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Dr. Hulda Clark

The use of Dr. Hulda Clark’s frequencies
By Spencer Feldman
Jan 15, 2003, 19:57

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Dr. Clark through exhaustive research documented the resonant frequencies of over 250 different microorganisms ranging from parasites and fungi to bacteria and viruses.  While they range from 81,000 to 878,000 hertz, the majority of these frequencies lie between the values of 400,000 and 500,000 hertz. 

The difficulty with this frequency range is that it is too high to be effectively transmitted electrically through the skin, and it is too low to be effectively transmitted through an antenna.  Many people mistakenly confuse the resonant frequency that was identified with the frequency that will destroy it. They are not the same.  Crane machines (currently known as Rife machines) can effectively transmit frequencies from 0 to 2500 thought the skin electrically.  True Rife machines can effectively transmit frequencies from 7 to 14 million through an antenna.  The Clark range misses both of these “biological windows”. 

The solution is to raise a Hulda Clark frequency up 4 or 5 octaves until it reaches the Rife range and then transmit it through an antenna.  For example, the Fasciolopsis buskii adult parasite which is listed by Hulda Clark as having a frequency of 434,000 when multiplied by 32 (2x2x2x2x2, the fifth octave up) yields 13,888,000 hertz.  This frequency is very effectively transmitted through the air from an antenna.

A device is now available which can transmit all three sets of frequencies, Crane, Clark and Rife.  The unlocking of Hulda Clark’s frequencies represents a milestone in the reversal of disease.

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