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FAQ and Tutorials

Colon Pills FAQ
By Voice Answers by Dale Maxwell
Dec 1, 2004, 00:34

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Questions You asked; and here are my answers..

Jim's Colon Pills Web Site

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  Commentary by Dale Maxwell

Colon Balance

About Lactic Acid  Metabolism

General Usage Instructions - Tips

Written Instructions

 Can a person who is diabetic take Jim's Colon Pills?  Can someone with high blood pressure & thyroid problems take Jim's Colon Pills?
Thanks, Stephanie

 Briefly, I am a healthy 60 year old man that tries to be conscious of what goes on with my body. In Jan. 2004 I had about 25 percent of my colon removed, due to diverticulitis, and had a colostomy for about 6 months which has been reversed. Of course this got my attention and gave me some knowledge of what goes on inside of me. I am now eating high fiber foods on a daily basis ( stool softener every once in a while, when I don't have these foods available ) This combination keeps me going 2-3 times a day.
My question what point is a cleansing needed ( in 2004 I had 2 colonostomeys, fasting and drinking that yucky stuff ) with the basic information that I have given you ?
Also, this type of a high fiber diet causes more gas than normal in me. ( sometimes pretty strong )
Thank You - Ron

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 Once initial cleansing is done in the first 3 months, is their a maintenance schedule or do the same number of pills need to be taken forever? Or can you just go through the cleansing process 2-3 months every year?  Thanks, Mark

 In researching the ingredients of Jim's colon pills (JCP) I discovered that long term use of cascara sagrada, the main herbal ingredient of JCP can, like any laxative, lead to loss of critical fluids and salts (especially potassium) and lead to chronic diarrhea or weakness.

As such it is advised NOT to take  cascara sagrada for any longer then two weeks.

Your information shows it is safe to take this ingredient (via JCP) indefinitely. What is the truth on this? Is long term use safe or not.

Also it is noted that cascara sagrada should be avoided if you have an inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crone's disease (which I have). Is it safe for me to use JCP? Thank you! Rob

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 Is it true that you pass worms? I am so scared to do the colon cleanse. Are they alive? What should I expect?

Thanks, Margaret

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 I take a probiotic called Primal Defense. Can I take the colon pills with this?

Thanks, Kimberly

To blast or not to blast...

 Dale, your written instructions for the colon pills say,  "Following days: Increase or decrease the dosage as necessary to achieve the optimal three bowel movements daily. (Most people settle into a pattern of one or two capsules daily after the initial cleansing.)" What is the initial cleaning?  2-3 bowel movements a day for how long will get you through the initial cleansing? Also, your instructions for the colon cleanse say 1 cleanse pill in the morning and 2-3 colon pills at night.  I read an interview with Jim Foley where he says you may need 4-8 of each for the initial "blast out".  You recommend 1, he says many do I really need? - Debi

 Is there any danger in taking colon cleansing pills if you're diabetic? My husband is, and he also has Psoriatic Arthritis (psoriasis brought on by arthritis) and Osteoporosis and is only 52.

Thanks, Sandy

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 I don't really have constipation problems, although, I am going to the bathroom 1 time per day. - I recently went through a lot of problems....was drinking a bit too much wine in the evenings, and my yoga instructor suggested I do a detox with the colon pills and cleanse. - my question is, do I just do this for a month? I'm not looking to take the pills forever.....what do you suggest?  I am female, recently took 1 month of antidepressants (very low level) and through the rest out, and was taking ambien for about a year.... I stopped recently. - I am a single mom with a 4 year old. - I used to get colonics frequently.... my stool is sort of hard despite the fact I drink alot of water???
 Thanks, Lorraine

 Question: 44 yr old male, on Propecia. Have had hemorrhoid issues in the past OK at the moment. Diagnosed with Crone's disease in mid 90's which also has been fine for several years.

Usually I have to go 2 - 3 times in the morning with bowel movements and then am fine until the next day. Often is hard although sometimes is in the form of diarrhea. Often is small. Sometimes only 1 x a day. It fluctuates quite a bit. I have some "pudge" I just can never get rid of no matter how much I exercise. Are Jim's colon pills & cleanse something I need? If so, how do you feel these would help me? Also, does this procedure require enema cleanings as well or do you just take the supplements alone? 

Thank You, Rob

 I know I take the colon "pills" with a glass of water at bedtime. Do I take the colon "cleanse" with water in the morning BEFORE breakfast or AFTER breakfast? And why can't I take them both together at night? Thanks!

P.S. I have no trouble with bowel movements in the morning. I always have at least 3. I'm mainly interested in the colon cleanse. Do I even have to take the "pills"? - Morty

 I am 50 years old and usually go twice a day.  Lately that has not been the case.  My question is...will I have to use the bathroom several times during the day? I have a job outside with children in PE class; will I be able to hold it long enough to get to the bathroom? Can this be tailored to use the bathroom in the evening and night time?

 Do the colon pills work on people with crohn's disease?

 Is there a colon cleanse for children the age of 12-13 years of ages? Colon Balance

 I have taken Jim's colon pills for more than three year now and with out them I get constipated. What do you recommend? Cookies

  Got backed up. blood pressure changed/ got lite-headed. got unplugged. has been some time. but now defecation are  thin & rectangular.( have been that way ever since). defecation are like being forced thru a square hole. colonoscopy was good, according to doc.I've always been into broccoli. now I take psyllium & oat bran. still thin & rectangular. was my colon altered for good, from being plugged up? surgery necessary? Colon Balance

 We would like to know of all your products as we have used the colon Cleanse and Pills and they worked! As we are on a fixed budget we also would like to know about prices so we know how long we have to save up before we can get a new product.
Thank You, Norm and Bonnie D

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 I'm wanting to get the colon cleanse and colon pills. I'm breast feeding my 16 month old son. Is there a problem with taking the cleanse and the pills that I feel I desperately need to clean myself out since I feel like I have a blockage in there while I'm breast feeding?

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I am a 43 year old male, taking multi vitamins, vitamin c, and cal-mag pills. I have 2-3 bowel movements a day, but I have been putting on weight, especially around my middle. I am also experiencing thinning hair (no genetics to support this in my family). I am under a lot of stress at work. I do work out with weights 3 times a week and walk 2 miles a day 3 days a week.

My question is, should I take the colon pills with 2-3 BM's a day? If I do order then, how many should I take and how long with a bottle last me.

Thanks for your help
Bob T

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I have been taking the colon pills an the cleanse for about 2 months now along with drinking lots of water.  I have had pretty good bowel movements but I haven't seen any parasites or that black rubber that I have been reading about.  Should I fast for a few days while taking the pills?


 I'm concerned that when I start to take the pills that I will have to take time off from work because I have been constipated for much of my life and I'm 58 years old.  Will I have frequent bowel movements that I will have to be close to a toilet all of the time?

 I have just been diagnosed with diverticulitis and have had trouble with moderate to severe diarrhea for at least ten years. I am ordering the colon cleanse and pills. I start my antibiotics tomorrow.  Will the colon pills and cleanse cause the diverticulitis to go away or will my little pouches always be there from now on?

 Straining and nothing happens; if I do have a bowel movement it contains little white beads. I am using a laxative but do not want to do this just to have a bowel movement. I also have gallstone; due to a medical condition it cannot be removed. I am terrified about this problem.

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 I have trouble with an erection could an impacted colon cause that problem, I notice below my stomach, and my stomach looks out and I am not over weight 6' 2 1/2 " at 207 lbs . Any ideas ? I have 1 colonic I was suppose to go back for the other and didn't thank you. I also Have Psoriasis. For Home Colonic


 Does this sound like what the problem could be?, I am losing some of my hair, could this also be related to this ? I mentioned I have Psoriasis. any help would be appreciated. I don't think I can afford 20 colonics, at 40.00 each. Enema Bucket Instructions & Buy Link





Link to Jim's Colon Pills new Blog


Colon Pills & Colon Cleanse 

Dale Maxwell, Coach

© Copyright 2002- 2006 Coaching Link

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