this problem.

In Relationship of Fatigue to Gastrointestinal Inadequacy Curr. Therap. Research. 5(12) pp. 620/625 December 1963, Dr. S. Oliver states that the alimentary tract of many patients is more sensitive to stressful influences than any other part of the body. Vsarious physical stimuli as well as emotional factors have far reaching influences on the gastrointestinal mechanisms. Fatigue from any cause is likely to interfere with the digestive process, particularly those of the stomach and small bowel. Gastrointestinal secretions may be inhibited and peristalsis (the wave-like motion by which the gastrointestinal tract propels it’s contents) reversed as a result of either physical or physcogenic exhaustion, with consequent anorexia or epigastric or abdominal stress. Exacerbation of ulcerative colitis or disturbances of the liver and billiary tract frequently will be accompanied by an overpowering sense of weariness. Aging, elevated levels of prostaglandin E2, cannabis use and infancy are conditions associated with the depressed secretion of HCL.

In Health Update USA, a newsletter published by Dr. Skye Lininger, I read the article, Digestive Juice, Do You Have Enough? by Davis W. Lamson, MS, ND. Dr. Lamson writes of meeting an old school friend after 30 years and against his will he looked for signs of nutritional deficiency. He said there were some, but the most striking were that his energy was abnormally low for his age, and his mental sharpness, while not bad, was nowhere near what he recalled for someone classified as near genius. The symptoms all added up, they were ridged fingernails, dry skin, especially on the shins and occasional calf muscle cramps as well as some symptoms previously listed in this article. He began to think of the possibility that his friend was suffering from the production of too little stomach digestive juice or HCL. While too little HCL will not kill you it can make life miserable and in his opinion low HCL production is one of the most far reaching of all health problems.

Dr. Lamson makes some startling points in this article. He mentions that low HCL seems to decrease some nutritional absorption causing food allergy reactions and lower immunity. When poorly digested food leaves the stomach it can trigger food allergy reactions in the lining of the small intestine.

When allergies start some of the first nutrients malabsorbed are the oils. This can result in dry skin and internal problems of reduced essential fatty acids, the oils the body cannot manufacture. In addition, absorption of fat soluble vitamins A, D, E and K may be reduced creating additional problems. Food allergies can trigger an ‘over response’ in the immune system and make it hard for it to respond properly, which in turn can aggravate auto immune conditions such as arthritis and lupus. Dr. Lamson elaborates, "at our clinic we have noticed that many patients with auto-immune problems also have low HCL and supplementing with this can decrease allergic reactions and lessen auto-immune aggravation." He also relates that, "most chronic or recurring gastrointestinal infections seen at our clinic get better with HCL supplementation."

Apparently the same stomach cells that make HCL also make the intrinsic factor to absorb vitamin B12. As we know, lack of B12 can cause symptoms such as fatigue, emotional problems, decreased mental sharpness, memory loss, depression and anxiety. Many patients, whose muscle cramps get better with extra calcium or magnesium, are low in HCL.

Poor digestion can also lead to amino acid problems and deficiencies and as brain and nerve transmitter chemicals are manufactured from amino acids such deficiencies can be quite serious. The article mentions that HCL helps to protect from potentially harmful bacteria by sterilising food. If you suffer from traveler’s diarrhea you might suspect low HCL is to blame.

Other symptoms linked with low nutrient absorption due to lack of HCL are:

    • Vitiligo (loss of skin pigment)
    • Acne rosacea (constant appearance of a reddish, flushed-looking face)

The Heidleberg capsule proved to be one of the most conclusive ways to assess the secretion of HCL, but not everyone has access to the Heidleberg capsule. (This expensive device involves swallowing a capsule about the size of a vitamin capsule). This is an acid measuring radio telemetry device. It measures the acidity of the stomach and radios the results to an antennae which the patient wears like a large belt around the waist during the one to two hour test. While the telemetry capsule is in the stomach the stomach’s ability to make acid is challenged by having the subject swallow a teaspoon of water saturated with sodium bicarbonate. If the stomach is normal we will see acidity return to the stomach. If the stomach is unable to withstand 5 of these challenges then it is confirmed that hypochlorhydria is the problem.

So to test your individual needs you may on three consecutive mornings take one, then two, then three betaine hydrochloride tablets on an empty stomach. If you have no bad reactions then take one or two before each meal for a week and see how your digestion feels. If it is better, you may safely assume that your stomach has not been producing enough acid for proper digestion.

There are some possible bad reactions:

    • Heartburn
    • Gas
    • Pain in the stomach
    • Gastrointestinal symptoms

If these do occur do not take any more betaine hydrochloride and neutralize the reaction with milk or baking soda in water. Do not attempt this if there is a history of ulcers/gastritis, etc.

Remember too that no anti-inflammatory drugs or aspirin or cortisone should ever be taken with HCL as this combination increases the risk of an ulcer.


There is some evidence that iron absorption is enhanced by HCL contained in the gastric juice so anemia is pronounced with a lack of HCL

Many people who have too little stomach acid are being treated as if they have too much. The reason for this is that the symptoms are similar. There are many people out there who are being misdiagnosed and mistreated. A full 60% of people over the age of 60 are hypochlorhydric and of all the patients coming to a doctor, up to 50% of these have underlying hypochlorhydia. Dr. Clark may well feel that these figures are conservative.

The image of the overactive stomach is so common many people are treating themselves with antacids without even bothering to find out if this is the problem. The resulting imbalance of bacterial flora further down the digestive tract produces a lot of hydrogen sulphide gas.

We have the ability to concentrate HCL in the stomach one million times more than in surrounding tissues. Many bacteria enter the body with food, some of them are not friendly to human life. In a normal stomach these bacteria are doused with acid and die. In a person with hypochlorhydia these bacteria are escorted into the small intestine along with a generous food supply. People with hypochlorhydia have more than their fair share of infections. The ever present yeast organism makes its entrance via the mouth.

The symptoms of hypochlorhydia (low HCL) are very similar to those of achlorhydria (absence of HCL) mentioned previously.

The ‘big belly’ is a common sight on the streets of America and in the UK and in many cases is contributed to hypochlorhydia and a relative absence of digestive enzymes which should be derived from food. This combination of circumstances results in excessive eating and stasis of food in the colon.

The excessive eating occurs because incomplete digestion causes a condition of under nourishment and hunger. When incompletely digested food reaches the colon the colon reacts by slowing down causing chronic congestion of food in the colon.

Laboratory tests, which reveal the benefit of HCL supplementation, are:

    1. Stool analysis to demonstrate complete protein digestion
    2. A blood count to demonstrate correction of pernicious anemia, or a previously iron resistant form of anemia due to poor iron absorption
    3. X-rays to demonstrate recalcification of certain types of osteoporosis caused by poor calcium absorption in turn due to low stomach acid

Hypochlorhydria is associated with increased risk of stomach cancer. This may be due to the conversion of nitrites into cancer-inducing nitrosamines in an abnormally alkaline stomach. Also intestinal overgrowth of bacteria and the incidence of parasitic infections is increased when stomach acid is low. Risk of cancer, parasites, expected bacteria overgrowth and remember the always present yeast organism always ready to become a problem all add up to a lot more inconvenience than popping a few betaine hydrochloride capsules with each meal.

Most of these facts come from Dr. Jonathan V. Wright’s Guide to Healing Nutrition, Keats Publishing, ISBN 0-87983-530-3 (Highly recommended, I love this book!)

So, are there any vitamins that will help us with a lack of HCL? Yes, Vitamins B1, B3 and B6 all stimulate production of HCL.

Bone problems are more prominent, particularly the osteo’s with lack of HCL. In fact, when suffering HCL deficiency the body is unable to chelate calcium, which means to bind it with amino acids for use in building bones.

Lack of HCL inhibits the absorption of folic acid as well as B12. Wine is considered to be a healthy drink with many benefits. One of these is an increase in HCL. So for those who regularly take a glass of wine with a meal as is common in France, the chances are the HCL is doing you as much good as the wine itself.

Recently Dr. Hulda Clark has said in an interview with Jan Matthews that in the case of cancer 50% of the problem can be attributed to the teeth. So it is interesting that HCL deficiency can cause periodontal disease by decreasing the absorption of calcium in the alveolar bone.

An amazing find was that HCL can convert non-bio-available inorganic iron into the more easily absorbed organic forms of iron, as well as increasing absorption of magnesium.

Beware if you eat a lot of salt, it reduces HCL.

[Note from Bonnie: The following warning about not going too far in reducing your salt intake is from an article entitled The Human Internal Oceans, "Beware of eating refined salt and/or too little salt. Sodium, in the form of sodium chloride, plays an important part in the primary processes of digestion and absorption. Salt activates the first enzyme in the mouth, salivary amylase. At this stage, sodium exposes food to the tastebuds and helps start digestion by breaking the food down. In the parietal cells of the stomach wall, sodium chloride generates hydrochloric acid, one of the most important of all digestive secretions. With salt present the acidity of the partially-digested food is able to trigger off some needed natural sodium bicarbonate, derived from the supply of sodium chloride, as well as enzymatic and bile secretions from the gall bladder and pancreatic ducts. Without salt no digestion is possible!"]

When food is chewed sufficiently it is swallowed and enters the acid stomach for further breaking down. The resting level of the stomach should have a pH of 3.5 to 4 for it to function at its’ optimum. After the food enters the stomach, production of HCL begins so that proper ‘break up’ of the food can start with the increase of the hydrogen ion. This increase continues for about 15 to 20 minutes at which time the pH of the stomach contents should obtain a pH of under 1, the normal point is .85 to 1.0 for proper digestion to take place. Any digestion outside of these ranges is unhealthy and is the start of energy loss in the body. If the stomach is too acid the person could have an ulcer or an irritation that could cause an ulcer. If the stomach is too alkaline it cannot properly break down food into a state for proper digestion thus lowering our nutritional absorption which causes energy levels to drop. In addition, if an alkaline state continues, often bile from the gall bladder is regurgitated into the stomach to activate acid production. Bile is a base, a corrosive to stomach tissue and could cause an ulcer. Thus you can see the importance of optimal HCL balance.

So, presumably many stomach ulcers have been caused by a lack of HCL whereas the thinking used to be that ulcers were caused by an over acidic stomach. Of course, this may still be true in some cases.

Adele Davis, in her wonderful book, Let’s Eat Right To Keep Fit (again highly recommended) gives an experience to show the sort of thing that can happen in an experiment to remove or deplete HCL. To quote: "In an experiment at the Mayo Foundation volunteers were given a diet containing the amount of vitamin B1 found in surveys to be that consumed by the general population of our country (0.22 mg per 1000 calories). The report states: The foods were exclusively those that commonly appear on the American table. The diet consisted of white bread, beef, cornflakes, potatoes, polished rice, sugar, skimmed milk, cheese, butter, gelatin, egg white, canned fruit, vegetables, cocoa and coffee. To make sure that the diet was otherwise adequate these persons were also given Brewers Yeast to supply the vitamins of the B group but with the vitamin B1 destroyed by heat. The diet was supplemented with iron, calcium and phosphorous and with cod liver oil to furnish Vitamins A and D, such a diet then was superior to that eaten by millions of Americans. All of the volunteers showed personality changes. They became irritable, quarrelsome, uncooperative, inefficient, forgetful, mentally sluggish and depressed. Do they sound like anyone you know? "These symptoms gradually became more exaggerated, in time the volunteers developed extreme fatigue, sleeplessness, constipation and sensitivity to noise. Their hands and feet frequently became numb. They developed low blood pressure, anemia of moderate severity and low basal metabolic rate. They suffered from heart palpitation and shortness of breath. Electrocardiograms showed that their hearts were abnormal and in several cases enlarged. Their capacity to work, measured by an exercise machine fell progressively as the diet continued. All symptoms were made more severe both by exercising and by cold weather. In time they became unable to work because of exhaustion, pain developed in the calves of their legs, it was found that they had little hydrochloric acid in their stomachs and in some cases this valuable acid was completely absent. By the 21st week they experienced such severe headaches, nausea and vomiting that the experiment had to be stopped. Vitamin B1 was then given and within a few hours the volunteers became cheerful, fatigue left them and they reported a feeling of mental alertness, and unusual well being associated with marked stamina and enterprise. Other symptoms disappeared more slowly, the flow of hydrochloric acid became normal in 12 days, their hearts in 15 days.

Vitamin B1 definitely increases hydrochloric acid in the stomach. (Dr. Clark recommends up to 500 mg of Vitamin B1 with main meals for cancer patients or HCL drops.)

"When iron containing foods are digested the freed iron must dissolve in hydrochloric acid in the stomach before it can pass through the intestinal wall into the blood. Since approximately two thirds of all anemic persons lack this acid much nutritional anemia cannot be overcome unless acid is supplied along with adequate iron."

In Adele Davis’ other famous book Let’s Get Well, she mentions that she once heard a doctor lecturing on nutrition state that the HCL of the stomach was so valuable that the sale of every antacid preparation should be prohibited by law. Too little HCL impairs protein digestion and Vitamin C absorption, allows the B vitamins to be destroyed and prevents minerals from reaching the blood to the extent that not only does anemia develop but bones crumble!

So, to date we have heard about betaine hydrochloride from Adele Davis and Dr. Wright. Dr. Clark also recommends betaine. We won’t go into the reasons for that at the moment, but betaine hydrochloride is normally 24% HCL and 76% betaine. Dr. Clark recommends a 5% solution of HCL and depending on the illness presented she recommends up to 40 drops per day. Perhaps 4 drops in a cup of milk to sterilize it, 2 drops in most other foods and light soups — up to a maximum of between 30 and 40 drops of HCL a day. Watch this space for more on HCL!

More Updates from Bonnie

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