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2003 Newsletters

Issue 49
By Bonnie O'Sullivan
Mar 3, 2003, 15:26

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Using The Clark Method Newsletter

January/February 2003                                                                                      Number 49 (PDF VERSION Click here)

by Bonnie O’Sullivan

Dear Friends,

Updated Cure for HIV and AIDS Available Now

          Dr. Clark’s updated Cure for HIV and AIDS is available and being shipped now. Our books are on their way. I can hardly wait to sit down and read my copy and learn about Dr. Clark’s latest research on how to keep my immune system healthy and strong. Order your copy from The Road To Health today for $19.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Bless You For Your Caring Support

          Bless you for your continued support of the newsletter, the Road To Health product line and my daughter. Sandy is grateful for your prayers and those of your prayer groups. We have been deeply touched by every iota of support you have given us (from your prayers, devices, and samples of health products to monetary donations for her medical expenses).

E3Live Update

          The report in newsletter #48 on pure, raw, liquid, rich in “earth’s essential elements,” E3Live™ [phanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), the species of blue-green algae that grows in Klamath Lake, Oregon] caused a phenomenal response.

My reason for taking E3Live is to avoid getting Alzheimer’s disease (AD). The statistics are that approximately 10% (1 in 10) of persons over 65, and 50% (5 in 10) of those over 85 have AD. I believe superior nutrition is the answer to never getting Alzheimer’s.

I have been taking 2 teaspoons of E3Live daily (morning and afternoon) since early December 2002. My mental focus improved as soon as I began taking it. I’ve been taking health supplements for 42 years and have never known anything to work as well as E3Live.

And, as an unexpected bonus, E3Live has given me a full head of curly hair! I’m really enjoying it as I’ve always had thin, straight hair. I wish my mother could see it!  

I’m also happy about what it’s doing for my nails. In January I noticed that both of my thumbnails are growing out perfectly smooth. I have seen my fingernails become smoother, stronger and amazingly break-resistant since July 2000 when I began taking Water Oz colloidal minerals daily. However, each of my thumbnails had a shallow, horizontal “dent” in the middle of the nail. Now, since I added E3Live to my morning regimen of Water Oz minerals and other supplements, the dents are almost gone. It’s exciting to watch them move toward the tip of my thumbnails, as they have not moved in 10 years. I believe that their presence meant I was lacking a nutrient (or nutrients) in my diet and the fact that they are growing out now means that E3Live is supplying the missing nutrient.

The Cost of E3Live

One bottle of E3Live contains 16.2 ounces and is $25; there is a four-bottle minimum ($100) and $28 for FedEx shipping and the Styrofoam container it must be shipped in (a 5th bottle is included as a bonus). A bottle will last over 60 days if you take 1½ teaspoons daily. To order call (800) 651-7080 or go to

Water Oz Minerals Update

In the 2½ years I’ve been taking Water Oz minerals I have gone from needing up to 6 pancreatic enzymes with each meal (for digesting my food) to not needing any. A year after I started taking 2 Tbs. each of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and zinc and 1 tsp. copper and selenium mixed together and with distilled water and drunk within a few minutes) I noticed I didn’t need as many enzymes and after that I gradually stopped taking enzymes completely. My digestion is excellent with only the above Water Oz minerals taken daily.

Water Oz minerals contain pure colloidal minerals in angstrom size, which is the size of the minerals found in vegetable juice. They come in separate bottles because if mixed together and left to sit for any length of time they clump together and become less absorbable by the cells of the body. If you are not sure which minerals you need, ask for a Water Oz Protocol booklet to be included free with your next order (ordered alone they are $5.00).

The Cost of Water Oz Minerals

Water Oz minerals (32 oz. bottles) are $35 each plus shipping. When you buy 4 or more at a time the price drops to $25 each plus shipping. The shipping varies by where you live (the maximum UPS shipping cost for one bottle in the US is $8.27 and, for 4 bottles, $10.46). To order call (800) 651-7080 or go to

Update on Sandy Petry, Bonnie’s daughter:

Sandy Regains 80% of Her Health

Today, February 24, 2003, one month before her 42nd birthday, the pain and swelling in Sandy’s body has improved 80%! Just one week ago her body was swollen and in pain.

Sandy hopes that by telling her story she will inspire others to do what Dr. Clark recommends about their teeth and jawbones [remove teeth that are broken, black, loose, capped, amalgam filled, root canalled, sensitive (to cold air or water or when bumped by a glass), and that are viable, but the surrounding bone has died due to infection (this is sometimes signaled by inflammation of the gums around the teeth) and have their cavitations cleaned out (places where teeth used to be where pockets of infection now reside and thrive)].

Dr. Clark and many other health professionals believe that while the above dental problems may or may not cause pain in the mouth, they do cause pain and disease in other areas of the body. They believe that innocent looking (even on x-rays) infected teeth and/or jawbones are the focal point from which germs that are trapped in teeth and/or jawbones migrate to heart, kidney, eyes, brain, arthritic joints and countless other body tissues.

Sandy’s health/dental history includes all of her teeth damaged by tetracycline at age 3, her upper front teeth damaged in an accident at age 9, hairline fractures discovered in 3 of her molars after another accident at age 9, large amalgam fillings placed into those 3 molars between ages 9 and 12, 4 impacted wisdom teeth extracted at age 22, 2 endometriosis operations (ages 25 and 32), a hysterectomy at age 37, roots of the above 3 molars cracked at age 38, and the same 3 molars extracted by age 39. She was diagnosed with osteomyelitis of the jawbone at age 40. The recommended treatment was to extract her teeth and remove dead bone and bacteria. She had all of her teeth extracted by December 31, 2001. During 2002 she had numerous jawbone scraping surgeries and a nasopalatine duct cyst removed from above the roof of her mouth. In February of 2003 she had another jawbone scraping surgery and a surgery to encourage bone marrow to regenerate in her lower right jawbone.

We believe that the condition of Sandy’s teeth caused her painful menstruation periods and endometriosis. Starting at age 13, she was in pain for 3 weeks out of every month (the pain started in her pelvic area, went to the right side of her body and radiated throughout her body). Her doctor believed that a hysterectomy would cure her, but he was wrong.

After her hysterectomy her body became more and more swollen and painful (the pain was constant on her right side and in her breasts and radiated in waves into her whole body).

The following is the time-line of Sandy’s improvement since mid-December 2002:

v           December 12, 2002: Sandy began taking E3Live, (one teaspoon 3 times a day for 2 days), which helped her brain function better and gave her much more energy. (She added it to her daily regimen of Water Oz minerals, Mega MAX-EPA fish oil capsules, Evening Primrose capsules, CoQ10 capsules, vitamins, juiced green vegetables and oral penicillin.)  

v           December 15, 2002: Sandy went into a healing crisis with a fever of 100° F. The crisis lasted 4 days and left her feeling stronger. (The first day of the crisis she didn’t take E3Live or any of her supplements, but the next day, taking less E3Live, she began again.)

Laser Treatments at Surgery Site

v           December 26, 2002: Sandy began having laser treatments on the roof of her mouth where she had a nasopalatine duct cyst removed on November 21, 2002 by Neal Swann, D.D.S. of Milpitas, Ca. The laser stimulated the healing in the area above the roof of her mouth and she began to notice a shift in the pain to her upper front and her lower right jawbones.

Ozone and 100% Pure Oxygen Insufflation Sessions

v           January 12, 2003: Sandy began having rectal insufflations (and applications into her ear canals) of a mixture of ozone and 100% pure oxygen 3 X per week. These sessions greatly increased her optimism and enthusiasm for life. Over a 2-week period it also convinced her that the pain in her upper front jawbone area needed more bone scraping surgery.

[Note: A physician who has personally experienced the benefits of ozonation gave Sandy the information about the ozone insufflation sessions and referred her to The Health Tripp. If you are interested in learning more about this rarely publicized, alternative health practice please call The Health Tripp toll free at (877) 587-7334.]

[In December Sandy sent the #48 newsletter to 14 of her doctors, dentists and practitioners (all of whom she visited at least once since May 2001) asking them if they had any thoughts on the subject of helping her jawbone regenerate. The result of that mailing was that we received the information about ozone insufflation. Four other medical people thanked her for sending the newsletter and keeping them in the loop.]

v           January 20, 2003: Sandy decided to stop taking prescription pain medication. In September, when it was discovered that on her MRI it looked like she had osteomyelitis in the sinus bones above the roof of her mouth, Sandy was given prescriptions for 2 different narcotic pain medications — including on-going refills. Also, at the same doctor’s visit, the nurse said to her, “I know you have a lot of pain and want it to go away. But, the prognosis for osteomyelitis of any kind is not good and you will probably have pain in your face and throughout your body for the rest of your life.”

After that doctor’s visit Sandy slipped back into the hell of taking prescription pain pills because of the situation (the somewhat reduced — was this the extent of the reduction in pain she was going to have? — but still on-going pain in her face and body, especially her breasts; both the doctor and nurse indicating that she would have life-long pain; and being told she had to wait 2 months before Dr. Swann would operate and tell her what the condition her sinus bones were, and whether or not she would need bone grafts).

After four months Sandy decided she would rather live with the pain of the osteomyelitis than the depression and liver toxicity of the narcotics (different pain). However, as she knew from the past, getting off narcotics is not an easy thing to do and during the week that followed, as she tapered off the drugs, she began to feel extremely nauseous.

XXX Packets for Pain-Free Detoxification

v           January 27, 2003: Sandy began using XXX packets (by placing them on the bottoms of her feet) to relieve the nausea while she tapered off prescription pain medication. It was a miracle that by using the XXX packets she was completely off the pain medication within 3 days of using the packets and experienced no nausea while doing it. She had received a sample of the packets in the mail from Janet Brager, who is a long-time subscriber. She used them one night and after receiving so much relief from just 2 packets she immediately ordered 4 more boxes (40 packets) and used them all within the next 3 days. XXX packets are from Japan where for over 5 years they have been used in detoxifying the body and relieving pain. They were introduced to the US in November 2002, but sadly on February 1, 2003 U.S. Customs stopped them from entering the US due to increased paperwork demands. (More on XXX packets later.)

v           January 30, 2003: Sandy made an appointment for another curettage surgery (scraping away dead jawbone) in her upper front jawbone with Benjamin Aréchiga, D.D.S. of Mexico (the dentist that Dr. Clark recommends to her patients).

Surgery on Upper Front Jawbone

v           February 3, 2003: Sandy drove to Mexico for jawbone curettage surgery in her upper front jawbone area. After the surgery Dr. Aréchiga said he removed the dead bone and was happy to say her upper front jawbone looked healthier than the last time he scraped it.

When the anesthetic wore off she felt no pain in her upper front jawbone, but felt intensified pain in her lower right jawbone. However, she decided not to call Dr. Aréchiga for another surgical appointment for scraping the bone on her lower right jawbone because the following week she was scheduled for a CT scan of her sinuses and a visit with Dr. Swann (her November nasopalantine duct cyst surgery’s follow-up visit).

v           February 4, 2003: Sandy added 30-minute sessions in a steam cabinet with steam, ozone and 100% pure oxygen to her laser treatments and insufflation sessions. 

v           February 10, 2003: Sandy had a CT scan taken, which was ordered by Robert D. Tufft, M.D. of Oakland, Ca who specializes in the diagnosis of osteomyelitis of the facial bones and works with Dr. Swann who specializes in osteomyelitis surgery of the facial bones.

Surgery for Diffuse Chronic Sclerosing Osteomyelitis

v           February 12, 2003: Sandy visited Dr. Swann, gave him her CT scan and said she was having pain in her lower right jawbone area. He studied the scan and said, “I’m not surprised you’re having pain there; you have no bone marrow there.” He showed us the pictures (the CT scan looked like a lot of x-ray pictures all on one huge sheet). The other jawbone areas showed dark spots that he identified as bone marrow, but on the lower right there were no dark spots. He explained that with no bone marrow there is no blood circulation and with no blood circulation there is pain (such as the pain caused if you put a tourniquet on your arm). He said you might think the bone is good, as it is well defined and looks solid in the pictures, but a bone with no bone marrow becomes thicker and causes serious trouble. He said Sandy has diffuse chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis.

Dr. Swann recommended surgery. He described a method he has been using for diffuse chronic sclerosing osteomyelitis successfully for over 5 years that was published by R. E. Marx in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery in January 1994. Dr. Swann said he would make a flap incision in her gum along the lower right side and expose the bone. Then he would cut a rectangle in the top of the jawbone, carefully leaving the sides of the jawbone in place, and lift out the middle section of the top, exposing the center of the bone where there should be bone marrow. Then, very carefully, he would drill holes, pulverizing the bone in the holes, which will allow bone marrow to reestablish itself in the holes. He explained that he must be very careful as there is a nerve running along the bottom of the jawbone and if it is severed or even nicked the patient’s lip will be permanently paralyzed and he or she will drool out of that side of their mouth.

Actinomyces species and Eikenella corrodens

Bearing this in mind, Sandy agreed to have the surgery and we began praying. When Dr. Swann exposed the center of her jawbone he was amazed at what he found; the bone marrow was there, but it was dead; black and mushy. He removed it, carefully keeping it under salt water until he and one of his assistants quickly put it into a specimen container. He said he would send the specimen to Washington Hospital in Fremont, Ca and have it cultured for 3 to 4 weeks. The bacteria that cause Diffuse Chronic Sclerosing Osteomyelitis are Actinomyces species and Eikenella corrodens, which are very slow growing anaerobic bacteria and great care must be taken when taking the samples and during transportation as the organisms will die if exposed to oxygen.

After thoroughly cleansing the jawbone of dead bone and bone marrow, Dr. Swann put a piece of collagen into the long, narrow, oblong hole in Sandy’s jawbone to help the bone marrow reestablish itself. He invited me to look into the hole before he sewed the gum back over it and it looked white and clean.

After closing the surgical site, Dr. Swann stated that in 4 weeks, after the lab results confirm what he believes will be found in the bone marrow sample, Sandy must go on an IV of Penicillin G for 30 days. She will have the IV set up at home and she will have 3 IVs per day. He told us that the IV method is the only way the bacteria can be killed.

Note: E. corrodens has been shown to be a potent stimulator of bone re-absorption in vitro. The preliminary studies have shown that this material induces pro-inflammatory cytokine (a protein coated with sugars) release from human macrophages (large white cells that can engulf and digest foreign invaders, which are responsible for numerous homeostatic, immunological, and inflammatory processes) and an increase in osteoclast (a cell that actively reabsorbs bone) numbers in vitro (in an artificial environment).

Sandy’s Swelling and Pain Reduced by 80% with YLEO

v           February 18, 2003: Sandy began using a mixture of Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO) (6 drops of Thieves™, 6 drops of Longevity™ and a tablespoon of Fresh Essence Plus™ mouthwash). She holds this mixture in her mouth 5 minutes at a time to cleanse her mouth and kill bacteria deep in the cells of her body 5 times a day (morning, after each meal, and before bed). She was also advised to swallow it, but couldn’t at first because it really felt like she was holding fire in her mouth, but on the fifth day she tried swallowing it and felt fine, so she has been swallowing it ever since.

Sandy began using this mixture due to a February 13th call from Kay Cansler during which I mentioned that Sandy’s body was still swollen and painful and she suggested Sandy try a YLEO mixture that helped her with her jawbone and gum problems. She stated that the essential oils in this mixture penetrate into every cell of the body more effectively than any other known substance and have anti-microbial properties.

We were amazed and thrilled that in 3 days Sandy’s pain and swelling were reduced by 80%, not only in her face, but also in her breasts and the rest of her body. The people she meets now with whom she has been in regular contact recently cannot believe the difference in the way her face looks; her chin comes to a point as it use to 6 years ago and her double chin is gone. When this began to happen (within 24 hours) Sandy was ecstatic. Now, she is feeling less pain with every day that goes by and her attitude about everything around her is wonderful. (Note: This probably would not have happened if she had not had the dead bone marrow removed from her jawbone. However, before using this mixture, she had begun to have pain in her upper right jawbone.)  

Ingredients of the above Young Living Essential Oil Mixture for Jawbone Health:

1.     Thieves™: Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata and Rosemary (all 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils tested at Weber State University for their anti-microbial properties.)

2.     Longevity™: Thyme, Orange, Clove and Frankincense (all 100% Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils) Longevity™ is the world’s strongest antioxidant supplement.

3.     Fresh Essence Plus™ Mouthwash: Active Ingredients: Liposome concentrate of Peppermint, Spearmint and vetiver (all Pure therapeutic-grade essential oils that naturally contain compounds that have been clinically proven to kill microbes) and Thieves™ (see above ingredient list). Other Ingredients: deionized water, Melissa Essential Water™, Peppermint Essential Water ™ and colloidal silver.

When ordering the above Young Living Essential Oil products please use my YLEO number, 41316, to receive a 10% discount or to sign up as a distributor.

To order call on YLEO’s toll free order entry number, (800) 371-292, or go online to

XXX Packets

XXX packets are manufactured by Astra Japan Corporation, imported by Global Link Corporation, and distributed by K-Link, a multilevel company. Read more about them on my Website,

XXX packets are unlike ingestibles taken internally (tablets, capsules, etc.) that dilute and spread throughout the body. XXX unique packets use a transdermal/poultice-type delivery system that directs a concentrated herbal combination where it can be the most effective. Toxins and waste gravitate to and accumulate in the feet and other areas of the body. XXX packets allow a two-way transfer wherein the healing properties of the herbs are drawn into the body and harmful toxins are drawn out. This promotes effective healing and the correction of many physical disorders.

The packets are placed on the bottoms of the feet with an adhesive square and left there to draw out toxins from the body through the acupuncture points on the feet. Multiple packets may be used if you are highly toxic. Always throw away the packets once they have been used. You may leave the packets on your feet for seven hours although, if you are very toxic, you may want to discard them after 2 hours.

Sandy used the packets for 3 days and nights, using 6 at a time (3 on each foot) and changed the packets sometimes as often as every 2 hours. She felt a soothing effect throughout her body and at times her feet would burn slightly before she removed the packets. On removal, the packets would be completely soaked and the moisture would sometimes be leaking out onto her socks. (She wore socks to help keep the packets on her feet.) The packets reduced the pain and swelling throughout her body temporarily and helped her to detoxify her liver gradually so that she did not vomit while tapering off prescription pain pills.

Sandy would have kept using XXX packets, as she was still experiencing pain from the infection in her jawbone that is the cause of the pain and swelling throughout her body, had U.S. Customs not delayed the shipment from Japan.    

When we were told (by a call from Janet on February 1, 2003) about the shipment being delayed we called several people who have XXX Websites to ask if they had any packets to spare. We found one person who had 2 boxes (and found 2 more later) that he thankfully sold to Sandy.

The delayed shipment led Sandy to begin to experiment with other detox packets from Japan that have various mixtures of ingredients. None had the same soothing effect as XXX. One brand smells strongly of charcoal and when Sandy used those packets she smelled like charcoal, too. Another brand contains germanium. A third brand contains pyroligneous acid from mushroom extract. After trying and not liking 3 other brands, Sandy decided she would just wait for the shipment of XXX to be released by Customs. 

Ingredients of XXX Packets

The ingredients of the XXX packets are: Wood Vinegar (30%), Dextrin (50%), Chitosan (5%), Tourmaline (4%), Pearl Powder (4%), Pure Silica (4%) and Glycol (3%).

Wood Vinegar is pyroligneous acid that is made from a renewable source of wood that is harvested in an environmentally friendly way. XXX contains pyroligneous acid from Beech, Sakura and Oak trees. Its unique function is to extract internal dampness and expel harmful waste from the body.

Dextrin is a water-soluble carbohydrate that can absorb water to enhance the function of the other ingredients in XXX packets.

Chitosan (kite-o-san) is the second most plentiful fiber, after cellulose, and is found in the shell (exo-skeleton) of crustaceans, such as: plankton, crab, lobster, shrimp, and in squid, mushrooms, and insects. Chitosan is a fiber that has unique properties that allow it to bind to fat and oils. It is an anti-bacterial and moisture retention agent. Chitosan products are also made for medical use to improve wound healing (such as burns). XXX uses chitosan from the shell of a type of crab found in Hokkaida.

Tourmaline is probably best known for its use as a gem stone; however, in recent years, it has begun to find a number of other uses that are in one way or another connected to its unique electrical activity, which results from the presence of permanent electrodes within the crystalline structure. At the same time it stimulates dry skin, especially rough areas around the feet, it increases oil retention abilities, and allows the skin to be smooth and glowing. XXX contains tourmaline from a natural mineral stone found in Brazil bearing characteristics of ions and infrared radiation. Said to spiritually enhance blood circulation.

Pearl Powder: Has antigravity flowing power and absorbing power. It has a full compliment of essential amino acids and is high in calcium.

Pure Silica: Is a high quality siliceous sponge. It contains free-radical eliminating properties.

Glycol: A diacid alcohol, intermediate between ordinary ethyl alcohol and glycerin. It provides a humectant (a substance that promotes retention of moisture).

Note: At this time we have no information on when XXX packets will be available. When we are notified of their availability we will report it on

Medicardium Suppositories Detox Heavy Metal

Note: A person who uses Medicardium suppositories at the same time as they use XXX packets will eliminate the heavy metals stored in the body extremely quickly and easily.

EDTA Chelation by Suppository

Chelation has been used safely and effectively for the last 50 years to remove calcium deposits, lead, mercury, aluminum, cadmium, nickel, arsenic and uranium from the body.

Chelation uses a synthetic amino acid called EDTA to bind to all of these toxic metals and safely escort them out the body. For the last 40 years, hundreds of thousands of people have used chelation to help improve their health. Until now, it was only administered by IV in a doctor’s office. It was an uncomfortable and time-consuming procedure, assuming that you were even lucky enough to have a chelating physician in your area.

Now you can have all the benefits of chelation in the privacy of your own home. EDTA, the active ingredient used in chelation therapy, is now available in a suppository form through The Road To Health.

Unlike oral chelation, which you may have heard about, suppository EDTA is not destroyed by stomach acids, and so is a viable alternative to IV chelation.

Chelation may well be the most important thing you ever do for you health, and now, it’s available to you.

An Open Letter To Whom It May Concern                                                31 May 2000

I have been involved in the development of the EDTA suppositories since the idea was first conceived seven years ago. The suppository delivery system was developed because it meets a special need. The primary purpose was to produce a drug delivery system that was painless and effective for children and for adults that found it difficult to take chelation therapy because of time constraints.

Research studies showed that the uptake of EDTA was effective by the colonic route. The low molecular weight of EDTA of 292.1 facilitates efficient absorption through the colon wall. Moreover, there is an additional safety factor because it is in a special time-release formulation. There is clinical evidence available that the suppository is not only safe, but it is effective. It is my professional opinion that approximately 90% or more of the EDTA is absorbed through the colon. For additional information on this subject it will be helpful to review my book, The Scientific Basis of EDTA Chelation Therapy, by Halstead and Rozema 1977. Best Regards, Bruce W. Halstead, M.D.

The age minus 20 formula: The formula that most chelating physicians use to determine the amount of chelation a client will require is calculated as the age of the patient minus 20. As an example, a 46-year-old client would require 26 IV treatments. Since one box of Medicardium is equivalent to one IV, then this same client would require 26 boxes.

Therapeutic protocol: The standard protocol for the administration of Medicardium is one suppository inserted into the rectum in the evening of the first day. No suppository is used on the next two evenings. On these two days the body is given a rest from the detoxification process. This will require one box of Medicardium every month.

Once the client has gone thorough their age minus 20 in boxes, they have removed a year’s worth of pathological soft tissue calcium (calcium deposits) as well as their accumulated lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, nickel, aluminum, and uranium. Their body is now in a physiologically younger condition than before they started. At this point, the cancer study that shows a decrease in cancer risk from 3.5% to 35% now applies to them.

Preventative protocol: After the client has finished their initial round of chelation, they may wish to continue at a lower dose. One suppository per week is the amount of chelation normally suggested by anti-aging physicians to slow down the aging process.

Note: You may replace any loss of beneficial minerals with E3Live and/or WaterOz minerals.

Medicardium Suppositories are $100 for a box of 10 plus $7.50 shipping. There is Free Shipping when you buy 3 or more boxes at a time. To order call (800) 651-7080 or order online at  to



The Material in this letter is for educational purposes only and is not intended as a prescription for any illness.

PS Thank you again for your recommendations and support. Together we are a “village.”

© Copyright 2002- 2006 Coaching Link

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